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I want to shout out a HUGE Thank You to all who have visited If It Thinks. You are a fairly small (by internet standards) but extremely discerning group of people. (Even if I do say so myself) A guy as old as me has no right to hope to communicate on this medium to any more than a dozen persons per year. There are hundreds of you visiting. The average stay on the website is around 4 minutes. Some stay quite a bit longer, picking through the archives. Now, those are really extremely discerning people!

In the archives are posts which go backward on a per month basis. In some of these, I have been quite silly and others have been very pointed. There is an almost archaeological progression of timeless diatribes which many of you have missed. Before you count yourselves “lucky” to have missed them you should go back and pick over a small portion of them. All the posts here are posted under categories so that may help you pick among them. Consider it like going to a junk yard to find a car part and finding a ’64 Volkswagon bug that, though dented, starts right up. I really have a way with words, eh?

Still and all, thank you for dropping in. I know that your time is more valuable than mine so it goes without saying that I appreciate your stopping by my little website. I would be highly pleased and grateful if you would go here and register to join. It is called “If YOU Think” and is set up to be both social, much like Facebook, and a place for you to write. Call it your own piece of website where you can say what you please. Once you are a member I will contact you on the site and help you get started. I am really a nice guy. If I had a friend you could ask them.

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We’re heading into the last month of summer here in the Sonoma area. Sonoma is a fair mix of conservative and liberal people. We all seem to get along pretty well. At least, I don’t see crimes of passion related to Trump in the police blotter. Maybe it’s because we have the last and most northern California mission right in the downtown part of Sonoma? Probably not but it looked good on paper.

August 7, 1976, my wife and I were married in the mission. That was 41 years ago to the day on the 7th. At that time I was renting a two bedroom house in the little blip on the road named Agua Caliente. Sonoma was much smaller and more rural then. the crush of outsiders came during the 70’s and 80’s and most were from the east coast. Those were most of the liberals who moved in. The local government has changed quite a bit as it seems all the liberals ran for local then county office. They brought their nonsense with them but there were enough of us native Californians around to slow them down quite a bit. Still, we get along.

I suppose that this post is more about marking time than saying anything ground breaking. If you’re ever in town drop by and say Hi.

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Why Label What Other’s Think

If you are an understanding person, understanding of human nature and that, although all are different in some respects, we are still pretty much the same, then you also understand that for one to call another names (labels) is to undermine oneself.

This is a thought that I have carried around since being a kid. I was bullied and, when I got home, pretty badly treated by an older brother. How did I react? I tried bullying other kids to make myself feel better. I only tried this once. I felt, for the first time, like a hypocrite. So, you see, I don’t call anyone names unless they are bullying others. And then I only call them names which I feel are accurate and descriptive but not off-color. In no case do I call anyone names that are subscriptive or classless such as bigot, homophobe or xenophobe. people who do so, to a large extent, don’t even know what those words mean. They merely subscribe to the monthly propaganda magazines such as the NYT or W. Post.

I don’t know about you but I feel that being a human being is tough enough without labeling others bromidic titles. At the same time, I think it interesting that those who shout the loudest are quite often the least secure. Worse than being insecure is shouting epitaphs for which we have no meaning or are misused.

I spoke of bullying. A childish endeavor which should be pretty much abandoned by young adulthood. When we hear throngs of people shouting these bromides it should give us pause to reexamine ourselves and tighten our resolve against calling down others. If we can’t learn from others mistakes then we have missed most of the learning opportunities that life puts in front of us.

What do you think? Tell me on: If YOU Think.

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For many years I heated our home with firewood which I cut from snags and falls on state property, with a permit to do so. Although it might seem foolish to some, I would have to climb some of the larger snags to cut branches off before falling them. The reason being so that I didn’t fall a snag and have it damage another tree within the fall zone. A snag is a tree whose top has been broken by lightning or wind. Eventually, these trees fall victim to termites or rot and quickly become unpredictable and dangerous.

So, having explained this I am going to go, again, out on a limb to speak of transgender as it applies to the military. To do so I need to start with my thoughts about the transgender debate. I am one who keeps things simple. If a person decides that they want to change sex I can do nothing more than wonder why. I am not acquainted, knowingly, with any transgender person. That last gives you a hint of my awareness of the fact that many who are are not recognizable on the street. It does matter to me in a religious sense but my understanding of Scripture says that the person who has made that choice it is between God and that person. How is that for simple. My feelings don’t matter one iota until it comes to the military.

The military is a non-political entity. Politics, of which transgender has become more of a cause ‘celeb’ than it should, needs to stay out of the military. When Trump made the decision that it should not be allowed in the military I could hear the protestations of those who are politically liberal throughout the world. We will now hear nothing but how cruel Trump is and how bigoted. The fact is, he isn’t. He just understands what not having that confusion in a combat unit means. He knows that because he has military input. When Obama made this happen it was wrong. Trump had to straighten this out as soon as possible.

