Democrat-What Do I Mean

Having gone through the assassination of J.F.K. as a sophomore in high school my heart was broken by his death. Of course, I was a kid and quite naive concerning politics. I was told that Republicans were terrible and against everything in existence concerning the people of this country. This was acutely directed toward the poor and, in the 60’s the African-Americans. I grew up with the thought in mind that being a Democrat was morally correct and politically savvy; until the 60’s.

The 60’s brought the first vestiges of liberalism to a focus for me. With pot and acid and hippies and protests it all became a blur of for me and I was no longer seeing what I thought to be growing into as an adult. Then came Vietnam and there I went. I felt it a duty to my country and have never regretted having volunteered. The fact that I came through unscathed was a bonus. Coming home, however, was an eye opener. The disgust I started to feel towards my party only grew as it was steadily taken over by city folk from New York and L.A. That doesn’t include Jane Fonda but she didn’t help the cause for me to stay entrenched as a Democrat.

I have already written here what I saw and was privy to while in the Navy. Add tot his the fact that Nixon stopped the war and was a Republican while, unthought of by me at the time, J.F.K. started the war and L.B.J. elevated it to the point that I decided I would go to do what I could. Keep in mind that I was a patriotic American and still am.

I got married and had kids and did not want my kids to go through what I had gone through. In some ways I now regret that decision but that is water under the bridge. As a Dad, though, I watched grammar schools curriculum changing. At first it was about the truth about the Puritans but slanted toward it being the fault of them that the Indians died of disease imparted as though the Puritans meant to do this. Of course, that is nonsense as they didn’t know what a germ was. Still, the preponderance of rewriting history and calling white men dullards, louts and racists, as it has now gone to these depths of disparagement, is what originally got me thinking about my allegiance to the Democratic party. To the point that I no longer want anything to do with them.

The Democratic Party that I knew still exist. They voted for Trump. Like me they wanted nothing to do with Clinton’s back in the White House. It is a fact to stay in tune with that Hillary’s popular vote count was only due to the coastal states where I live and learned to be a Democrat. I have watched California go from the place where the dust bowl people came like my Mother to a place of immorality which is celebrated in Hollywood. The contrast is stark. I am glad that I lived to see it as I would have sworn that this change would have been impossible at the age of 21. At that age I was changing but I was also overseas and missed the acid trips and the pot and the other hallucinogens. I relate the pot thing here so don’t think I forgot what I wrote.

Today the Democratic party that I grew up knowing is where it always was, in the hard working blue collar mid-west. These coastal delegates and the new and old chairman know nothing about the Democratic party. This move sunk Democrats again and Trump will get eight years even with the BS constantly being thrown at him by the press and its lackeys in the Dem. Party. It makes me ill as I think of my parents when I consider what the coast has done to the party with the help of Progressive, nay, communist affiliations of the unknown leaders of the party. In truth, there is no other reason for the party going socialist except for the influence of the communist party. Well hidden? Yes. Obvious though? Yes.

Any how, if you are from the land between the Sierra’s and the Adirondacks, and a few sensible local people, you are most likely my kind of Democrat. The rest should go out with the garbage except that the garbage is probably to good for you. Hail Moscow!

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  1. inclined to fidget; restless or uneasy.
    “I get nervous and fidgety at the dentist”
    synonyms: restless, restive, on edge, uneasy, antsy, nervous, keyed up, anxious, agitated; More

    The more time goes on in what we have now as the “modern world” the more this word (used as an adjective) applies. Don’t you think?

    Each day we wake up and look out at the morning. Those who do not do so probably live in the city but, never-the-less, you see the morning light reflected from the city-scape which surrounds you. The morning light is almost always clear and reassuring in that the freshness of the new day is upon us and yesterday is gone. At least, so the song writers say.

    This morning came fresh, crisp and cold with a light of such clear properties that the edges of leaves many yards away stood out in relief in the backyard near the creek. The air was fresh and cold to the nostrils but the buds were standing out against the grey-brown bark of the branches on those trees which are getting ready to start the new cycle of Spring.

    So, I looked upon this and thought how beautiful is the promise of another Spring. Even though we are still in the grip of the winter those tiny green buds make a solemn promise of a new start for the world.

