Membership With If It Thinks

I have decided to offer membership to If It Thinks. For what possible reason would I want to be a member of this goofy website?

I’m glad I asked that question for you. The main reason is that you are probably too shy to ask me if you can join. Secondly, and this is important for you to understand, I am going to restrict some content here for members only. Not right now today but soon. What am I going to restrict? Free stuff! What kind of free stuff? A Mercedes? No. Read on…

I develop WordPress websites. I am in the position of offering free websites on my servers for my friends. Why would I do that? Because it helps me by helping you. Let me explain.

One of the toughest things to do on the internet is to get oneself known. I am pretty good at doing this or you wouldn’t be reading this. However, I actually do really like people and I know some secret stuff about people. One is that I know that people would all like to have a website but they don’t know how to do it. I do. I’ve been building websites for myself and others since 2006. I can set up a WordPress website and have a person using it within an hour. Offering it for free is a part of my diabolical scheme as the “free” part is for six months. After six months you are either ready to move on or you know what you’re doing and are vested in a website and want your own website and hosting. I can set you up in both.

Aside from the free stuff I want to give others a chance to try their hand, with oversight from me, to post their own articles on If It Thinks. Hell, I spent the entire afternoon setting up a membership and registration form on this site today. It is open for registration now and it should work just fine. You may register and await approval which usually will be in just an hour. At the most, 12 hours. I do have to sleep sometime, right?

What this offer is for is memberships to get access to certain articles and pages which I am drafting now and want to reserve for friends. Nothing I do is very far off-color. I do salt it up with a word or two that I learned in the Navy but, other than that, I am doing some serious research on some items of interest to me and, I would think, yourselves but I don’t want to throw this work out to just disappear on the internet. Membership is free. the websites are free for six months and I am doing this because I want to get to know a lot of folks and that will benefit me and I will see that it benefits you. Simple. No contracts although I am working up Terms of Service so that the legalese is up to snuff. OK? I thought you would agree. I am short on details here but I am not expecting a headlong rush through the front door anytime soon. All within a week. Around the 29th of the month. ACrowe


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New Theme

This theme which I just changed to, is called “Interior Design.” the great thing about WordPress is that there are so many themes available for it. A huge portion of them are free which is almost unheard of in this day and age. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to keep things from getting stale, don’t you think?

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A Crack In America’s Foundation

Joni Mitchell wrote a song “Big Yellow Taxi.” A line in that song was, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!” Of course, the follow-up line was “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” The song had relevance in the early 70’s and even more relevance now. The irony is that it is her political ilk which is presenting the problem; the “parking lot” they’re building and paving is right over the garden of America and its foundation.

It started with a small crack when roots got underneath in the 60’s. They were roots of the tree of leftism. Had the tree been cut down and removed then, things might be different. Unfortunately, the groundskeepers of leftism planted that tree and they meant to crack the foundation. Then again, why should we have worried? After all, it was just a small tree then. What was not understood by most of us was that the groundskeepers were fertilizing that tree right under our noses. They were planting their seedlings in our colleges and universities. Some of us knew about this. Those of us who were in college then. We saw changes in mental attitudes neatly hidden in the shadows of the women’s movement and buried under the terminology of racism and xenophobia. We smelled it rather than saw it. It had a foul odor then and we now have the stink almost pervasive throughout this country. It was buoyed and floating under the moniker of “liberalism”. “Progressive” was still hidden by their fear that some of us were aware of Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement of the early 20th century.

The crack widened over time. Bring us to today and we see the new groundskeepers reacting to it. That tree, now a sentinel, needs to have its roots cut out and its broadcast seedlings tracked down and pulled up by the roots. You see, these trees are poison to a democracy. While using the words democracy and constitution they mask their intentions of taking over the garden by pushing out the plants of freedom. You see weeds (interesting choice of word “weed” don’t you think?) coming up everywhere in the garden now. It desperately needs tending. The weed flowers are merely a harbinger of the new vegetation to be planted if we don’t get shovel and hoe out soon.

