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Who Done It?

I spent some time today watching all the 24 hour news outlets. I do this because I figure if I’m going to write about them I should have an idea of what I am talking about, right? Again, Fox seems to be the more objective and I have to say, they tell both sides. I […]

Sedition (Follow Up 3/28/17)

If you are unaware, there has been a major illumination of certain people in Washington, D.C. They are from the former administration and others who are not of the republican persuasion. It would seem that I have been correct all along and my correctness goes only to my observational skills honed while in intelligence in […]

Laurentide Ice Flow

That good ol’ Laurentide Ice Flow! I ‘member it well, all those 10,000 years ago. Hell, it covered almost all of Canada and most of the U.S. For those of usuns who were camping in the Tehachapi Mtns. of southern California it wasn’t a huge deal. We had to extend our stay for many thousands […]

Protests, TV and the Deep Blue Sea

Being on the ocean is a memory that becomes deeply engrained in any who have shipped out. No matter if you are military or merchant being aboard ship for extended time having only dead reckoning and horizon to horizon blue or grey becomes like a crystalline capsule of memory. It shapes a persons Id. It […]

Rhythm in Time

Tell me, as you have gotten older have you seen or felt the rhythms in time? It’s an interesting aspect of aging and I think it is a part of wisdom. We can call it experience but I feel that it is more like the magnetic attraction of birds as they fly north and south. […]

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