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Hey, I can take it. I even provided answers for you so that you can say I caused this. Have fun with the polls. I will get more serious with them depending on how this is received.

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Extreme Vetting

Well, from the looks of it, another person has died and several injured due to lax immigration policy. OSU has lost a young person on their way to a life’s dream….for nothing.

People are taught to be up in arms (and call those who want foreighners properly vetted) xenophobes, racists and on and on and on….. Any wonder that Americans are attempting to put an end to the far left? Now another child (in my old eyes) has been needlessly thrown away by our liberal government. Folks, it doesn’t take a genius to understand how people from Somalia feel about us. Hell, they even made a movie that showed what they would like to do to all of us.Call a terrorist group any name you want they are slaves of the devil.

Now, the term “devil” automatically says that I am an insane person. I am not. There is a dark force at work in this world and you may call it what you would like; I call it what the Bible calls it. Monsters of the Id is another acronym if you prefer. Let’s not resort to mincing words when we all know what the other is speaking of.

In fact, the mincing of words is a sport on the left. Only, instead of points, they count coo. Just like the native americans did when they clubbed an opposing tribes warrior on the head with a club. Don’t mince words, call a spade a spade and be done with the lefitsit monopoly on uncivil discourse. How many have to die until we take this great country back?

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Donald Trump

The good thing about Trump is that the left hate him. this garbage about the electoral college is a mute point. Had it been Hillary the college went for they would be jumping for joy. It’s always the same shit.

Trump is a worldly man. To me, this is not a good thing. Scripturally speaking (and I get my truth from Scripture) it says “Be no part of the world.” It is important to realize that this is saying more about commerce and government than our daily need to put bread on the table. Nobody can make a move without having something to do with the world. Just, don’t give into it or make it your be-all, end-all.

It used to be that I wanted a lot to do with the world. I was young and headstrong and nothing stood in my way. The world was my oyster (sort of. Barbequed.) When I got sick it set me straight on that part of my life. After needing three years to recover I want no part of the world again. I don’t know. I guess I just got full of myself for about 30 years.

I want to say to you, “Give Trump a chance before condemning him and for goodness sakes be objective both in your news and views. The extreme left that drove me from my party is saying that Trump is a part of the “alt-right.” The “alt-right” is most likely a name made up by the far left just for branding and gutting the chance of success for a person on the right. foks, it’s BS. Trump told the press Sunday that he “Disavows and condemns the alt-right. He said a similar thing to some female reporter on “60 Minutes.”

I spend a lot of time trying to tell people to fact-check before believing. You would think that would be a natural thing to do before slandering (or taking a slander further) a person who is going to be President. It seems that people are becoming pathetic in their thinking recently. No reasoning is used, just, repeating what they want to hear. “Tickling of the ears” is what Scripture calls that. One thing I cannot be accused of is tickling anyone’s ears.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Although it has fallen out of favor for the left, to those who actually understand that the first Americans were not murderers and pot salespeople, alcoholics, and purveyors of indecency. It is a day to give thanks to God for steering our forefathers to this new continent to bring about religious freedom in a nation for the first time in history. Never forget that this is the first nation that was ever founded on the principle of religious freedom.

You see, all freedoms, without religious freedom first, are fading freedoms before they dry. Indeed, the entire planet is only partially free due to a lack of religious freedom. Give thanks to God this holiday for your good fortune to be born, or have come legally, to this great country.

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Where is This Country

Listening to al the ruckus about Trump. The demonstrations, the news and the pundits. It gets me to thinking if I can lend a hand in some minor way. You know, some silly thing to say or some, hopefully not bromidic, call to some sensibility for all of the population who have chosen to get out of control. There really isn’t. Instead, let me take you back to the sixties.

Although the civil rights movement had been in the offing for decades, it really got into full swing in the sixties. The marches in Selma and Martin Luther King were front-page news most days. Of course, we also had Lyndon Baines Johnson upping the ante in Vietnam and the mass hysteria of protestors of that war. The politics were rife with disputes and the same went for dinner conversations. All-in-all, it was a lousy time. Especially when one is aware of the disintegration of institutions such as marriage and social norms such as no sex before marriage. One result of the lowering of moral standards was “wife swapping.” Married husbands and wives … know.

I want to come back in the future to where we are now. The liberal strata of society has always pushed boundaries. It doesn’t matter the age a person lives in it has always been the same. On the other hand you have the religious people trying to save their territory inside the fence line of morality. Inevitably the moralists lose; to one degree or another. Morals keep slipping away.

