I Thnk It’s Time…

…to bring YOU into the conversation.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Duh. Well, I believe we know each other a bit. Not a lot but—-a bit. I write and you do me the real honor of reading what I write. We have that much in common. Some of you like what I write and some of you don’t. The funny thing is that, going into this blog, I already knew that fact just iterated. This is as it should be.

Let’s bring up another point which is taken for granted by many in this country. That point being, I have the freedom to write what I think. You, without censure, have the right to read what I write. Historically, many people throughout this world were not allowed by their governments, be they royal or dictators, to read and write what they believed. It is no small thing, therefore, to mention this as I run up against my first year of this blog. Our freedoms in this country are up against a new threat. The threat from the left. The threat of the anarchists who wear black clothing and destroy other people’s property. As of this writing, it has been only property destroyed and that, only glass breakage for the most part. However, I think it not untoward to warn against the small beginning of this movement. It smacks of “Brown Shirts” in the 30’s in Germany. AS the Nazi’s were putting together their political movement and starting their campaign against the Jews, Gypsies and other cultures they abhorred. “A stitch in time saves nine” as the old saying goes.

You understand this, I feel. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come back to this website. Trump says that we are living in dangerous times and we are. I haven’t seen this type of danger in this country before. The 2nd amendment has been under attack since the 60’s. It was terrible under Obama and would have been much worse under Clinton. Your right to bear arms is one of the most valuable laws this country has in its Constitution and make no mistake about that. It is a fact of clarity that when the people are banned from their right to bear arms it will only be the criminals who bear them; outside the police and military. Ie, a dictatorship is much easier to rise when this happens.

We are not immune to dictators. Our Constitution is already under assault and has been for a few decades. It is not the right who performs this assault. It is always the left. Coincidentally, that is the side the anarchists come from also. They appear to be young men and women who do this. That is who did it in Germany also last century.

So, I write this as a warning. I am too old to fight a new war now but not too old to bear arms. It might be a good idea to think of self-protection. If not a firearm then an alarm of some type. I don’t uphold the thought that we should all be armed and marching the streets with our weapons. I am only saying to you that we should be prepared more now than ever. Firearms is one method of preparation. Vigilance is the better, though. Be vigilant and alert to changes in your neighborhoods. Take care of your children and take nothing for granted.

Of course, you can also dismiss what I write out of hand and stop reading this blog. You have ther right to do so. That is the greatness of our country. A country worth defending. And…it may come down to us to dfend ourselves. Look at the rise of MS-13. Not a good omen.

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The First Commandment

I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other god before Me.

A lot is said about religion and God. this is what God said as the very first commandment to all of us. If you stop and consider this commandment you will see that all structure of the world and the race of mankind fall into direct descendence from this law. This is the first for a reason. Many think of the ten commandments as a grouping unto itself. The fact that this is the first gives one pause as this is how God wrote his law in stone before giving it to Moses. Which “god” would you apply given this law? (lower case)

I find this to be very humbling and I am happy to have a blog to share this with you. Believe it or not, it is God’s law that, if followed, would preclude and make unnecessary every law that mankind has authored throughout time.

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Objectivity versus Emotional Response

We’ve all been through deaths, illnesses and terrible tragedies in life. Some, more than others. My losses of family and friends have been huge. They include not only my mother and father but one of my brother;s, a cousin who was my best friend most of my life and dear friends who made a difference in my life. In the 70’s I handled corpses and I also had business failures.

What made a difference in my ability to handle all of this was my faith. No one can describe what God’s touch is but you know it when you feel it. It is very personal and very caring. It uplifts as no friend or psychiatrist can. What I got out of all of this is an objectivity to life. An acceptance of death and an assurance that, if I stayed upright and true, I would see the other side. This is what has gotten me through.

