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An American Terroist

If you follow this blog then you know I am a registered Democrat. As I have stated before I am a Kennedy Democrat. You also know that the last Dem. I voted for was Carter. What Carter showed me was the demise of the old Democratic party and the birth of a new wrinkle: socialism. At that […]


Before we had cable we had only CNN. As far as world news, that made us captive to either the SF Bay Area channels or CNN. This was in the early 90’s and things were different. The news was fine for what I watched it for. At that time Desert Storm was happening and CNN […]

I am writing another blog which concerns the times in which I got home from Vietnam. I call it “Upstairs Blog” because this is where I spent two wonderful years as roommate to my cousin John Nichols who was also a returning Vietnam combat vet. The years were 1973-1975. they were years in which I […]

Left’s “Safe Spaces”

On rare occasions we all need a place to go and refresh. To allow ourselves a respite from the world and its darkness. Some find religion and church to be good venue. Others, just a good book and still others a few cocktails. There is noting wrong with finding refuge and respite from society and […]

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