Who Done It?

I spent some time today watching all the 24 hour news outlets. I do this because I figure if I’m going to write about them I should have an idea of what I am talking about, right?

Again, Fox seems to be the more objective and I have to say, they tell both sides. I hear a lt of people saying that Fox is right leaning or, probably more accurate, in the tank for Republicans. I disagree. I think Fox does lean right and some of their opinion journalists are conservative right wingers such as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Those two are all the way right and they say so. I think the operative term is that they say so.

MSNBC, on the other hand, is completely socialist and they pass themselves off as objective. thinly veiled by having right oriented people on. If I want to hear about Trump..objectively… I go to Fox.

It bares noting that anyone who is one extreme, politically, or the other is not someone I want to listen to. I have heard all the disparaging remarks leveled at each other all my 68 years. When you get older you haven’t heard it all but you’ve heard enough to make a judgement call based on accuracy. That accuracy is based on the knowledge that nothing changes; only the volume.

So, here I am listening to Schiff claiming Trump and his cronies are guilty and then backing off a that a few days later, all while the Senate is taking up their investigation. Now it comes out that Obama may be the one who is guilty of misdeeds and security breaches on his watch. Russia has less to do with any of this than what is already out there and what is out there is zilch as far as incriminating of Trump and his cronies. I would laugh if the press wasn’t so ager to splay Trump out over an anthill until the ants ate him or the sun fried his brain. the left would do this in a second, right? Yep.

I suppose it would be worth considering whether the left has motives that are more far reaching than just trying to derail Trump. Motives such as taking America to the border of communism. I think they are and I think they prove it in colleges and universities where young minds are more easily sullied with propaganda. It was already starting when I was in college after the Navy. I have watched this taking place for decades and I do have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.

So, who done it? Obama, I say, going far out on the objective limb.

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Me and Socrates-The Internet Rumor

HEY! It isn’t true!

You know, this vicious rumor about me murdering Socrates. I had almost nothing to do with it! Whew, I had to get that exclamatory declaration out before I could continue in a more subdued manner. I did know Socrates, sure. I also knew Plato. So what? Ok, it’s true that I knew what Socrates wore when he was not posing for a bust of himself. There is nothing wrong with hot pink spandex hot-pants worn in the privacy of your own home. The problem was, Ol’ Socs wore them when they were carving his busts. Why do you think there are no full-form statues of him? Even Greek Sculptors have their limits. And, no, he didn’t look particularly appealing in hot pants. In fact, I get a bit nauseous when I think of how he looked in hot pants.

Ok, I got that out of the way. Now, as to my taking his life. It is true that he owed me money. Quite a lot at the time. I wrote most of his stuff and he stiffed me for about half of what he promised to me. Him and Homer were the same way. The Iliad and the Odyssey took me about a week to write at $3.50 an hour in today’s wages. I couldn’t even buy a good burger for that and olives, pomegranates and unleavened bread only go so far. The goat cheese was great but, I digress.

Hemlock was Socs chosen poison. He dabbled in it quite a bit to get high. I told him that smoking dope was probably better but wine laced with hemlock was just so very IN at that time. We didn’t have acid yet. Hell, we didn’t even have electricity like the Egyptians did. They had these really cool batteries that they used with their answer to a joy buzzer. NEVER shake hands with an Egyptian! You’ll likely end up on your ass. I know I did; until I figured it out. Those Egyptians. What a bunch of crazy blokes. I still remember the day that Ozzie, the high priest from Cairo, came over and he and me and Socs played pool and drank mead until the dawn. The joy buzzer worked so great! Socs couldn’t get a bank shot off without Ozzie buzzing him in the hot pants.

Anyway, it isn’t true what they say about me. Socs just had had a bad day with Zeus and that old thing over the plans for chariots and wanted to get a real blast going and had too much hemlock. That’s the truth and I don’t care who finds out about it any more.