When my son developed cancer it was but another hurdle. I was emotional as a father could be but, at the same time, I had faith that my son would make it through. How I knew this I cannot say. The fact that he is alive and has a family today is a blessing which I cannot describe.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this to let you know that God is real. also, to let you know that those who ask, “Why would God let this happen?” are missing the crux of life. Life comes with no guarantee. That sounds like a bromide but it needs to be better understood. To God, there is no such restriction as time. He has no time. We do. To Him, one hour is one thousand years for us. We go by in a blink of His eye. It isn’t that He wants this stuff to happen. This is not what He intended in the beginning. This stuff got started in the Garden and you know that story. In the interim, we have developed civilization and He has been having lunch. I don’t mean to be quippy about it but this gives some perspective.

I am objective because it suits me. I realized the other day that I was born conservative. Not the political version but the faith version. The faith version does, of course, spill over into my assessment of politics. that said, I am apolitical. I have no party other than Christian. This not only allows me freedom from emotional support or hate of candidates but broadens my world view and allows my love of people by merely knowing that we are all in the same boat. Crazy men (or wily foxes, if you think the term more apt, such as the guy Un of North Korea are sorry individuals to me. As much as I would like to dislike the guy I feel compassion for him. This does not mean I wouldn’t like to throttle the life out of him should he blow up San Francisco, it only means that I think him unstable and in a position probably not of his choosing. Call it fate, call it what you will.

In essence, my position allows me to be more interested in things rather than getting emotional about them. Not scientific per se, but, objective. Unattached to this world as it spins and takes us all on this monumental “A” ticket through the Universe. It’s a great ride if you think objectively.

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Scriptural Synopsis of Bible Meaning

Ok, let’s hope that I can make this palatable for those of you who groan when I bring up the Bible. I’ve been thinking of this for a few days and rather than do this like the preacher I’m not I thought I would do this starting with a near death experience. “The “Proverbial” light at the End of the Tunnel” theory.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

You’ve heard people say that, upon almost dying, they saw a light at the end of a tunnel. Ok, I almost died and all I saw was cheap tenement flats in Oakland, Ca. or blackness. (I bet some of you think that is all I should =have seen?) Some, however, claim to have seen that tunnel and that light. I will not argue or attempt to dispute that claim as I see the light and the tunnel as completely Scriptural and not as near death.

For our purposes let’s suppose that any dark tunnel or light at its end, looked at symbolically, equates the tunnel to death and the light equates to life. A tunnel signifies a distance of darkness with the light tells us that there is something wonderful beyond the darkness. “Distance of darkness” equates to time. Therefore, those who see a light at the end of the tunnel are seeing a symbol of the fact that there is life after death. It is a reassurance of a truth long kn0wn by us who believe and have studied the Bible. I look at it this way, we are the only living things on this earth who know of death and are aware of, or consider the possibility of, God. One surely can argue that a deer knows of God but that one cannot prove it. I think of it as an animal has enough to do to stay alive without worrying about the mysteries of the Universe. That is mankind’s bailiwick.

The fact that men or women can get their minds around a supreme being is not within the purview of the animal kingdom. It is nice to think that it is but God plainly says NO to that. That’s good enough for me. After all, I am a thick skulled bigoted white man who knows little and is capable of learning less.

That is the gist of the Bible. We die but it is not the end. Internally, in our minds, we know this to be true. The reason we fear death is because we are aware of it. The Bible was put here to teach us that death is not the end if we believe. How stupid of us! How naive! What a bunch of dullards and myth propagators! Actually, no, we are not. We have been given the ability to perceive that death is not the end and it is up to us to choose to understand it or not. the Bible tells us all about it in great detail and accuracy. Of course, if you can’t bring yourself to read it you are not going to have that promise fulfilled for you. With the caveat that the Bible also says that those of loving hearts will get the chance to prove themselves even after they die. God is a loving and forgiving supreme being. Unlike most of us.