    Pardon me for ending my efforts at prose with that last sentence. You see, I am fidgety. Not about Spring but about the promise of freshness and newness. Terrorists are trying to get in our back door even as some want to do away with our borders. I suppose that borders are an incumbrance when the world is thought of as belonging to all men and women and children. That is a great thought and I support it. I need to add this caveat though. It is impossible to have our nation without borders. Without barriers of legal standing. The reason is simple as is the thought of no borders for a nation. The world is not ready. The world, though civilized in some parts, is a maelstrom of hate and criminal enterprise in others. There are, no matter the politics and hate, wonderful, friendly people in that maelstrom. That is the reason that we want people to come here to our shores. It’s been done before in countries long ago destroyed. Rome in its heyday and others. Those who came in sacked the empire and that was that.

    The world is what we have to consider. The lack of acculturation which needs to be addressed before masses of people are allowed in freely. The world is not ready.

    It is a sad thing that so many do not read Scripture. Scripture tells us about human nature and where we stand in the eyes of God. In the eyes of God this world is not what He wants. This is a corrupt world as are a great many of the people who live in it. Nations, corporations and political groups are all vying for ownership of people. Ownership in such a way that God wants none of it. This is one viewpoint which I offer for consideration.

    The other is the obvious. Terrorists. It has been stated for some time that our porous southern border is allowing terrorists into our country. This is most likely true. It is also most likely that they are already here. Remember how patient they were in the date and planning for 9/11? They put that together over a decade. No rush. Take the time needed to get all elements in place, wait for the drama and then…BOOM.

    I think that “Fidgety” is what we are all feeling. That is the purpose of terrorism. Americans are impatient people. Impatience is both an element of being spoiled and being wealthy. Having it all at our fingertips, all the time. We have no real understanding of what the rest of the world has to live in. You have to get out of this country and especially out of the cities to understand the difficulty that exist in our mid-west and in the 3rd world. We need to be less gullible to political parties who tell us that we are this or that label because we are human beings. We need, in plain speech, to grow up. This world is not a world of promise. It is, rather, a world of destruction. That destruction is political and terror. Both are seeping into the fabric of our country and staining the white linen with drops of our blood an a daily basis.

    It is time for foundational maturity and that seems to be lacking. It isn’t in the political realm. It isn’t in organized religion. It IS…however, in the Bible. Thd Bible is no part of the world. It is God’s word and it is more important to understand now than ever before. God is moving as we tinker. Time to wake up boys and girls.

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Under 40

As this blog gets beyond its formative beginnings and finds its way, I find myself looking at this country in a longer view. If there is anything great about pushing 70 it is the telescopic view of the world as it has changed. Looking back to yesteryear is the best education one can have even if that phrase and what it portrays is both bromidic and bromidic.

My last post mentioned the far left and the way the Democratic party is going. I mentioned the assassination of Kennedy and how old I was at that time. What I should also mention is the fear and loathing of this country for the communist doctrine and how much of a threat it was. I realized in the past half hour how my thinking is off base as the communist threat is now flourishing in the Democratic party. All the LGBTQ stuff is, on the whole, insignificant. Making a huge deal about who can use a bathroom is silly on its face. The fact that it resonates ot the younger people reflects the harsh reality of the easiness of this country we live in. When a person is propped by being singled out as a minority it is the same as removing the cornerstone of a building. The cornerstone is part of the structure of the building that is society and breaking down society into ever smaller warring factions is exactly what communism dictates in order to bring a country to its knees.

I am all for minorities as long as they include the wealthy, the whites, the Christians and Jews. Ie, all people in this country without regards to race, ethnicity or culture. What does the left do? The opposite. You have but to look at the amount of dollars they spend on stressing guilt of each of us who does not conform with what they say is prejudice. When you cannot turn around without offending one another you have fallen into slavery to a political activist party:Democratic.

Growing up in the 50’s you either became a responsible adult or you didn’t. Race was a viable issue then. There was racism and it was handled as best it could be by government. Government is not the answer, folks. It is you and I and there is a political party who is trying very hard to divide us, one from the other. A nation divided will fall and that is their plan. If the Democrats have learned to do one thing very well it is to divide along racial and religious lines. Rather than letting water seek its own level they put up one diversion, one dam or another to constantly make the water twist and turn to seek its proper level. We are the water the left is toying with and it is time you learned this.