I have a military background and it is tough to be a soldier or sailor in combat. The sexual aspect of transgender is a distraction at best and a danger to ships, military units and life as it is in a military setting. The very nature of the choice is not well tolerated and that is a simple truth. There is no place for it in the military and I know that I will get roundly chastised by some from the military who have become liberal or just liberals in general.

The chaos which is being levied in our society by political correctness is dangerous. It is the disregard of biology and Scripture and we all see where this is leading us. Down a rathole for starters. I have listened to all the liberal garbage I can stand and I think it is time I declare it.

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Membership At Grottoblog (see link below)

I am in the process of realizing a dream that I had no idea could actually happen. After nearly dying a few years back I have walked my way back to health. In doing so I, of course, went through myriad pairs of shoes, socks, trails, streets, highways and byways plus any number of local trails.

While walking, easily over two thousand miles, I got fairly comfortable with equipment needed to walk and became more familiar with most of the trails in our neighborhood state and local parks. On one of these walks, I started considering a walkers website. At first, the idea was just a blog which costs very little to get going but demands a lot of time and thought to become even a modicum successful. I did it anyway as I had so much information which I wanted to share and, also, make a website for others to share their knowledge and experience as walkers or backpackers.

So, I purchased a theme and installed it on a sub-domain of the walking website I built. It is a complex theme and offers much, much more than any I have yet built. It has a forum, Buddy Press, Woo Commerce and many other detailed extensions than I have yet worked with. IE, I have a lot of work to do.

The fantastic news for walkers is that it will be a membership website which will encompass all of the various and sundry aspects that walking involves. Plus reviews of equipment such as shoes, socks, packs (extended and day) and so much more. I will announce the opening of it soon. It will take about one month to get up and running. I have already moved it to my VPS server so it will be fast to load and ultra-secure. I hope that my enthusiasm is contagious because I would love for you to take a look, tell your friends and, pretty please, join. Walking

Walking is the least harmful exercise for the entire body there is. Done correctly, it is a sure way to lose weight, develop stamina and just ease tensions and all the pain that politics brings on. Well, I don’t know about the last few words but it sounded correct.

Check out: Grottoblog

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Anthropomorphism is basically the substitution of any other form of life (or spirit) to a human being. To tell someone that they are acting like a monkey is just one way happens.

There is a bird out here in California called the “Towhee.” I am putting a photo I shot of one in with this post. They are a unique little bird. So plain in a reddish brown wrapper of feathers they tend to be slightly rotund. They emit a constant little “peep” as they plod along the ground. When they are a mated pair both adult birds stick together and walk (hop) along together and are fearless. Well, I hope they are fearless. They pay little attention to our cat and walk within two feet of him on a daily basis. Our cat, Hermie, watches them but doesn’t move. It doesn’t take long before the little guys forget that Hermie is there and just go about their business; whatever business they have in mind.

I worked teaching golf at a local golf course several years ago. I also helped out the owner by subbing as a starter when people were ill or on vacation. The front door out to hole #1 was usually open as was the back door where the range balls were sorted and washed. There was a mated pair of Towhee’s that lived out there. It was so weird when they calmly walked in the front door, looked around, moved if a golfer came in, kept on their course and walked the entire pro shop and went out the back door. Just like they owned the place. Never a hint of panic. Never starting and flying into windows. What they did was to walk and check out almost everything that roused their curiosity always staying on their path to the back door. Once through the back door, they flew off to their nest in one of the fairway trees. Wonderful sight to see and so very peculiar.

I consider myself a relation to the Towhee. Yesterday I was thinking about my last ten years and realized that those little birds and I have similar traits. We both pay little attention to anything outside of danger as we go through life. We sense danger and react to it but don’t consider things dangerous without good reason. Now, I may be going a little too far with that analogy as to the danger part but you know what I mean. The anthropomorphism comes by my inserting my personality into that of the bird. I don’t know how many times I have walked past trouble and paid no attention to it. I have, on several occasions, also had my comeuppance for doing so but those occasions have never dissuaded me.

The Native Americans, of which I am a part, also anthropomorphized. I wonder if there is any connection. Perhaps you might know? Or, you do the same thing as I?

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Membership With If It Thinks

I have decided to offer membership to If It Thinks. For what possible reason would I want to be a member of this goofy website?

I’m glad I asked that question for you. The main reason is that you are probably too shy to ask me if you can join. Secondly, and this is important for you to understand, I am going to restrict some content here for members only. Not right now today but soon. What am I going to restrict? Free stuff! What kind of free stuff? A Mercedes? No. Read on…

I develop WordPress websites. I am in the position of offering free websites on my servers for my friends. Why would I do that? Because it helps me by helping you. Let me explain.