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A Most Interesting 100 Days

I suppose that, if nothing else, one could call these first 100 days of Trump some of the most interesting days of any presidency in our lifetime. We have the normal hypocrisy from politicians on the left for a right wing president as we get from politicians on the right for a left wing president. For the most part, it is all tripe. (Tripe is the stomach lining, that some people consider a delicacy, of a cow. My father loved the stuff. I never could get past the visual.)

Trump will go down in history. I think that he will go down on the right side of history. ( No pun intended.) For a guy who used to be a Democrat Liberal, it is quite an irony. I would suppose that, in my case, he saw the same thing happening the Democratic party that I saw. Ie, the Dems left he and me behind as they headed toward progressivism. There is no room in the world for progressive politics. It is, by nature, deleterious to a society. Progressives, like communism, keep people down while making the wealthy more wealthy. The difference is that in a Republic the individual works for wealth and in communism the “people” work for another group’s wealth. That group is the founding members and the government elites. Look, folks, no matter which name you want to call it, royalty is royalty. The upper class is ALWAYS going to be the movers and shakers and those of us who just want to be left alone are always going to get the shitty end of the stick. History proves this time and time again through all the guises and permutations of humankind and their governance it is always the same. The difference in our form of government is that we can vote the assholes out of office. We can change it and that is why, though people try to call it a living document, our Constitution is the one and most memorable change to governance ever created.

So, Trump? What can we say about him so far? He is different. He is having a great deal of trouble with the congress. As he calls it, the swamp. He is trying to change the establishment of Washington DC and the way business is done. I think we can all get behind the fact that DC desperately needs change. As it has morphed over the decades, DC is becoming more of an entitlement vehicle for the wealthy and, believe it or not, it sometimes takes the wealthy to dislodge the wealthy from their lofty perches. Reason being is that the wealthy are the ones who know what it takes to get around the permanence of other wealthy people. To pry them out of their rosewood and ebony chairs and send them packing.

We can hope. For us done here that is all we can. Revolution will not happen and is not needed. I thought, from the beginning, that Trump might be the vehicle of change. The jury is still out. What you can do is cast off the plethora of dispersions heaped on the man before he even got started and open fresh eyes to who and what he is now. The presidency is not for the weak of mind or heart. If nothing else Trump is a very strong man; mentally and emotionally. If you can give him that then you can become objective and wait and see like I’m doing. If you and I deserve a chance then so does a fellow human being who, for whatever his first intentions might have been, is standing up to the challenges of that office.

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Liz Warren

First, I’ve known a lot of characters in my life. From members of my extended family to sailors I have met around the world I’ve seen some stuff that would make you groan in disbelief. Shenanigans that would curl your teeth done on a regular basis. Fights in Philippine bars to harlots on bar tops in Hong Kong.

That is why I find Liz Warren so fun. She has a way about her which I try to portray as though she were an actor. Trying to divine that part she might play is just a great way to look at her and her demeanor. I sometimes think that she would be great as a Madame of a Bordello. Rough as cut glass and taking no prisoners. (or non-paying customers!) Sometimes I think of her as a shrewd sleuth attempting to get to the bottom of some insidious criminal caper in the “Windy City” of the twenties. Yep, she is one for the ages. Thankfully.

Mostly, though, I think of her as a coarse and inept thinker. She and what’s his name who is now the head of the Dem party. Really? This is what my party is electing and appointing to serve? A peckerwood who swears in public and a woman who hasn’t seen a Twinkie she wouldn’t take a bite out of. It just goes to show how far DOWN my party has fallen. Don’t worry about Trump. In comparison, he is a boy scout. Look at what Trump has done which is exactly the opposite of what the press has said of him. Look what has been thrown on his plate and how he has handled it. Look at the disparaging remarks that have been thrown at his daughter and even his teenaged son. How would you like it if this stuff were done to you and your family? All because of your past improprieties or what the press is saying, preaching about you. Mostly untrue.