This is where we are now with Trump. He is the new groundskeeper and the tree is well rooted given the last 60 years. I suggest that we all tweet to Trump that more and more of us are behind him and turning a wise eye towards the leftist press. I think at least a thousand of us shold take a few minutes to Tweet to him. If We Think, that is.



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50 Facebook Likes

If It Thinks, the Facebook page, has received 50 Likes.

Many, many pages get this number on a daily basis so I need to put some perspective on this. The first and foremost item is how grateful I am to all who stop by here and on Facebook. It isn’t a landslide of people but it is more than a person with my political views expected. Starting this website out I thought I would get into a humorous vein and possibly make this a “review” site. The review aspect is still going to happen but the software which I have long searched for is lacking in depth and ability to dig down into layers of reviews. Ie, the complexity that I am looking for is not available so far as my research has gone. I have exhausted “Softaculous” on my server trying out the limited number of review site software available. Never the less, I am looking at free and open source software which can at least come close.

My “humorous” thought process was waylaid with the election. It quickly presented the opportunity to try an objective approach to the election result which, unfortunately, was driven into the sea with the press’ negativity and outright lies. That alone was enough to change my tac here.

So, here I am with the unexpectedly warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something that others are obviously enjoying. It’s kind of cool. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy doing this although it sometimes feels like beating my head against the proverbial wall. there are weeks in which I feel I have been brilliant and none or one has stopped by the website. Other times, I have between 6 and 15 who drop by. All in all it is just a great thing to do and, again, thanks for listening to my political prattle and so-so humor. It really does mean a lot to me. A. Crowe


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Tough On Trump

The press is really tough on Trump. For most of you, there is probably still the feeling that he robbed Hillary (therefore, the voters), colluded with Russia and is a dog towards women. Well, the thing about his attitude towards women is probably no more or less true than many men who won’t admit it because of the P.C. crowd. Unfortunately, this is as old as time and will never change and can easily be said for all men to one degree or another.

The other two are either nonsense or extremely questionable if not suspect; given where they come from and what the DNC was up to during the election. Personally, I would rather get the facts on Bengazi and 30,000 emails that Hillary and her minions destroyed. There are always two sides to a coin, right?

Trump seems to step into it at every turn. It doesn’t help that the press (which I have not trusted with truth since my tours of Vietnam) is not able to control themselves and has absolutely no objectivity regarding the Donald. In truth, Trump is doing some pretty neat things. Neat things if you like America the way it used to be before socialism tried to take over. Most of the press are socialists if not loosely affiliated with some branch of communism. They have a hidden agenda which does not include the best practices of a free and objective press. Our country is not bolstered by them what so ever.

As I have said before I have accurate knowledge of what has been happening in this country since the early 70’s. I was informed while in an intelligence channel serving my country from 1968-1972. I was in my early 20’s with a very high security clearance and this was part of the briefings we had about what was coming from eastern Europe and being placed in our colleges and universities. It starts in our institutions and works outward from there. Trump is aware of how far it has gone by now and, if you listen to him closely, he will refer to this in a very round about manner.

That’s all for now. Watch and listen and give Trump a break. It will do you a lot of good to do so and you might just find out a thing or two by not allowing the press to run interference between you and our President.

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String Theory

Many years ago I started thinking in terms of smallness. Not of small minds but in the relativity of what we can see optically versus what we already knew about the unlimited size of the universe. My theory was that a grain of sand could be broken down into ever smaller particles of matter without an end to the smallness. My thought process was brought about by considering microscopic lenses as I was taking photography in college.

I also took geology that same year and had taken chemistry the year before. All of this is to give you an indication as to the realm of my thought processes in those days. I was either a complete bore to speak with in those days or an absolute genius in my own mind. What happened to the genius is anyone’s guess.