One of the toughest things to do on the internet is to get oneself known. I am pretty good at doing this or you wouldn’t be reading this. However, I actually do really like people and I know some secret stuff about people. One is that I know that people would all like to have a website but they don’t know how to do it. I do. I’ve been building websites for myself and others since 2006. I can set up a WordPress website and have a person using it within an hour. Offering it for free is a part of my diabolical scheme as the “free” part is for six months. After six months you are either ready to move on or you know what you’re doing and are vested in a website and want your own website and hosting. I can set you up in both.

Aside from the free stuff I want to give others a chance to try their hand, with oversight from me, to post their own articles on If It Thinks. Hell, I spent the entire afternoon setting up a membership and registration form on this site today. It is open for registration now and it should work just fine. You may register and await approval which usually will be in just an hour. At the most, 12 hours. I do have to sleep sometime, right?

What this offer is for is memberships to get access to certain articles and pages which I am drafting now and want to reserve for friends. Nothing I do is very far off-color. I do salt it up with a word or two that I learned in the Navy but, other than that, I am doing some serious research on some items of interest to me and, I would think, yourselves but I don’t want to throw this work out to just disappear on the internet. Membership is free. the websites are free for six months and I am doing this because I want to get to know a lot of folks and that will benefit me and I will see that it benefits you. Simple. No contracts although I am working up Terms of Service so that the legalese is up to snuff. OK? I thought you would agree. I am short on details here but I am not expecting a headlong rush through the front door anytime soon. All within a week. Around the 29th of the month. ACrowe


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New Theme

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This theme which I just changed to, is called “Interior Design.” the great thing about WordPress is that there are so many themes available for it. A huge portion of them are free which is almost unheard of in this day and age. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to keep things from getting stale, don’t you think?

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A Crack In America’s Foundation

Joni Mitchell wrote a song “Big Yellow Taxi.” A line in that song was, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!” Of course, the follow-up line was “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” The song had relevance in the early 70’s and even more relevance now. The irony is that it is her political ilk which is presenting the problem; the “parking lot” they’re building and paving is right over the garden of America and its foundation.

It started with a small crack when roots got underneath in the 60’s. They were roots of the tree of leftism. Had the tree been cut down and removed then, things might be different. Unfortunately, the groundskeepers of leftism planted that tree and they meant to crack the foundation. Then again, why should we have worried? After all, it was just a small tree then. What was not understood by most of us was that the groundskeepers were fertilizing that tree right under our noses. They were planting their seedlings in our colleges and universities. Some of us knew about this. Those of us who were in college then. We saw changes in mental attitudes neatly hidden in the shadows of the women’s movement and buried under the terminology of racism and xenophobia. We smelled it rather than saw it. It had a foul odor then and we now have the stink almost pervasive throughout this country. It was buoyed and floating under the moniker of “liberalism”. “Progressive” was still hidden by their fear that some of us were aware of Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement of the early 20th century.

The crack widened over time. Bring us to today and we see the new groundskeepers reacting to it. That tree, now a sentinel, needs to have its roots cut out and its broadcast seedlings tracked down and pulled up by the roots. You see, these trees are poison to a democracy. While using the words democracy and constitution they mask their intentions of taking over the garden by pushing out the plants of freedom. You see weeds (interesting choice of word “weed” don’t you think?) coming up everywhere in the garden now. It desperately needs tending. The weed flowers are merely a harbinger of the new vegetation to be planted if we don’t get shovel and hoe out soon.

This is where we are now with Trump. He is the new groundskeeper and the tree is well rooted given the last 60 years. I suggest that we all tweet to Trump that more and more of us are behind him and turning a wise eye towards the leftist press. I think at least a thousand of us shold take a few minutes to Tweet to him. If We Think, that is.



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50 Facebook Likes

If It Thinks, the Facebook page, has received 50 Likes.

Many, many pages get this number on a daily basis so I need to put some perspective on this. The first and foremost item is how grateful I am to all who stop by here and on Facebook. It isn’t a landslide of people but it is more than a person with my political views expected. Starting this website out I thought I would get into a humorous vein and possibly make this a “review” site. The review aspect is still going to happen but the software which I have long searched for is lacking in depth and ability to dig down into layers of reviews. Ie, the complexity that I am looking for is not available so far as my research has gone. I have exhausted “Softaculous” on my server trying out the limited number of review site software available. Never the less, I am looking at free and open source software which can at least come close.

My “humorous” thought process was waylaid with the election. It quickly presented the opportunity to try an objective approach to the election result which, unfortunately, was driven into the sea with the press’ negativity and outright lies. That alone was enough to change my tac here.

So, here I am with the unexpectedly warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something that others are obviously enjoying. It’s kind of cool. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy doing this although it sometimes feels like beating my head against the proverbial wall. there are weeks in which I feel I have been brilliant and none or one has stopped by the website. Other times, I have between 6 and 15 who drop by. All in all it is just a great thing to do and, again, thanks for listening to my political prattle and so-so humor. It really does mean a lot to me. A. Crowe


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