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A Laugh Riot

Fox News. I was born in 1948. I grew up in the 1950’s with a small, used black and white TV and an old Zenith Stand Up radio which was a hand-me-down to my parents. For those who have no idea of American History this was just after World War 2. Each evening, when my […]

New Page

“Thought Concentrate” is a new page for If It Thinks. On it I am writing some thoughts which I do not post on FB or Twitter. I got to realizing that I already know the responses so why bother posting them there. Some people might want to suggest that I am chicken to post these […]


When I was young I followed my parents into being a Democrat. When I returned from combat in Vietnam I had many reasons to doubt what was going on in the left wing of the Democratic Party. While maintaining a very high security clearance in the Navy (having to do with electronic interception) my small […]

An Ignorant Republic

I have to say that this election has pointed out to me something that I had a feeling about but wasn’t 100% sure of for the last many years. As glaring as a booger hanging out of Madonna’s nose: ignorance. I left Facebook because of this. I suppose I understood this but it is now […]


Are you a “Luddite?” One who eschews machines taking the place of people doing, and there fore eliminating, people from doing that same work work? The Smithsonian has an interesting take on this which brings us from the origins (workers destroying cotton and woolen mill machinery) to those today who create worms, malware and viruses. Thereby, […]

End Times

OK, back to Scripture. More than that, let’s talk about what Scripture says about the “End Times.” I wrote a paper in college about the Book of Revelations. This was for a literature course called “The Bible As Literature.” This was a non-secular course with no mention of religion. Strictly the words and content, the styles […]

A Sad Truth and A Great Thing

When the Soviet Union fell it became very obvious that the leaders of the Communist Party were all caviar and pheasant diners and the proletariat were eating potatoes; if they could get them. In socialist Spain they have some good stuff but, again, those in government are wealthy and the run-of-the-mill citizen are making just […]

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