One Week In & Ignorance Still Sizzles

OK, I will say now that I like Trump so far. He does what he said he was going to do and that’s a lot better than many Presidents. Concerning the immigrant order I applaud it as should anyone who recalls that Clinton had the same old policy which allowed the hijackers in to kill all those in the Twin Towers. With Democrats it is all about politics and (Chicago deaths?) who cares about the death count. It has been Dem. governance who gave us the government housing which was never maintained and is now rife with crime and violence.

The odd thing is that very few are aware enough to understand that this stuff has been happening for many decades and now we have all this death. Needless and pathetic. Go Dems. Keep it up with protests and ignorance and Republicans will rule this land for the foreseeable future.

By the way, this stuff is all available online so before you take issue do your homework. I don’t make this stuff up…I had to live through it and now I tell it like it is and was to get us to this point.

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A Laugh Riot

Fox News.

I was born in 1948. I grew up in the 1950’s with a small, used black and white TV and an old Zenith Stand Up radio which was a hand-me-down to my parents. For those who have no idea of American History this was just after World War 2. Each evening, when my parents got home, my father watched the news. Walter Cronkite was one anchor and there were, of course, others who escape me at this writing. The news was objective. Oh sure, an adult could tell if any of the newspeople were of a slanted viewpoint but I couldn’t. It didn’t matter to me because I was just a kid.

Fast forward to post Vietnam and the early 1990’s. The Gulf War. My wife and I had cable and CNN was the only news we could get. While in Vietnam I got new stories from my mother concerning operations in which she thought I might be involved. My security clearance gave me access to operational intelligence for my theater of operations and which I needed to do my job intelligently. Ie, so I would know where to focus my equipment for intercepts. Very hush-hush stuff back then.

What surprised, nay, shocked the hell out of me was that the news was completely wrong. After a year or two of this I called newspaper journalists creative writers of fiction. Folks, they lied through their teeth when “reporting” the news. Such things as casualty numbers and that we were bombing cities was completely false. I had those documents, quite often, distributed to me on a daily basis which had the accurate stats. I had no idea how far news had gone to a socialist diatribe until after I got out of the Navy.

Back to CNN.

Just during the last portion of the Gulf War we got Fox News on our cable subscription. I started to watch it not knowing that it was a Nazi propaganda machine. (I am smiling while typing this.) I listened to what they did and did not say and, also, how it was couched. I went back and forth between Fox and CNN for a few years. I took a few years because I learned how important accurate reporting of events is from my Navy job. I soon learned the Fox, despite the “right wing” accusations from the left, were accurate. They also were more fair than CNN when it came to politicians. While CNN was reporting that problems for Republicans were tantamount to treachery Fox was giving the details that later proved accurate.

I still watch CNN on occasion. I do not watch MS/NBC as they are full of s**t. 24 hour s**t storm. CNN is somewhat better but they have been caught in promulgating false narratives about politicians more than once. You see, fox news is the Walter Cronkite of modern day news. CNN is a Stalinist news organization who is deeply in bed, though trying badly to hide it, Sorosesque and poor company. Check the ratings and this last election. All in for Billary and all wrong about all they stated as fact.

Fox is NOT right wing. They are fact checkers and seldom publish incorrect news. The problem is that people believe what the socialist media puts out without doing any homework what-so-ever. It took me two years of comparisons before I knew this. It took that long because it was so hard to believe that some in America were so destructive to our democracy. Take this for what it’s worth but you should try doing the same thing I do: Take no one’s word for anything. Do the fact checking yourself BEFORE you form a misinformed opinion which is not your own. Ie, grow up to the size that this country demands of its citizens. Freedom can be terribly mischaracterized by liars and you have to be careful who you believe. That responsibility is no one’s other than your own. It also helps nullify hysteria from ignorance.

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New Page

“Thought Concentrate” is a new page for If It Thinks. On it I am writing some thoughts which I do not post on FB or Twitter. I got to realizing that I already know the responses so why bother posting them there. Some people might want to suggest that I am chicken to post these on social media. Nothing could be farther from the truth as I already have in the past and it really doesn’t help anyone to just start a predictable diatribe of swearing and ignorance. Not to mention ignorance or the ignorance of so many Lemmings. Did I mention that socialism and Lemmings produce the same result: ultimately?

Enjoy the rest of your evening. I know I will.


Toilet Seats and Political Correctness

I have never been PC. I reject putting seats down for the “ladies.” Instead, put them up for me. When I first saw men my age falling for this I puked. What the “F” are you doing? I asked several guys this. We have to or we’re uncouth. Bull S**t I said, make them put them up for us. Who is not treating who honestly with this crap? Now, to be couth, I didn’t go into what I would do if a woman did not raise the seat up for me to follow after claiming their tender culture and then belying it with their feminist rants.