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Sedition (Follow Up 3/28/17)

If you are unaware, there has been a major illumination of certain people in Washington, D.C. They are from the former administration and others who are not of the republican persuasion. It would seem that I have been correct all along and my correctness goes only to my observational skills honed while in intelligence in the Navy all those years ago. I will not finish this until I hear the news tomorrow but it goes without saying that Democrats who are on the far left, ie, progressives, have once again gone too far in their illegal activities. I believe that the term sedition” is not too strong. This may go all the way to Obama. If it does then I was right again. More tomorrow.

Well, a lot has happened. Among the more interesting is that Nunes (Republican Intelligence committee head) has foud that the unmasking of Trump officials has actually taken place. Add to that the fact that Comey and what’s his name (NSA) did not keep their appointments with the Intel committee and you get an idea of what’s going on.

It bares mentioning that, so far, everything the press harps on concerning the Ruskies and the Trump election group is all smoke. Nothing has been confirmed other than the press’s twisting of facts to suit their bias. I have been listening to the White House briefings and, having been in the high security circles at one time, I find nothing amiss. this is not to say there isn’t, just, so far nothing.

In balance, which is what I try to achieve here, Trumps group has done little more than zero but the press needs its heroin and Trump is their pusher. (I mean that in the nicest way.)

Do you remember what I said I learned about the leftist press while serving in Vietnam? They are not just unfair to people they don’t like, they lie about people they don’t like. They did in the late 60’s and 70’s and only got better at it with time. Possibly the most practiced avenues they pursue are omission and obfuscation. They hear only what fits their narrative and unless that is along socialist lines they print what they want to to make their warped points not caring about the damage they do to our country. When you stop and think about Trump all we know about him is what we have read in the news or heard on TV. We don’t personally know the man but many of us listen and consider the press as gospel when some of us know that they are minions of the socialist left who have an end point that is not what we know as America.

Of course, you can reject this out of hand or do what I do. Watch the news that the left says not to. Switch channels and watch Fox if MSNBC or CNN is your chosen poison. I don’t put this out as a recommendation, I put this out so that you can begin to get a more objective, personal opinion concerning what this country is up against. If you don’t then you will be the last to know how clouded the press is making all these issues. In a positive sense, this is good medicine for anyone who wants to expand so that they can smile again.

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Laurentide Ice Flow

That good ol’ Laurentide Ice Flow! I ‘member it well, all those 10,000 years ago. Hell, it covered almost all of Canada and most of the U.S. For those of usuns who were camping in the Tehachapi Mtns. of southern California it wasn’t a huge deal. We had to extend our stay for many thousands of years but the hunting got really good towards the middle of that age. All the rabbits and deer herds came south and the hunting got better and better! (Rabbit herds?)

But the best part of it was refrigeration. No more salted meat!!! We froze steaks and there was plenty of wood because there were no forest fires to speak of. (Except for old dolt Neil who insisted on making his families campfires agains the trunk of a Bristle Cone Pine. Never did have the sense to come in out of the snow! Neil also spread rumors about the climate warming and how it would melt the ice sheet. PAH! Never happen.

Ok, problem is the climate did warm! We can’t remember the exact date but the snow and ice did begin to melt so we headed, slowly, back north. To be truthful, the ice age sucked. We were glad to see it warm up a few degrees. The birds came back as did the frogs and a few critters that we hadn’t seen before. Furry, flat tailed little varmints whose fur made great hats. Oh yeah, the vegetabletation got better and berries got to growin’ again. Those of us what could got sun tans and looked gorgeous to all the ladies. Them was some times I tell ya! All except for the pale faces who got burned and wished for all they was worth that the ice would come back.

Thing is, the climate is still warming. A bit at a time. Guess the ice sheet isn’t coming back for a while. That’s nature for ya.

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Protests, TV and the Deep Blue Sea

Being on the ocean is a memory that becomes deeply engrained in any who have shipped out. No matter if you are military or merchant being aboard ship for extended time having only dead reckoning and horizon to horizon blue or grey becomes like a crystalline capsule of memory. It shapes a persons Id. It quite literally anchors the psyche in a place that is above and beyond the mundane of the world. the sea leaves a mark on the mind that is never scabbed over or forgotten. It’s memory becomes the stability of a man or woman who has been there.

