The Simple Truth …

… about the House and Senate.

Let’s throw the two parties into the same toilet…Shall we? Let’s get over Republican this and Democrat that. Let’s also forget about who is, or is not, conservative or liberal. Let’s just look at the actions of all of them.

How does this Washington D.C. clan look to you as it now stands? Does it appear to you that anyone there is looking out for you? Do you see concern and understanding in anything said on any news station for your existence? Not just your plight but your very existence. Does anyone in D.C. know that you even exist? Does anyone in D.C. care about the burden of tax that you are forced to pay or how much you might be able to use to get ahead were it not for taxing you to death? If not “to death” then how about a much needed late model new car? How about the dentist bill? Is that bill forcing you to budget money that you need for, oh, I don’t know, food? Clothing for the kids? Car repair that is needed before the engine blows?

It has gotten to the point that the House and Senate is a group of “silver spoon up their ass” men and women. I don’t care which party.

On the left, you have those who want a socialist agenda. Big government making things rosie for all who don’t want to work. On the right, you have those who want an easy buck to be kept (not made: kept) by the wealthy. The truth is that both sides in D.C. are getting richer the longer they stay in office. We, my friends, are the subjects. The serfs. The “lip servians” of the modern era. This road leads nowhere for any of us.

The simple solution is to vote each and every one of them out of office ASAP. That’s not going to happen. We each have our favorites who we are going to defend as doing the right thing, right? It is so right. That is why we keep foolishly voting the fools into office over and over and over and over. Term limits? Sure! How about one year?

It is time for an “Objective Party.” A new group who looks at all of our national problems with an objective eye. Perhaps the House and Senate should be loaded up with engineers and architects? People who understand that a structure is only as strong as its weakest member. Take an arched bridge for instance

Take an arched bridge for instance. If the stanchions are weak the bridge falls. If the degree of arc on the steel trusses is too shallow the bridge falls. This is formulated with algebra and calculus to come up with the correct load limits. The same objectivity should be used for our government. Is it? Nah. Just a bunch of thieves with great smiles and glib tongues robbing our children of their future. It’s time for a change. Trump is a good start. Like him or not he is exposing D.C. for what it is if you’re paying non-prejudicial attention. If the Senators and Representatives are against Trump then he must be doing something that is rubbing them the wrong way. And, if he is rubbing them the wrong way then he is exposing them for what they are just as he said he would do. look more closely at what he is doing and how he is doing it. It is almost funny to see the hives breaking out on our Congressmen and women. Itch. Itch. Scratch. A little lower! Ahhhhh.

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George Boole

We were given Roku for Christmas from one of my wonderful sons and his wonderful wife. Last night I came across a biography of George Boole. Normally I would have gone by this but for the fact that I have some knowledge of Boolean logic. Now, I’m no genius but watching this biography startled me quite a bit. His logic about thought and God is the first time I have heard of anyone except myself express this in those terms.

When I was a young man I was terrible in math. This came, I realize now, because of the slow-motion train wreck which was my family life growing up. I was badly mistreated by one older brother and lost most of my self-confidence by the age of 12. It wasn’t until I enlisted for combat that I had a chance to reassert my personality and become who I am today. I give you the last because it is important that you understand how I spent my time in thought and very much alone most of my young life. It is during this period that I came to know that God was real and achieved mental surety of this fact. I have always known of God as being the actual creator and was only reassured after my bear fatal illness.

Ok, I apologize if the foregoing seems self-absorbed but it is necessary for you to understand that I am not a braggart or self-important. I say “self-important” only to emphasize that I do, of course, have some ego but that ego is subservient in my dealings with reality. My ego is an ironic twist of having lived through my upbringing even though it caused me to drink like a fish for years.

Boolean logic is the way I learned about God’s reality. I understood at 13 that God invented physical law and that He made us in His image. It isn’t a reach too far to say that He is also governed by His own laws. This is where I started the thought process which has set me askew to most people who know me. It is what has left me bored by social intercourse all these years and the biography I watched shocked me enough to write this down today. 0 and 1. Had I known this when I was a kid I would have been much better in math. You see, in junior college, an algebra teacher kept me after class because I was getting lousy grades. He asked me to stay so that he could explain a few simple laws for working out problems. He actually gave told me that in lower math you can only do one operation of two numbers at a time. Most of you know this from the get-go but I saw a quadratic equation as an entirety. I didn’t know to look for the operation between the parentheses and start that first. The other thing he showed me was that I wasn’t a dumb ass and that I just needed foundational help.

Long story short, I aced algebra and chemistry. His name was not George Boole. It was Mr. Kinkead. I am certain that he has passed now but I owe him so much to this day. I didn’t do well in grammar school as after the terror of the night before with my family I had to go and be picked on at school. The fact that I averaged a “B” throughout grammar school was only due to minimal adherence to homework discipline and finding a different way home each day from school to thwart the waiting bullies. Of course, the other plus was that I got into photography in grammar school and, yes, I did have a couple really great friends. Tucker and Don. Together we got into a lot of mischief so not all was a loss.