I hate the sorting of victimization. The sorting into little groups of whiners and “special” people. I’d also like to have a dollar for every wrong that has been done to me. If you think about it, the same number of dollars would probably up your tax bracket if paid to you for the wrongs done to you by others of all races.

America first? Why bother. It seems like Clinton voters want the rebirth of the Soviet Union on these shores. Obama had only 8 years and I think the stars for that. Trump? I have no idea. Is he a new age version of Hitler? No. Not even close. The truth is that we don’t yet know what he will be. I know that others who have no idea think that he is the devil. Ignorance. Pure ignorance mixed with victimization and pride. A witches brew if ever there was one. I know for a fact that Trump will be balanced by the Constitution. Remember the Constitution? Those who do not probably can’t even spell the word without “spellcheck.”.

This country needs to be saved from its own young generation. Those mealy minds who are ignorant despite the possibilities of never-before seen methods of fact checking. Nah, it’s too easy to scream obscenities and call others names and be victims of clouds and trees and demons and goblins. I do feel very sorry for the future people who will have sold this once great nation down the river of self-indulgence. I am also grateful that I won’t live to see it happen.

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When I was young I followed my parents into being a Democrat. When I returned from combat in Vietnam I had many reasons to doubt what was going on in the left wing of the Democratic Party.

While maintaining a very high security clearance in the Navy (having to do with electronic interception) my small group was given a briefing which had to do with infiltration from eastern Europe (agents) into the campuses of colleges and universities. You might wonder why we were given this kind of information. This was disseminated because a new portion of what I did as my job was going to be transformed into a different avenue in addition to what we did already.

To say the least, we who were already a few years into college laughed inwardly regarding this information. We didn’t think that it could be accurate so we listened and put it in the back of our minds. When I got out of the Navy I had this stuff still in my head and, like anyone who knows of something that could affect him or her or the country, it resided in the back of my mind. In the front of my mind was getting on with my education and women. Until, that is, I returned to college and started paying attention to demonstrations. This was all about the Vietnam war and all was against Republicans and some Democrats at that time. I watched and kept what I knew to myself. Kept it to myself more because I had to sign non-disclosure documents before I left the service. I knew that the FBI had cleared me for the security I needed to have before I ever went aboard ship. I had no reason to think that I wouldn’t be surveilled as a citizen. I kept my mouth shut.

The interesting thing was watching this nation from then to now and seeing that the left has gone much farther than just left on college campuses. Not only did the instructors go left they became a branch of a shadow government which supported socialist agendas, rewrote history and took a generation of young people and turned them against the ideals of a Republic. Our nation was, from the beginning, a Republic. To listen to what these students parrot to themselves and others you would think that they were graduating from the University of Moscow in the 70’s.

A large part of doing this was to make certain groups special. Then, teach those certain groups were indoctrinated to think of themselves as victims. It goes on day after day. Certainly, some groups have been victims to one degree or another but only in certain cases which boil down to individuals, not large proportions. If this stuff is fed to a group long enough while ensconced in in institutions with no dialogue with dissenting views then these people are officially brainwashed. Just like the Manchurian Candidate. It is the same mental moulding as was portrayed in that movie. Perhaps not the nuance in the real world but, never-the=less, the same thing. Of course they don’t understand what has happened to them. they are taught that they are special and right no matter dissent.

Dissent was the call sign of my generation. Now it is rejected on college campuses and no one asks why. Perhaps you should ask why. Then, learn history from books online that were written before the 80’s which had not yet been rewritten to suit the agents of the Soviet Union. You see how convoluted this has become? Only people who listened and saw the rise of this with open eyes understand just how far left people on the left are attempting to take this nation. Putin has done a wonderful job of corrupting our children. It was always planned this way. Now, this is a warning which will sound to many to be way out there. I will take the chance of being called names but I have watched this since shortly after its inception. This is a large part of the reason that I have become apolitical. Politics has a few bright spots in its history. More often, though, it has been the downfall of the people it purports to govern. Nations rise and fall but the universe rolls on. Do no harm cannot be said if one is political. They only elect those who, down the line of generations, eventually kill and eat their own young. Now, to a very possible fruition.


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An Ignorant Republic

I have to say that this election has pointed out to me something that I had a feeling about but wasn’t 100% sure of for the last many years. As glaring as a booger hanging out of Madonna’s nose: ignorance.

I left Facebook because of this. I suppose I understood this but it is now so glaring. I posted there, in one of my last posts, that I knew more about government and civics in the 6th grade than 30 something adult children know now. I recall a phrase my father used when stomping down my teenaged superiority, “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know!” I resented it then and think that it is the most true statement I have ever been told. It was about that age when I was told that “ignorance was best shown by shouting.” The Bible says to be cautious of loud people. I think that also holds true.