What I didn’t know about (because it did not exist then as far as I can recall) was String Theory. I was watching Discovery channel when I learned about the raw basics of what those mathematics are and realized that, loe and behold, I was running a parallel thought process way back then to what would come soon after. Sheer genius? No, refer back to my old writing here when I stated that I figure I have never had an original thought given the billions of people who have come and gone throughout history.

That grain of sand, however, was foundational to my understanding of God and what He has created. As we gain more understanding of the universe it will happen, I believe and given enough time, that all the math and all the acute thought processes of science is going to lead us to God’s doorstep in the end. What a surprise that will be, eh? Think about it. As the world spins on and on we are learning ever more about how it works and more about the universe we live in and its laws. Unfortunately, we only have the use of about 10% of our brains and now we should understand why. We would have killed ourselves many times over (still might) if we had full use of our minds. Anyhow, it bears some thought….if you have the time.

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Been A While

It’s been some time since I have written on If It Thinks. As a website developer, I sometimes have to just shut off the computer and take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but, like anything else, you just have to say “enough for a while.”

What’s been going on? A lot. The world hasn’t ended, the U.S. is still weighed down by an extremely ignorant group of individuals in Washington D.C. and the same old shit takes place over and over again every day. I wonder how others feel about this incessant crap in D.C. In my humble opinion Trump is doing a great job of repairing this nation from the past 25 years of illogic which has plagued us and gotten us into the mess we are in. No matter which side of the coin you adhere to this country is a far cry from the foundation of this world which it used to be. Socialistic and backward thinking have brought us to this point. Had Clinton become Pres. we would be much farther downstream and, I think you will agree, most likely standing back and doing nothing to attempt the repair of this society. Instead, she would be adding to the disabling of our American structure which has lasted, almost intact, for 240 years.

Hey, I don’t like everything about Trump either but the fact is that he is trying to iron out the mess Obama left us. Obama did diddly squat to bring the country onto a better footing. In fact, he made it all a lot worse and history will prove this to be true.

So, I’m back now and will post at least once a week. I have a photography site which has been neglected for some time that I need to resurrect. That is my main task at hand. Other than that I have scrapped a few projects as I was spread way too thin with my time to possibly make them work as they needed to. I am still walking each day but have temporarily cut it from 4 miles to 2 miles. I lost the weight I needed to lose so I am just watching my diet more closely and getting back to the thought process of writing. Isn’t it amazing how easily we overextend ourselves? It boggles my mind that I was keeping up with 12 websites for over two years. Why? That’s a lot of work for one person. No great reason. “It was there!”

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An American Terroist

If you follow this blog then you know I am a registered Democrat. As I have stated before I am a Kennedy Democrat. You also know that the last Dem. I voted for was Carter. What Carter showed me was the demise of the old Democratic party and the birth of a new wrinkle: socialism. At that time the progressive socialists were not the face of the party. Rather, they were in the background or on the streets demonstrating. Sometime between the end of the 60’s and the mid-80’s they were in a position to usurp power from the old party. Not all at once, but, after a patient wait. While they were doing this they were also invading the environmental movement and are the primary reason that I quit the Sierra Club.

Why did I quit both? I saw the handwriting on the wall; simply put. I knew what was happening with a lot of my friends and how politically active they were getting. Political activism, if you’ll remember, was also the excuse for terrorism including bombings. That was the end of it for me. To a large extent, that was also when my parents stopped voting int he national elections. The Democratic party became the party of progressive socialists which turned the party on its ear. Now, look where it is.

I hear people in the press saying that Republicans are to blame for the rhetoric which caused the nut job the other day to try to assassinate Republican congressmen. Not 24 hours in, Pelosi blamed the Republicans also. Blamed Trump to. She is a hypocrite and liar. let’s take a look at who, of the two parties, is dangerous.