Therefore, as much as it is distasteful to me to do so, I am going to start writing about the left, communism and what America was and can be again. Only not as a Trump fan or Republican, rather, as a Democrat who now disavows his party. I hope that you have the courage to join the blog and I will certainly let you write or ask questions to which I can provide answers. Most of what you understand you have been taught through school and the press. Both of which are now leftist. The Democratic party was never a leftist party before 1960. In the last 60 years it has been pushed left and that is where it will end up. If you don’t want another (and another) Trump, take your party back and bring it to the center or go over the falls in your socialist barrel when the country has finally ad enough of the coastal influence in government. It is getting close and the election of Trump should be a clarion call to those who are awake. RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnGGGGGG !!!!!!!. This is your alarm going off.

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The Party of Khrushchev

In 1960, at the U.N., Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union, took off his shoe and banged it on the podium declaring, “We shall bury you” to the U. S. In 1962 Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. I was a young guy at that time and saw both of these incidents while understanding what the implications were for both. Atomic war was the push of a button away and Kennedy was a man I loved as President.

I look at the Democratic party now, especially here in California, and realize that the party now looks more like the party of Oswald and Khrushchev than the party of Kennedy. I don’t think that Democrats in the mid-west fully understand how far left the Dems have gone since the 60’s. The 60’s is when the communists had the most influence on the youth of this nation. Those kids are now retiring after having taken the Democratic party from a party of the working class to the party of Oswald. It was not that big a surprise to find that the center of the country went for Donald Trump. Out here in La-La land the Democratic party is unrecognizable to me.

My parents were hard working, no nonsense people. They abhorred the hippy and leftist demonstrations of the 60’s as did I. It’s only gotten worse as the communist influence of the Democratic party has gotten a firmer grip. Call a communist what you will but Progressive or liberal are too close to  differentiate.

It is sad that the party of new ideas has now fallen to the tired, worn out ideas of socialism. Socialism who, in all its forms, has only lessened the output of society while hastening the deterioration of wealth and the ability to rise above poverty in every country it’s been tried. Look at the recent history of Europe. In particular, Spain and France. Socialism in reality. What it takes to get us there is lies about the other party and the people who are labeled as evil because they work or have been successful. No matter their souls. Just their station in life. Ie, the American dream is not for any but the higher echelons of the Soviet Party just like it was in Russia. Good luck with that, socialist democrats.

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I don’t know..should I confess? Sure as hell! I smoked dope from 1973-1976 ending pretty much when I got married. It was a social thing and it was what spurred a lot of parties and a hell of a lot of fun. Back then a lid went for the average of $7.00. I must say that hash (blonde lebanese) was great also as were tai-sticks. Now, tai-sticks were rare and probably equal to some of today’s normal stuff. I have not smoked this stuff in decades but the memories (at least two of them) are nothing but laughter and music. Chicago was the group I remember being the most mesmerized by. 25 or 6 to 4 could not be played just once. that was a three spin minimum if anyone could remember to get up and move the needle back.

I look back at those times and realize how different I was then. Just back in college with a 4.0 GPA with no computers. I had a Smith-Corona portable typewriter and a slide rule for a calculator. Taking everything from geology to sociology and anthropology, chemistry and algebra. Dating different girls and fresh home from Vietnam with no fear. Things, as they inevitable do, changed drastically for me in later life but the memories are still fresh.

I do think that pot should be legalized. If for no other reason than to free law enforcement up to pursue REAL crime. In this thinking I have not changed. Getting hooked on alcohol is another reason as alcohol is legal so it was easily abused. Whether pot turned me into alcohol addiction is an unprovable point so let’s just say that I wish I had known of the genetic predisposition of alcohol as there have been many in my family over the centuries.

Still, before any of this are the cherished memories of playing guitar with other really good guitar players and so many friends and trips to the beach and camping and backpacking with tokes shared by all is incredibly fun to think about. In two years or less I will be 70 and my, how time flies.