Those who speak loudest know the least. In the march on the first day of the new Presidency the signs said something on the order of “Not human rights, women’s rights.” An ignorant statement unless they are saying that women aren’t human. We know that women are human so it has to be ignorance. I thought that statement more than newsworthy and a more important insight into the women of today than ever before. Of course, when killing baby’s becomes a woman’s right then I think all bets are off.

I love people if they will allow me to love them. The problem is that history will prove me correct and I hate being correct. Now, this is not a boast. This is a statement from a person who understands what must occur to take down a country. This cheapening of human values is always the forerunner of a nation’s demise. I know this to be true and, I think, so do you. This country was founded to be a Republic. Ie, keep the government out of the people’s business and let them live their lives without the government butting in. that premise is long gone. So far gone that no one even understands “One Republic, Under God” any longer. Our forefathers were intrinsically intelligent and knew from experience what a government should and should not be. History moves on but people do not change. If people did not change there would be no need for history.

People are not ready to stop changing because we keep making the same mistakes. It will take God or a higher IQ to allow people to reach a balance of purpose. I tend to go with God for that.

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Are you a “Luddite?” One who eschews machines taking the place of people doing, and there fore eliminating, people from doing that same work work? The Smithsonian has an interesting take on this which brings us from the origins (workers destroying cotton and woolen mill machinery) to those today who create worms, malware and viruses. Thereby, assuming that this is what people who write these codes are actually doing, bringing us up to date on current Luddism; if such a beast actually exists today.

I am not a luddite but my thinking harkens back to the days of the industrial revolution and the eventual easing of men’s and women’s roles in providing for sustenance and habitat in the pre and post industrial times. Some use the expression, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” (That takes us all back to better times, eh?) Reading up on the Luddites came from memories of the later years in grammar school in the early 60’s when history was covered in, I assume, much more detail than it is now. Again, this is an assumption as my kids had never heard the term “Luddite.”

The “idle hands” phrase is probably more accurately phrased with the two words, “idle minds.” Either way you consider that phrase it basically echoes a result which, more often than not, is mischief. Mischief can run the gamut from pilfering to wholesale war depending on who is idle at what space of time.

The industrial revolution is a great place in history for us to measure a dividing line of a societal change of norms. The first change was from hunter/gatherer to agrarian. Post agrarian takes us through all kinds of inventive surges up to and including today. It also, going back to idle minds, shows evidence of change from politics of necessity to politics of personality and, thereby, politics of social destruction. The migration from rural agrarianism for the poor to urban wealth and even more idle time (minds) which, after not too long, brought about strata of industrious people who got things done to another layer which became people who were never happy with the status quo. Revolutionaries and socialists are just an off-shoot of the failure of the Luddites.

If one takes a critical view of how civilizations rise and fall one needs focus only on the urban centers. The rural, agrarian aspects of society take care of themselves. It is in the urban areas where talk of revolt, acts of murder and the sublimation of strata under the yoke of idealism gone wrong fester and pop spilling their poison throughout all areas of a nation or continent.

I rather liked the eccentricity of the Luddites. They lasted only minutes in the grand scheme of history but they were around long enough to be written about. They went the way of all who have tried to stand in the way of progress. Mowed down by their peers. It is interesting to watch current events and see the same thing happening which has not only happened before but will happen again….and again….and….

There is no stopping progress. There is no socialistic government that will stand 200 years. No government that will stand for 500 years simply because people don’t understand when they are well off. Change for the sake of change is only lifted up by those who have the time and money to be idle. Mostly in urban areas and who have the self-righteousness to think that they have the answers for all the people around them. This, after many decades of deluding themselves through close association of like minded fools who prop up non-historical reality. these are called socialists and they keep coming back like fleas on a dog.

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Objectivity-What’s Missing in America

Are you an objective person?

Seeing as how we just had an election a great question to ask is how were you affected by the election results? Trump won, right? Were you for Hillary? How did you get ready for the election and how did you let the election and Hillary’s loss affect you?

Notice I wrote “how did you let the election….  . I want to preface this by saying that I was not always an objective person. Therefore, becoming objective was a matter of self discipline. When I became angry or upset about those things outside my control I raged or got depressed. That led me to substance abuse and I had to take control. That doesn’t reflect on you. That was my way of poorly handling things. I am sure that you do a lot better than I did in thoswe days.

Hillary is a person I have watched with both interest and horror for many years. I remember the White House scandal that she wormed her way out of and have followed her career ever since. Not everyday but I paid attention when she was on TV. Now, I admit that I don’t like her in the least. I was actually shocked when my wife came home and told me (a day after the election) that Trump won. That perked me up because I had thought that, like many did, she was a shoe in and, to be honest, I didn’t like Trump either.