In this context, I would like to bring in maturity. Maturity, simply defined, is being wise enough to know better. Within that is not jumping off cliffs and not swapping wives. In essence, it is the same danger to life. At least, the quality of life in a civilized society. If you live in some tribe in some place where you have thrown rules of nature and rules of civilization out then it is strictly up to you how you live. In a civilized society these are morally significant hazards. A societal hazard is one that can dissolve the foundation of that society. Slowly, yet, inexorably wiping away the rocks of any society’s foundation.

This election has shown me, again, how close we are to going over the edge of a lawful society. Anarchy is not a joke. Also, it is not that much of a stretch to see that it is getting closer and closer. Who’s to blame? Me, you .they. We all are. Yet, there is a group who thrives on sewing the seeds of chaos. The far left. The far left wants this country in name only. Perhaps they gave that away in the sixties when they spelled it “Amerika.” A Russian (Slavic) pronunciation and spelling. Even with all the downplaying of communism, they are very much at work. They work in plain sight on the far left. They are University professors. They are lawyers and they are roustabouts in demonstrations of most anything that is pro-American.

They are a larger threat, though, they threaten freedom of religion. In small ways. Using small inroads they pick and choose their battles. The start, as it was against Christians in Roman times, was to ban public expression of religion. It will carry on from there. You watch as the lines form. With the freedom of religion goes the other freedoms. Remember that this country was founded by people seeking freedom of religion in Europe. Running from teh Church of England were the Puritans. From indentured servitude were the Catholics. The far left holds too much sway and when they can’t get their way, they panic, they become anarchists and they yuse the Constitution as protection.

I have no problem with the right to protest peacefully. It is just for lack of good aim that one of those rocks thrown has not killed a person…yet.

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Do You Ever Wake Up?

I woke up this morning with this blog on my mind. The feeling that I have gotten away from my original purpose for this blog was eating at me. At first, my intention was to make this a review site. I announced that on Facebook and got a lot of interest. Hey, I figured, this is a neat thing. I will get the proper extensions for the software and get it all going. I had seen the extensions but had not studied them. I did not do due diligence.

I had other ideas for which I did my due diligence but found that the extensions for this software were only about polling and reviews of this site and my posts. In the end, I decided that to keep any interest in this website, I would post about the election and my insane views as apply to an insane world. As I did so I watched the Google analytics for the blog start to waiver. The problem with blogging is that you need to find the reader’s interests and maintain that interest. Ok, fine. What are reader’s interests and how can I define this blog as an interesting place to spend a few minutes for my readers on any given day. It requires a decision on my part.

This is what I woke up to this morning and, quite frankly, I am not yet of any mind to do anything very different in the near future. Unfortunately, offending sensibilities has always been my forte. I don’t step on my tongue to do so. It comes naturally and this liberal culture means I either have to worry about being offensive or just be myself. The latter is always the best course.

If I can get some feedback from you readers I will listen carefully to what you want. I know that I can’t please everyone so I will have to choose which of your suggestions fits my ideas of it won’t work. I have spent a lifetime bending over backward to not offend and I am not going to do that any longer. What I don’t want to do is be trite or condescending in my viewpoint. If you are offended by what I write, try to imagine how I feel having to write about what your mind makes you do which forces me to write about you. With liberal Democrats there is always nonsense to write about.

I have a social software installed here that allows you to speak to me and also your friends. You can form groups here and discuss with or without me. Your groups can be private (not to me, only the public) or they can be constructive or just fun for you and your significant others (a term which I would never want attached to myself). So, there you are. Onward and upward.

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Who Makes Light of Who?

Backgrounds of people are a major factor in the way they think. One born in a city will have much different thought styles (I may have just coined a phrase) than a farmer. Do you doubt that this is true? You shouldn’t.

On the other hand, a person born in the suburbs will have “tween” thoughts of those in a city or on a farm. Is this an over-simplification or what? You know what I mean though. One’s environment will have a lot to do as far as shaping one’s world-view.  I was brought to up my teenage years in a suburb of San Francisco; Corte Madera. Born in 1948 it was a small almost rural community of blue collar workers. That was a small town. The only difference that was made was its proximity to SF. About 20 minutes away by car. There was a lot of room to roam for a little boy. I could go two blocks away and be on a hillside overlooking Hwy. 101 and the east bay; Richmond and Oakland. It was a lot of fun as there were acres to explore and no one to give a child a problem.

My thought styles were formed there at that time in the last century. Free thinking with a very solid conservative ethic. We were church goers and my folks were well connected in the community. In some ways it was idyllic. There were few black people that lived there then. I only knew one who was going to my grammar school. He wasn’t there for long before his family moved. We became friends because there was no prejudice. At least, if there was it wasn’t spoken of. He and I got along famously until his folks moved away. If I remember correctly this was 2nd or 3rd grade.