If I am thankful for anything it is my loving wife of 40 years and my kids and, last but not least, C.F. Martin and company who built my Martin D-28 guitar which I bought in 1971 and sits beside me here at the computer in its original case just waiting for me to play “April, Come She Will” or “Ghosts of Cape Horn.” See, I’m really not so weird after all.

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Objective Reality vs Fake News


Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam War, Aboard U.S.S. Jouett DLG-29 (Guided Missile Frigate – Nuclear Capable)

A Radarman E-5 takes his station behind classified intercept gear in the small CIC cubicle designated for ECM operation intercept. It is quarter to midnight and the watch just started will last until 4:00 AM. It is a typical watch in the theater of operations for a part of the Pacific Fleet on North PIRAZ and SAR in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Jouett steams just outside of shore batteries off Haiphong Harbor with Hainan Island to the east approx. 100 miles.

Outside ECM the surface watch is manned using radar for surface search. Immediately past surface watch is the missile guidance radar station manned by officers for defense against air attack. Not far away are the radar operators who watch the skies surrounding the Jouett in the north Gulf of Tonkin. In the background one hears the incessant hum of computers and radar equipment and the low murmur of reserved conversation, comm. chatter and the static of ship to ship radio conversation. All of this takes place in the near darkness of CIC (Combat Information Center).

This is the procedure of the 7 day a week routine that I followed during two 9 month each combat tours of Vietnam. The 2nd tour (1971) was highlighted by an increase from Secret to Top Secret of my security clearance as things were changing operationally for me in my job in ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) in that small cubicle outside of the rather massive CIC. In that little cubicle there was also a change upwards in the nature of the classified material sent to us from Radio Central via pneumatic tube. The upgrade in security was naturally followed by the upgrade from message traffic from special ops through the CIA. Now I had access to operational intelligence and dates and times of certain operations which would help me better do my job. Knowing when to look for certain parameters and where to direct the antennas I used to intercept was vital. Intelligence leaned was made so much less random by having this access.

Along with these notices were other message traffic having to do with the numbers of dead and wounded and the operational status of troop movements and engagements. What it boiled down to was a day by day operational assessment of how we were doing in the war. How we fared versus the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Along with this I also received, from my Mom and Dad, newspaper clippings from San Francisco newspapers with articles written through reporters access to “unnamed sources” in the government. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how false many of these reports were. In some cases the body count tallies were reversed to show our casualties higher than the enemy’s. In others, having to do with operations, they were made up out of whole cloth. One fact that is never spoken of is how very close the North Vietnamese were to capitulating defeat. 24 hours according to one general some time after the war ended.

All of this comes back to our election just passed. Now, I am not stating this because I love Trump. I am not a fan nor a hater of him. What I am not a fan of is the news coverage of him. As I have said, I watch all the news. I do so to be sure that some are at least close to factual and to discover what others are writing according to their sources. The N.Y. Times are dishonest. It is proved beyond a doubt by other news sources. What this all comes down to is deceit with political motives behind that deceit. That said, it is the politics of gossip and innuendo which is totally unfair to the President. He’s a big boy and can handle this. Who it hurts is the American people who are on the other side and swallow this propaganda hook, line and sinker. There is no excuse for this lying and the 1st amendment is going to suffer from this. Whether these news outlets care about the 1st amendment is now in question.

I tell you this taking great pains to be objective and telling you only what I know from the Vietnam war when my eyes were opened and mind trained to be aware of details that are part of a whole whether that whole is subversive or not. I say this because my credibility, which I take very seriously, having been on the other side of the 70’s political spectrum in all of that combat, matters to me and so do you. I ask you to listen to all news sources and judge for yourself. Don’t take my experience as gospel but at least be open to other sources. Those sources who are reviled are reviled for a reason: they are objective despite what the left tells you to believe. No one has ever been able to tell me what to believe. Hence, Vietnam combat. One cannot be more on the side of independence than to volunteer for that unpopular a war. I even turned members of my immediate family against me for having gone to war. Although it hurt me it also toughened me. I guess that that is why I spend time I don’t  have writing these  articles. Peace.