I could not see what good would come out of two terms of Obama and a following term with Clinton. Objectively speaking, it didn’t much matter as I had watched my generation and my kids generation being swallowed up by the leftist movement. I hate leftists. I know who they are and I know what started the 60’s movement from an intelligence standpoint. I learned about an east European communist cabal that was starting in the U.S. in the 40′ and 50’s on the West Coast. Their tentacles were all over the radical 60’s movement. I learned this because I had a high security clearance while serving in Vietnam and was privy to a briefing from an Admiral who briefed the officers and those enlisted who had the clearance about what was going on in our colleges. Sounds James Bond, eh? No, it was a matter of course as I had to attend many briefings as I climbed in rank.

I mention this because I had to learn to be objective about life and death while serving in combat. When I cam home after my service I was alienated from my generation because of that objective requirement. People in combat who get emotional don’t survive. Worse, they are a burden and get people killed. It’s the age old story of life and death which made my objective.

Therefore, Hillary is a turkey of the worst kind. She is a liar and a criminal who gets away with what she does because of her status. An objective person understands this. A liberal (emotional) does not. An objective person is not easily fooled. mainly because objectivism will not allow a person to put themselves in those situations. I’m sorry for liberals who were so invested (stupidly) in such a worm as Hillary. You get what you pay for and we dodged a bullet. That’s just objectivism talking.

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End Times

OK, back to Scripture. More than that, let’s talk about what Scripture says about the “End Times.” I wrote a paper in college about the Book of Revelations. This was for a literature course called “The Bible As Literature.” This was a non-secular course with no mention of religion. Strictly the words and content, the styles of writing and the types of poetry; Psalms for one.

Having already read the Bible cover to cover it was fairly easy for me to do the papers and pass the tests. When it came to the term paper I believe we had to write 5,000 words on one book or another. I chose Revelations as it had to do with the End of the World. When reading this book again I came to the realization that it was not speaking of the end of the planet. Not hardly. It was speaking of Christ’s return during the “Great Tribulation” and His judgement of men. I had to do a double take because this is what the Jehovah’s Witnesses had once told me when they came to our door when I was in my early teens. That moment in time came flooding back and I had to wonder if I had first misread the Bible or if my mind had been changed by the Witnesses over time.

I recently went back and read those parts that dealt with the Great Tribulation and I was correct. as were the Witnesses. The Earth is not going to end but the world of nations will along with those who follow in lock step with the world are going away. Those who believe in God and in His Son will survive.

More than this, however, I remembered that there is no mention of hell in the Bible. When you think on it, God doesn’t need to burn human beings for eternity as He is not a cruel Being. Who needed hell? The early churches to keep their followers and quietly force them to tithe. Pretty cruel hoax, eh? There is a lot to that Book which is good for people to know. It’s a shame that so many charlatans have misrepresented the Book over all these years. What the Bible speaks of is how human beings should live their lives and what has happened to make the world so cruel. How we got into this mess we’re in and how God will get us out. he will you know. I have found His promises to be true and sincere. As sure as I am typing these lines instead of mouldering in a grave for my misbehaving all those years ago. Well, I thought I would give it a shot to recommend some actual intellectual reading for those who have ears to hear.

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A Sad Truth and A Great Thing

When the Soviet Union fell it became very obvious that the leaders of the Communist Party were all caviar and pheasant diners and the proletariat were eating potatoes; if they could get them.

In socialist Spain they have some good stuff but, again, those in government are wealthy and the run-of-the-mill citizen are making just enough to get by.

In America the socialists are running rampant in our colleges and universities and bringing up a plethora of children who are buying the entire doctrine because opposite viewpoints are discouraged and disparaged by the faculty’s and administration of said institutions. Which brings me to my point.

The great thing about America, despite rumors to the contrary, is that anyone can do well for themselves here by expending the amount of effort in proportion to where they want to go in life. Theoretically, anyone can become wealthy by making acute choices in their lives. The opposite is true in socialist countries. Why are the young people going to colleges fed this menu of dismal faire?

What people do not realize is that communism is doing quite well hidden in plain site in America. They even were smart enough to change the name to something less tarnished like “progressive.” The same thing happened in the early 20th century and culminated in the election of Woodrow Wilson. If he wasn’t communist it was only a matter of wording. The progressives at that time, and after the debacle of Wilson’s presidency, was to change the name to “liberal.”

Any way you slice it socialism has its roots in communism and that political entity has always failed after taking nations down with it. Next time your son of daughter speaks of socialism have them read up on the early years of the 1900’s through Woodrow’s election and presidency. It’s all there in black and white. Tell them I told you so.

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