I don’t know, compared to Elizabeth Warren I would trust Trump with my kids first. When I consider her as a senator I just laugh at the ignorance and foolishness of those who elected her. She shouldn’t be dog-catcher. She shouldn’t be a fry cook. She is a senator and that says more about democrats than I care to think about.

Of course, I do not include ALL Democrats in this rant. There are many just like me who feel the same way. Those with experience and common sense who love their country and do not refer to the Constitution,  while reading from an alternative document of their own writing or choosing. Possibly a communist manifesto. We’ve come a long way from the 50’s. It has mostly been downhill and we know it don’t we?

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Russian Trump

Has anyone seen any proof yet of any Russian collusion with the “Donald?” I certainly haven’t. I think this just might be the proverbial “Red Herring.” Wouldn’t you? I think it’s been long enough that a major hit on this would have been delivered against Trump if there were anything here.

Flynn is a different matter and shouldn’t be put in the same box with Trump. That would like my wife telling me about someone, heretofore not spoken of, that she dated in high school. At some point, a reasonable person has to say enough already. Personally, I didn’t believe it from the beginning. I know the press and the Dems well enough to understand how they work and destruction politics is their bailiwick. You notice that Republicans rarely get destructive and, instead, are the targets for the Dems. It’s been this wy since the 70’s but steadily gets worse. If yu want to know the truth I really think that Trump’s election had a lot to do with people becoming sick of the attitudes of persons such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. these two are wealthy hypocrites if ever there were two.

It’s cool though. It’s Ok. We’ll see the truth come out before long. This President will stand apart in the end. He’s more honest than you know.

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Admissions to a Door Knob

Dear Doorknob, It is my miserable truth that I admit to you. As I stand on the threshold of entering one room and exiting from another it came to my mind that I lack perfection. It was apparent first when I reached for you and banged my knuckles on the door itself. It was a lapse of coordination on my part and I feel the desperate need to apologize to you. I feel this emotional imperative because last night I felt I could conquer any obstacle which blocked my path. Instead, I find the synapses of my mind not firing between brain, muscle and fingers which, to me, is indicative of imperfection. As you maintain your unknowing objective of latching, locking and unlocking flawlessly, I am feeble in the simplest task of grasping and twisting you.

I have seen you many times but rarely considered your silent vigil. Installed by a carpenter all those years ago you still are vigilant in the way of inanimate objects the world over. Installed after being formed by artisans and craftspeople to do one specific task and do it well and long. You, individually, are formed of brass. You lost your brilliant shine decades ago from the grease and dirt of many human hands. It should have been me who, on many occasions, used a compound made by man to restore your younger brilliance. Af=gain, in my sloth I have let you down. Worse, I have no confidence in restoring your brilliance in the near future. My schedule is far to filled with other mundane tasks to waste my time letting you shine again. Time is always my enemy.

I fear time. My fear is shown in my disregard for the simple work of my youth. It is reflected, also, in your non-reflective surfaces. How many other small chores have I let go which, if done in a timely manner, would have made others shine? Made others feel brilliant?

I am human, in the end. I am imperfect, from the beginning. I have chosen to hide my imperfections from myself by citing others imperfections: loudly. Now I see that my imperfections have left the shine and brilliance of such a simple thing as a doorknob show so much greater in my heart. My heart is in need. You have hidden from me, with your grease and dirt. the reflection of my filthy humanity. This is why I do not wish to see my reflection in you.

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America’s Human Nature

Here is a mouthful which should probably be written by someone much smarter than I. Never shy about my thinking this humble author will attempt to deftly put this theory forward without offending people with rational sensibilities.

America. Needs to be typed in “bold” and H2, don’t you think? 

Let’s consider what America is. She is a sum of all her parts. She is a quotient of all her history. She is a complicated mess of ideologies which stem from every epoch of human history; not just from the past 240 some years. She is a bastion of liberty unlike anything else in human history. She has produced a freedom movement and ideas of which, up until her founding, has not seen in world history. She has given us all the rights of free people as endowed by our creator. If you have read your history you will understand the uniqueness of what our forefathers accomplished.