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(ˌɪməˈtjʊə; -ˈtʃʊə)


1. not fully grown or developed
2. deficient in maturity; lacking wisdom, insight, emotional stability, etc
3. (Physical Geography) geography a less common term for youthful4
ˌimmaˈturity, ˌimmaˈtureness n
ˌimmaˈturely adv
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014
I’ve been considering the various aspects of the left and how they operate. In doing this I also considered how best to make the point that the actions of the left are not in any way of an adult nature. The attributes of adulthood are actually the opposite of what the left is doing. Screaming hysteria, misrepresentation of facts to suit a goal are all part of the immaturity of a child. (As evidenced, in part, by the definition above).
Actually, this article got it genesis from the Facebook response to Trump’s election to President. At that time I told people that Trump was just a man and that the checks and balances of our Constitution would hold anything less than a coup by him in check. I was correct as I knew I was but the immaturity and ignorance, which is still going on, incidentally, is from a group of adults who never grew up and are acting in the precise parameters of the word “immature.”
This is furthered by the assemblage of the shouters who are attempting to disrupt town-halls. These individuals are few in number but lack both the wisdom or maturity to understand that this is exactly what got Trump elected; for better or worse.
It is beyond me to understand specifically what they are trying to do. It is not and will not work. The people who elected Trump did so to stop this immature attitude in government. It can’t be stopped in the public arena but it can be followed and spoken of in blogs such as this one.
Call me an old fart but I never have thought, in my almost 70 years, that I would ever see this moronosity (I coined that!) in people my age or, for that matter, those over 30. I should have know, I suppose when I returned from Vietnam and saw women and men over 30 dressing in costume for Halloween. That should have alerted me to the coming phenomenon that is the present.
Immaturity rises with stress. Stress comes from a lack of experience handling issues or events that are tough. Welcome to my generation of children who turned into liberals. Liberal child-like adults. It’s too bad. We are the children of the greatest generation. Well, I don’t know, given the age of civilization, that my folks were members of the greatest generation. That may apply to many generations, other than that of Noah, who have resided on this planet. You be the judge. Many of you are great at judging others. Judge yourselves.
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I mentioned, in an article I wrote today, that people are to interested in fitting in to ever take a chance at being themselves. I know that many of you are going to react poorly to this statement because you are independent minded but I ask you: Are you, really? Are you independent minded enough to say that you do not follow another’s lead? Independent enough to wonder if what you hear in the news is actually true? Do you research or make any effort to watch what others say is bad to find out for yourself?

One thing I love about Trump is he makes people crazy. If you want to hear negative things about him all you have to do is turn on the TV and judge him and listen to how evil he is by what others say. I bet that most of you turn him off if he is speaking on TV. You don’t need to listen because you already know that he’s a crook and all the nasty things that others say about him. In fact, one could say that he provides the income for leftist news organizations. Then again, do you think for yourself?

How much do you know about our Constitution? Have you ever been to Washington DC and seen it displayed? How much do you know about the Bill of Rights? Have you ever read it? Be honest. If not with me then to yourself. I am serious. Have you read or studied either and do you remember what the preamble of both stated? I am willing to bet that most who read this blog have read it at some point in their lives. I am just as willing to bet that those who scream the loudest either have no conception of what either document says or that, knowing so, lie about it after schooling the young for years with a lot of prejudiced dialogue against the Constitution. I saw it happening when my kids were in school. I corrected a teacher who made a statement about how bad the authors of the Constitution were as people. It’s OK, I’ve never been all that popular.

It is absolutely fascinating sociologically speaking, to watch the news and hear the societal voice of unreason about Trump. Hitler, Stalin Mao. Really? How about a rich guy who found the needs of America and filled it? How about a guy who is so scary to those who have tried to call our Constitution a “living document” since the Clinton years that they have to lie to get him disregarded by as many as they can. The same people whose ideas created the government housing that the blocks ended up in that gave birth to the drugs and violence and now hold the blacks down to make them the modern equivalent of slaves again. Slaves to the Democratic elite. You heard it here first.

