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I Thnk It’s Time…

…to bring YOU into the conversation. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Duh. Well, I believe we know each other a bit. Not a lot but—-a bit. I write and you do me the real honor of reading what I write. We have that much in common. Some of you like what […]

The First Commandment

I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other god before Me. A lot is said about religion and God. this is what God said as the very first commandment to all of us. If you stop and consider this commandment you will see that all structure of the world and the race […]

Scriptural Synopsis of Bible Meaning

Ok, let’s hope that I can make this palatable for those of you who groan when I bring up the Bible. I’ve been thinking of this for a few days and rather than do this like the preacher I’m not I thought I would do this starting with a near death experience. “The “Proverbial” light […]

A Most Interesting 100 Days

I suppose that, if nothing else, one could call these first 100 days of Trump some of the most interesting days of any presidency in our lifetime. We have the normal hypocrisy from politicians on the left for a right wing president as we get from politicians on the right for a left wing president. […]

Liz Warren

First, I’ve known a lot of characters in my life. From members of my extended family to sailors I have met around the world I’ve seen some stuff that would make you groan in disbelief. Shenanigans that would curl your teeth done on a regular basis. Fights in Philippine bars to harlots on bar tops in Hong Kong. […]

Russian Trump

Has anyone seen any proof yet of any Russian collusion with the “Donald?” I certainly haven’t. I think this just might be the proverbial “Red Herring.” Wouldn’t you? I think it’s been long enough that a major hit on this would have been delivered against Trump if there were anything here. Flynn is a different matter […]

Admissions to a Door Knob

Dear Doorknob, It is my miserable truth that I admit to you. As I stand on the threshold of entering one room and exiting from another it came to my mind that I lack perfection. It was apparent first when I reached for you and banged my knuckles on the door itself. It was a […]

America’s Human Nature

Here is a mouthful which should probably be written by someone much smarter than I. Never shy about my thinking this humble author will attempt to deftly put this theory forward without offending people with rational sensibilities. America. Needs to be typed in “bold” and H2, don’t you think?  Let’s consider what America is. She […]

Thelma & Louise

Thinking about the Democrats: my party. Can’t help, in the same thought process, of thinking of my party. The ending is the same. I’m sitting here working on a new website.domain ( while listening to Paul Simon. “This is the story of how we begin to remember…” is a great line. “You can call me […]

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