That is the flowery portion of this article. Let’s speak of what some call the hypocrisy of America: starting with slavery. I want to ask you a question first. Is there anything in your life which you take for granted? Is there anything in your life which you enjoy that you may have which you only get because others may be injured to produce it? Such as that shirt you’re wearing or that pair of sneakers with a swoosh. Are you aware that a good many people that came here on the first ships to anchor on our east coast were indentured servants in Europe?

Slavery was the comm9n practice in those days of yesteryear. Though modern folks such as you and I don’t wish to consider it, an awful lot of what we possess is due to near slavery conditions. None of it is right but none of it is uncommon. So it goes all through history. To condemn anyone in America for slavery 240 years later is ridiculous and political. Nothing more. I don’t have slaves. You don’t have slaves. To all of us the idea is repugnant and we are not our forefathers until we check the labels on our clothing.

Politics is never pretty. Government is never a salve. The best that any government can be is to be representative of the majority of its people and and honest to a fair degree. Unfortunately for all of us we are human. That means we are imperfect. That means we look to a higher power. In most cases that higher power is government.

As our government has aged it has gotten sloppy. It has, in many cases, trampled on the rights of its citizens foregoing the Constitutional rights guaranteed. The beauty is that our system of checks and balances seem to work and, eventually, sooner of=r later, those infringements are rectified. pretty sweet, huh? Having our rights protected for all these years. It seems a good thing. It seems so good that it makes whining about little things kind of petty.

As we age we start to more clearly see what we have had in our past. WE see how good it is. How easy life has been. When we’re young there is nothing that doesn’t deserve a comeuppance. Nothing that is not to be questioned. When one places the two in a blender, mixes it up well and purs it out we have what we see today. A mixture of old and new which each generation blends again. A mixture which is actually old and old. The second old is the new which is the old but is being warmed over again. Socialism, communism etc. Ideas that, on the surface, seem bright and new but inside are rotten. The older generation should know this already and it is for the new generation to discern, eventually and with proper education be that education life experience or school or just old fashioned reasoning, that some of these new old ways have never worl=ked and will not work because we are human beings and are just full to the brim with human nature.

H.N. Shall we write a song about it and the mistakes it causes. Include in that song the wonder of it and what it can create given reasoning and caution of thought. Of tried and thrown out old ideas which didn’t work and should not be tried again. Gather round and sing it with me.

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Thelma & Louise

Thinking about the Democrats: my party. Can’t help, in the same thought process, of thinking of my party. The ending is the same. I’m sitting here working on a new website.domain (actiontld.com) while listening to Paul Simon. “This is the story of how we begin to remember…” is a great line. “You can call me Al” is a great song. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton…..are you kidding me? Think of these two in the same breath as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Ok, now drive your T=Bird over the cliff!

What are you people thinking? You lost to Trump! What are you people thinking? Bernie Sanders? What are you people thinking? Socialism. Move to Venezuela! How’s that working out? What are you people thinking? John Fitzgerald Kennedy died from a socialist’s bullets! What are you people thinking?

You ARE NOT THINKING!!!!!!!!!!! You are reacting to the press and the propaganda. You ARE NOT thinking for yourselves. You are in political Limbo, one step above Hell. I quit! I am no longer a Dem. I flat give up as I do not want a do nothing and get paid for it nation. I want people to have pride in themselves and their production for others. This whole party is a wreck of civilization and deserves every dent and hospitalization for mental injuries. Safe spaces? That is what America used to be for most of us. This is what I fought for. I can’t help what the south did but I didn’t do it. Neither did most of you. It was …who? that did that? Right! Southern Democrats. Look it up. While you’re at it send Samuel L. Jackson a memo to grow up.

Democrat Thelma & Louise, Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. Pornography, dead babies and food stamps. This is your legacy.

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