Been A While

It’s been some time since I have written on If It Thinks. As a website developer, I sometimes have to just shut off the computer and take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but, like anything else, you just have to say “enough for a while.”

What’s been going on? A lot. The world hasn’t ended, the U.S. is still weighed down by an extremely ignorant group of individuals in Washington D.C. and the same old shit takes place over and over again every day. I wonder how others feel about this incessant crap in D.C. In my humble opinion Trump is doing a great job of repairing this nation from the past 25 years of illogic which has plagued us and gotten us into the mess we are in. No matter which side of the coin you adhere to this country is a far cry from the foundation of this world which it used to be. Socialistic and backward thinking have brought us to this point. Had Clinton become Pres. we would be much farther downstream and, I think you will agree, most likely standing back and doing nothing to attempt the repair of this society. Instead, she would be adding to the disabling of our American structure which has lasted, almost intact, for 240 years.

Hey, I don’t like everything about Trump either but the fact is that he is trying to iron out the mess Obama left us. Obama did diddly squat to bring the country onto a better footing. In fact, he made it all a lot worse and history will prove this to be true.

So, I’m back now and will post at least once a week. I have a photography site which has been neglected for some time that I need to resurrect. That is my main task at hand. Other than that I have scrapped a few projects as I was spread way too thin with my time to possibly make them work as they needed to. I am still walking each day but have temporarily cut it from 4 miles to 2 miles. I lost the weight I needed to lose so I am just watching my diet more closely and getting back to the thought process of writing. Isn’t it amazing how easily we overextend ourselves? It boggles my mind that I was keeping up with 12 websites for over two years. Why? That’s a lot of work for one person. No great reason. “It was there!”

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