Imagine my discomfort when I grew up and heard others say bad, sad things about black people. Nigger, was the least of it. Now, imagine my surprise when I heard black people say whites were awful. Shock. I wasn’t awful. Or, if I was it had nothing to do with demeaning black people.

That is how I feel about liberals who use race as a card to denigrate white people. It doesn’t matter to me what people may have thought in the fifties or sixties. That era is over. Continually bringing up the klan and southern whites is now ancient history.Whites worked very hard and many lost their lives to bring about integration. Many whites, given that denigration are reshaping their view liberals. A lot of liberals know exactly what they’re doing to promote race bating by uttering those hateful words. Liberals have replaced southern whites for hatred. Liberals hate much more than any white man I have ever known. Listen to them and see if you don’t agree.

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If one thing has come out of this election which shows the separation of generations it is the lack of maturity in almost every facet of the Democratic party. the demonstrations are obvious but the molly-coddling of young adults with Cry-in’s, Teddy bears and the rest of that crap is beyond disgusting.

I was a Democrat who grew up in a lower middle-class family. We were definitely paycheck to paycheck. When we were finally able to buy our first new car it was 1956. My Mom had to go to work and my Dad had a business go sour on him. It was tough sledding for them for a lot of years. The thing was, they didn’t want any assistance from anyone. They were of a mind to work hard, save and make work, what they had. I grew up with that.

They were Democrats. They were children of the Depression. They were people who believed solidly in the Golden Rule. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” Does that sound like today’s Democratic party?

It sure as hell does not. What we have now are a group of children who are in their 60’s and 70’s. A group who, in governing, has proved that age is not a sign of maturity. Nancy Pelosi is a rich, thick headed piece of work. Not a politician so much as a school yard bully who wants her own way or else. I would never have voted for her. I can’t stand most Democrats. That leaves me on an island doesn’t it?

Most of my casual friends think that I am a Republican. I tell them that I am a 1940’s Democrat. They don’t know what that means. Well, a few do but most just think I’m kidding. Truth is, I vote for no Democrat and haven’t since Jimmy Carter. I regretted that vote and will not vote for another Dem unless a Truman comes along again. I won’t switch parties, in honor of my parents, but will not vote for a Democrat until the party gets its head out of its anal orifice.

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Socio-Economic Cannibalism

A few words about the far left and, congratulations to Democrats who have had enough of their far left’s socio-economic cannibalism.

I am what’s left of the Democratic party of the last century. I have looked on in horror at the pirates stealing the Democratic party right out from under the noses of real Democrats for going on 60 years. I was too young to vote for JFK. Until recently, I held him in high esteem. Not so much any longer because of his womanizing and immoral pursuits. I am not saying I am better than he or anyone else. It is just that I consider marriage Sacred and act that way.

I would have switched to Republican were it not for their opposite, yet similar, actions to Dems. Instead, I went to the Bible to see how to live. I learned that “Be on part of the world” is quite a serious admonition. That was enough for me.

I mention socio-economic cannibalism. Here is what I mean. Distribution of others goods. “Goods” can be money or material possessions. Communism is what this actually is. Same old saw over and over and people still bite. That is the economic part and those are the people in the background who run the party. Socio cannibalism is the tainting of our youth to believe only one thing. That one thing will eventually lead to communism if they don’t wise up sooner than later. I watch the anarchists and know that their base is European. Communism as taught by their teachers in school and parents who already are on the hook.

I saw all this get momentum when I returned from combat to college. I met those who were avowed communists in Marin county and San Francisco. I knew then what their long term plan was. It is still going though their original idealism has had its legs cut off by Democrats with the will and ability to reason. Hear, hear. Nice job. Trump, though I still am unsure of him, is a much better choice than that old pair of gym shoes we were supposed to have worn as our own.


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Here’s the Rub

The disagreements I get on social media are from liberals. Democrats. I understand what they think and where they come from because I am one. At least, I was one. The last President who was Democrat that I voted for was The Peanut Farmer. What was that Beatle’s song….
I Should Have Known Better?”

Had I been more mature at that time I would have realized, without rationalization, that it was a Dem who got us started in Vietnam. A Dem who sent me to Vietnam and a Republican who finally ended the war. Now, I mention “rationalization.” This is what one needs to do to encourage the thought process of a liberal. Denial of fact is part and parcel of what liberals do. It is reflected in their dominance of Universities. Hell, it took a damned war to wake me up. More than a war, actually, it took reflection and watching the original walking dead who were protestors against anything American. This is why the walking dead remain. They have to have their heads pierced to wake up. I know I did.

The Democratic party is founded, now, on rationalization. This last election did more than get Trump elected. It pierced some heads. It got people to realize that liberals or progressives are the same walking dead that movies and TV series are made from. You gotta love it.

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