It is with this “anchor” that I have watched, since 1972, the world change. Have watched the simple become overly complex and, therefore, swathed in useless tendrils and stains of minutiae which only clog the gears of polite society. It has been something to watch. From Walter Cronkite to MSNBC. From the first jet planes to the Stealth B-2. One can follow weaponry to know where a society has become unhinged. The more sophisticated the weaponry the more diabolical the threat. It is an axiom. A truism.

Protests are, once again, in vogue. Not to say that a protest is useless but to say that there are times and causes which can be swayed by protests and there are times and causes that cannot. In case you hadn’t noticed, these times are getting more dangerous by the day, week, month. Therefore, protests against a man or protests against laws are now only a few footfalls from explosive repercussion. The population of this world is tense; you feel it, I feel it. The “anchor” of society is dragging as the prevailing winds push the vessel of sanity farther away from its moorings; as the night becomes ever darker.

It is time to take stock in what sanity means to you. Is it a place of trees and lakes or a scene of shouting people who really, if they stopped and thought deeply about it. have no reason to scream.

I mention no persons or countries in this as it makes no difference as to the subject. The subject is insanity, its signs and the path to get to it. Many people are now firmly ensnared on that path. They don’t recognize it because they really aren’t concerned about all of us they are merely concerned with themselves and what they are told to feel and think. The man in power is not the threat. The zealousness of those on the path of insane action are the threat. One man is not going to change the world. It is the mass hysteria which is an infection that is likely to bring down the walls and ceiling. It is the few who are not in front of us but, rather, quietly in the background whom we should fear. Those with the money that finance the asylum of the street.

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Rhythm in Time

Tell me, as you have gotten older have you seen or felt the rhythms in time? It’s an interesting aspect of aging and I think it is a part of wisdom. We can call it experience but I feel that it is more like the magnetic attraction of birds as they fly north and south. Pigeons that find their way, unerringly, back from whence they came. Noticing how everything seems different but still remains the same. That small and furtive movement of shape or shadow in the periphery of ones vision.

Once one is aware of this subtle attitudinal change that occurs as one ages it would seem to make all the more clear a couple of things. The fact that, as things change, they do so with rhythm. The same rhythm which only written history is able to show. Rather like a musical score. The notes are arranged differently but the music, ordered in another fashion, will sound like a different tune. The same notes each time but the arrangement is different. History is like this. Nothing changes except the arrangement. Rather like pieces on a chess board. Different moves with the same pieces until check-mate.

As we get older the obvious change or rhythms that we saw when young and inexperienced become more plain to us. What we thought was new and daring is now mundane and, in some of our cases, annoying. Yet, the combinations or “game” of circumstance which change brings becomes ever more interesting in a detached way. Like a spectator at the Coliseum may have felt as he or she watched the Gladiators fight to the death. No chance that both were going to live but the methods of ensnaring one by feints or dodges was ever different as to each match.

This is what I am thinking as I watch our country change. Taking a slightly different, at first, road to the left than ever before yet replete with the warning signs that history is full of. Those warning signs which are so apparent to me yet not seen by the young and foolish. Foolish as I once was. I look with cool objectivism wondering which pieces will castle first and which King is dethroned by a pawn. It is interesting from this window overlooking the piazza.

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In Case You Thought Otherwise.

In my last article I referred to myself as “Pope of the Internet.” I stick to that as I am one of the few publishers who unabashedly refers to my Fatih, adheres to my Fatih and is not afraid, or wary, of stating my Faith, who is not also a church goer. My church is the earth and I do not mean that in a Pagan manner. I mea that in the manner of incredulous at the glory of creation. I have stated here before that I don’t believe that the earth is not the result of some cosmic train wreck. Only the jaded and spoiled think that. (Or, the sadly misinformed).