What do Republicans say with infinite repetition: “A hand up, not a hand out.” Republicans never wanted to put people in housing that was virtually free. Even when I was a kid I heard the montage of vile disparagement for those Republican representatives who said that free stuff would lead to….lead to… EXACTLY what we have now. LBJ and the “Great Society.” What happened to that great society. What we have now is what happened.

You are hearing this from a Democrat in case you just tuned in. A Democrat who has almost 70 years under his belt. 70 years from foundation to near completion of his life. 70 years of letting liberals prove, once and for all, how full of shit they are. They’ve done it in spades.


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I Certainly Am….

….a racist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an extremist, a bigot and a (you fill in the blank)!!!!!!

I’m not a “birther” as that is a discussion which matters little to me. How can anyone who is a human being deny any of the above labels? All of these labels are merely micro indicators of ones being imperfect. Where these labels really matter is in the minds of those forming these words before they utter them. As with all things that are lies it is usually those who utter them who have the largest problem. Quite often it is these utterances which are said with vocal volume to drown out the truth of others. It goes without saying that all of us, at one time or another, have thought disparagingly of people we do not know, have not met nor have any right to judge.

This has always been the way, hasn’t it? Always the imperfection of one to more quickly  realize the imperfection of another while casting these dispersions in order to hide themselves from the imperfection of themselves. As Scripture tells us, “Do not complain about the speck in another’s eye before removing the beam from your own.” Of course, what possible relevance can Scripture have for us today? Today we are those who judge. We are those who possess all knowledge and we are the only ones who could possibly be correct about all things.

That leaves me here, spinning as a racist, homophobe, bigot. I fully realize that you are perfect in every way. Not ever a harmful thought or deed has passed your way. No step off the path of righteousness. A moral compass which points true in each and every aspect of your life.

When I put it that way it sounds pretty silly. You are what you eat is the 70’s term which comes to mind. I don’t know. Do you? This world keeps spinning through space no matter who comes and goes on it. After death it is all forgotten until the next generation finds the old penny in the dust and calls it new again. So it goes.

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Things To Watch For

Have you ever had someone move into a house or apartment near you who looked for all the world like a character who might be expected to have a mugshot on file with some police agency or other? A person who by his or her looks just evoked suspicion on your part? Of course, it didn’t help when rumors surfaced from “unnamed sources” (probably some busy body with limited observational skills) which added to your suspicions? Then, when least expected you had a serious problem and this person came along and lent you a compassionate hand to help you with your problem. Thus shaming you into reality that you cannot read a book by its cover.

This is what is happening to Donald Trump. The guy looks like a playboy and player doesn’t he? Sounds rather course and n0n-intellectual in many ways. Speaks plainly after being used to a master craftsman of delivery and suave character. You might say that Trump is culture shock in many ways. I still have a problem with Trump as President and I don’t mind saying so.

However, as I always admonish, I stay objective when observing a person or group who, on the surface, I mistrust. I still don’t entirely trust Trump. I was the same with Obama and Bush. I know that a lot of people, probably you, think Trump is the twin of Hitler: Donald Hitler. Do you know how stupid that is on its face?

I listen to MSNBC, CNN and Fox. I hear all the chatter (clucking) of the animals in the barnyards of cable news. You should understand that there are agendas for some news agencies which goes back to the leftist movement in our country. An unhealthy and slanderous or just flat lying that is a cancer in our country. Now, you think Fox is a conservative bastion of untruth. That’s because you refuse to listen based on what others tell you. You are limiting your objectivity through a lack of sources. You shouldn’t do this to yourself. You should listen to all sources and form an opinion that is uniquely yours. Forget about being a part of some indistinct whole just to be on the same page. That is called being a Lemming.

Listen to all sources and find out the valuable portion that is being left out of news with an agenda. I understand that you were raised this way and all your friends tell you what is or isn’t wrong by parroting what their friends told them. Lemmings. Can’t you be an independent thinker or are you told that because you think like all your friends you are an independent thinker? That argument doesn’t stand up well does it?

Try listening to fox for a change. I say Fox because most of you are completely against that outlet yet have never listened to it. It goes without saying that the brilliance of the left is keeping people in line for ignorance. Listen to all of them and see which is more inclined to be closer to honest. You might find that you were wrong. That’s the scariest part isn’t it?