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Your Valuable Time

I want to shout out a HUGE Thank You to all who have visited If It Thinks. You are a fairly small (by internet standards) but extremely discerning group of people. (Even if I do say so myself) A guy as old as me has no right to hope to communicate on this medium to any more […]


We’re heading into the last month of summer here in the Sonoma area. Sonoma is a fair mix of conservative and liberal people. We all seem to get along pretty well. At least, I don’t see crimes of passion related to Trump in the police blotter. Maybe it’s because we have the last and most […]

Why Label What Other’s Think

If you are an understanding person, understanding of human nature and that, although all are different in some respects, we are still pretty much the same, then you also understand that for one to call another names (labels) is to undermine oneself. This is a thought that I have carried around since being a kid. […]


For many years I heated our home with firewood which I cut from snags and falls on state property, with a permit to do so. Although it might seem foolish to some, I would have to climb some of the larger snags to cut branches off before falling them. The reason being so that I […]


Anthropomorphism is basically the substitution of any other form of life (or spirit) to a human being. To tell someone that they are acting like a monkey is just one way happens. There is a bird out here in California called the “Towhee.” I am putting a photo I shot of one in with this […]

Membership With If It Thinks

I have decided to offer membership to If It Thinks. For what possible reason would I want to be a member of this goofy website? I’m glad I asked that question for you. The main reason is that you are probably too shy to ask me if you can join. Secondly, and this is important […]

New Theme

This theme which I just changed to, is called “Interior Design.” the great thing about WordPress is that there are so many themes available for it. A huge portion of them are free which is almost unheard of in this day and age. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to keep things from getting stale, […]

A Crack In America’s Foundation

Joni Mitchell wrote a song “Big Yellow Taxi.” A line in that song was, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!” Of course, the follow-up line was “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” The song had relevance in the early 70’s and even more relevance […]

50 Facebook Likes

If It Thinks, the Facebook page, has received 50 Likes. Many, many pages get this number on a daily basis so I need to put some perspective on this. The first and foremost item is how grateful I am to all who stop by here and on Facebook. It isn’t a landslide of people but it […]

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