“Pope of the Internet.” It’s just a silly thought as I don’t think any human should have faithful followers. The last person to have such dolts following him around is me. I guess, in part, that is why I left the Catholic church when I was fifteen. I struck out into the wilderness of the Scriptures and, viola, here I am now. (I forget where I read it first, viola instead of voila, I love to use the (sic) term though).

If my use of that grandiose title offends you, tough. I rather like the irony. I also posted here that mine is an ironic sense of humor. My mother told me that when I was but a wee lad. I had no idea what “ironic” meant then but I looked it up in Funk and Wangles and found it. It was hard to miss because my photo was printed beside the definition as an illustration.

So, have fun the rest of your day or evening when you are reading this and I hope that I am still considered a “sometimes read ’cause there’s nothing else to do until Jim comes home” by you.

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When it comes to negativity…Bare with me, will you? I want to speak of the first book: Genesis.

Watching the news this morning for a little while. It would seem that the new administration is considering some pretty drastic measures aimed at North Korea. My only interest in this, for this article, is the negative connotation of almost all the news. North Korea is but a morsel. Never-the-less, it is disturbing. For me, though, there is always other news. I can’t tell you how much the news that I rely on could help many of you if you were not so prejudiced against it. That news is the Bible. That book helps us understand the frailty, and the cause of that frailty, of the human race. It is not what you hear on TV or see in the movies. In actuality, it is a pragmatic treatise on how humans are supposed to be and the reason they are not that way. For our purposes, I am going to relate this metaphorically but you can take it the way you would like.

In Genesis the beginnings are spoken of. The creation of the earth and the heavens and all that is on or in it. There comes a place in the story where that dirty, low-down snake tempts Eve and Adam goes along. (Us guys understand this all to well!) The result of this is that both become aware, for the first time, of their nakedness. That nakedness is what this article is about.

In the sudden awareness of their nakedness comes their first glimpse of negativity. (eating of the apple is not the first, in case you’re wondering. You need to read the story to see what I am speaking of.) The fruit they ate was from the tree of good and evil. Again, I am speaking metaphorically. Let’s take this as a story and not fact. Let’s take this as though this is a metaphorical guide to what the root cause of all our problems are. Where the problems started and what they mean now. Have I lost some of you already? No? Good. Hang in there. I am not preaching to you. If I were I would ask you for money to support the building of my church and the university to follow and I would do all of this tax free. I would also become the Pope of the internet and….?

So, God finds Adam and sees that Adam is discomfited by his nakedness> “What have you done?” asks God of Adam. “Did you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge?” It went downhill from there. It gave us the life we have now but that is another story.

It is the negativity of which I speak. We are all negative people. We are all subject, constantly, to negatives. I know what you are thinking, “I happen to be a very positive person!” Ok, good. I am also, but, not 100% of the time. I could be but for Adam and Eve and that, my friends, is the gist. Negativity is what was introduced into the world in Eden. Use the metaphor if you would like but we were not meant or created, as I think is true, to be this way. The world, since that regretful day, has always held a pall of negativity and that negativity manages to creep into every aspect of human life. The metaphor for this negativity, which includes corporate greed, is the name, Satan. The Bible gives it this name but you know it by those idiosyncrasies of your own life. Death, betrayal, greed, as afore mentioned, avarice, politics etc. (If you knew me personally you would know that I had to throw politics into the mix.)

This, then, is why forgiveness is so very important. Forgiveness is humbling and favorable to not forgiving. “Do unto others” is also one of the most important issues that should be a daily thought. The two of these go nicely hand in hand, right? What these two items from the Bible allow is the spurning of negativity in our lives. We know the difference between good and evil. You do and I do. In essence, we are all very simple beings. Clever to a fault but, simple. All it takes is three days without water to pretty much impair our progress to wealth, right. (Unless, like myself, you are the Pope of the internet. I guess I should capitalize “Internet” if I am the Pope of it, huh? It then becomes a proper noun, right? )

I do hope you read this far. I missed some of you who quit in disgust a paragraph in. Tell you what, quitters, I offer you dispensation as only the Pope of the Internet can give. That and five bucks will buy you a latte. Don’t be negative. Come back to If It Thinks!!!

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