Ask yourself, who is constantly demonstrating including damaging property? Some on the left have tried to tell me that the right wing is hiring these anarchists just to muddy the water. All that claim means is that they don’t know what they are talking about. It has always been t he left, since the late 50’s whose people have been violent. Wh o are the ones that lie constantly about Republicans and Trump? Which media outlets continually broadcast the barrage of “anonymous sources” who are later proved to be lies? Who is all for killing babies and who wants to break down our nation starting at our borders?

It’s the left all the way and they lie incessantly to cover their tracks plus providing false witness to blame others for what their real plank is. They are less than noble and I do not include the Republicans in any of this as they are to timid to worry about. We should worry about their timidness though. They should be exposing and arresting an awful lot of people. If for no other reason than to save our country from socialism.

Trump’s election was a shock to their plans and psyche. Clinton’s loss was not planned for and they are positioning themselves to thwart Trump before they are exposed. Trump is all business though. Despite their malevolence, he is nearly immune to them. I hope he will remain so.

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Before we had cable we had only CNN. As far as world news, that made us captive to either the SF Bay Area channels or CNN. This was in the early 90’s and things were different. The news was fine for what I watched it for. At that time Desert Storm was happening and CNN was pretty much on the spot at that time.

Over the years, however, with the advent of CNBC and MSNBC those channels have gone from an admitted liberal bent to full on irresponsible journalism.  “Yellow Journalism” is the old term for such biased news reporting. This is where those corporations are floating now. In a sea of Yellow. Hey, I’ve heard all the arguments from those who think Fox is crap right wing. I look at it only as the reporting compares to CNN and MSNBC. This is why I know that Fox, though it has its faults, is worlds apart in objectivity than either of its trivial rivals.

A good way to put it is this: Fox news is reported by mostly adults. The others are child reporters. They are emotional and crass in their journalism. One CNN reporter said on air that Trump was a piece of shit. At that I rest my case. But then, look at the times these reporters grew up. Who were their fathers and mothers? Those of my generation who never had any serious financial problems or, if they did, were made bitter by the reality that life imposes.

I have called my generation (Baby Boomers) the most spoiled generation that has ever lived. Too much, too easy for us. Then again, some of us were awaken by combat as was I.

The shooting in Virginia today was an obvious result of the innate disrespect of a spoiled child. A child of 66 who loved the socialist B.S., was probably a fan of a news org. other than Fox and was probably made mentally ill by the jaded and lying reportage of the “C”, “M” networks. And that is not to mention the vitriol that has been spouted by some democrats in the Senate and congress. All of whom got togther after the shooting to make nice on the news channels. Bull. give it a week and the diatribe against Trump and Republicans will start again. Actually, it will most likely not stop except in public.

The news organizations and the progressive liberals are the ones who have and are fomenting this destructive behavior. They may be to blinded by their dogma to see it but they are responsible. “piece of shit” Trump is not the remark of a stable adult. It is the remark of a spoiled brat. Remember that, we the people, voted for Trump and, believe it or not, he is doing a job which has needed to be done for many years. If he can clean up even a part of DC we will all be better off.

Glad you stopped in.


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I am writing another blog which concerns the times in which I got home from Vietnam. I call it “Upstairs Blog” because this is where I spent two wonderful years as roommate to my cousin John Nichols who was also a returning Vietnam combat vet.

The years were 1973-1975. they were years in which I cut loose and did all that nonsense while still pulling down a 4.0 GPA. Not a boast, mind you, as I did have one semester when I dropped to a 3.75. That must have been after my introduction to blonde Lebanese hash. That stuff was good but there was a darker colored one which may as well have been acid. Wow, might have been acid! Can you smoke that stuff? Acid I mean. Nah, it was just really fine hash.

I am writing this post just to give you a flavor of what I am endeavoring to do on that blog. The upstairs was in Fairfax, Ca. and I already gave you the period. I am going to take you on a journey and also give you a basis for who I am. What I have learned and why I am still alive. Should be interesting. That’s all I am going to say for now. Read up on “nimda” when you have the chance. I have already started a couple of posts and a page or two. See what you think.

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