Thanks for listening.

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Social Bop

I have a new piece of software installed on this internet. It is called “Social Bop.” 

It is rather like Facebook in the manner it works but is so much more. In this software you can have your own “Spaces” and friendships as well as it having a gallery to upload and share photos with. Thre is a lot more to the software but you will have to see it to find out what is there. It is open for registration as of now so take a look and see what you think.

If you are a reader of IIT then you are welcome to join. Remember that you may also join the sister site of IIT also. Go HERE.

Either way you can’t miss. A great time can be had for FREE!

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Sea Ranch

Coming to you today from Sea Ranch on California’s Pacific Coast. Quite a drive up from Glen Ellen through the coastal range west to the coast. I’m in the Redwoods overlooking the ocean.

For me, this is a bit of a vacation for photography and a drastic change of scene. It’s been quite a while since I have gotten away. Over 4 years now that I think of it. The coastal Redwoods are magnificent. Redwood forests create their own ecosystem. They thrive in the fog of the Pacific Coast and their shade and acidic nature provide the environs for ferns and specialized flora. being in the middle of a Redwood forest provides a study of all manner of flora and fauna unseen in other forests. People who live in and around these areas are a bit different also. They are environmentalists with common sense for one thing. They are, for the most part, old families who have lived in the area for decades. It is pretty neat but for tourists, it may seem like a trip back in time to the hippie era of the 60’s.


I had saved the forgoing as a draft. I am home now. The internet connection was skimpy up there and the software, for what reason I will never know, decided to underline every word I typed above the “Addendum.” OK, all is fine now that I am back in Glen Ellen.

I shot nearly 55 photos while tooling around with my wife in my Jeep. We covered a lot of ground and did a fair amount of hiking. I will include a few images that I shot while there for you.

Getting away is always wonderful. It gives perspective and allows time to think of things not having to do with everyday life. Seeing the Redwoods is one thing. Spending 5 days in them is another. For one thing, there are few birds in the forest. One can hear a few “peeps” here and there that sound like Finches. No large birds. No squirrels or mammals to be seen or heard. It is very quiet in the forest. A human sound seems strident and raucous. I suppose one could say that the silence is deafening. Kind of nice for a few days but more than that and I am not sure why anyone would want to live there at all.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and majestic. A wonder of nature to be sure. I did not expect the quiet and it may just have been in the area we stayed. The fires at night (in the fireplace) were fun and cozy. A lot of good things to say but for the quiet. Both my wife and I noted it so it wasn’t just me. The house was an architectural beauty. Clearstory windows and skylights which let the light in to create an airy home. The fog rolled in at night which made the nighttime almost magical.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with any more about the trip so I will let my camera do the talking for me.

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4 & 20 Blackbirds-A Presumptive Analysis

We presume an awful lot when we recite old nursery rhymes, don’t we? Now, I know that we all do this. We did as children and when we have read these to our children. We didn’t question the validity of these rhymes and that’s a shame as a great number of phrases in these tales of prose needed finer scrutiny. It is my honor and privilege to begin this analysis in my own charming, inimitable and ethnic manner.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

Our first assumption is the correct sum of four and twenty. I feel it an easy analysis to presume that the ‘old English” usage means twenty-four total blackbirds as two dozen is not mentioned. ( I haven’t checked the footnotes concerning the validity of my claim so this is merely another assumption on my part.) Let’s assume that the sum of blackbirds was, at that time, exactly twenty-four and go from there, shall we?

The first question concerns food prep.

Were these particular birds gutted and plucked?

I think that, for food safety, we should address this glaring oversight in this rhyme. We all know about fresh chicken, right? None of us would bake a chicken pie with the poultry right from the henhouse. One obvious problem is how to keep the birds in the pie pan while trying to apply either the top or bottom crust. I hear on good authority that chickens react violently to high heat. Duly noted. There is another problem that I surmise. Chickens are relatively easy to get one’s hands on whereas blackbirds are rather, dare I use the word, “flighty.” For our purposes here we will consider that it took multiple days and an almost grim determination to acquire those particular 24 birds. Agree? Let’s move on.

Upside down or Downside up?

Although it sounds rather mundane when one considers the baking of blackbirds it seems much more practical to me to place the birds back side down with feet in the air to better support the top crust. Do you agree? If we assume that the birds have been gutted and plucked the legs and feet can be left on to better facilitate those aspects of correct top crust placement and manipulation. We will not go into the making of the crust. Whether or not ice water was used to make it or whether they used butter or shortening. We will assume butter, OK?

Lastly-Nimber of pies.

When one is making dough for crust we usually make more than is absolutely needed so that we can also make a cinnamon roll or some other baked delicacy. Would I be going too far to suggest that it might be less wasteful, to bake 24 birds, by using one dozen in one pie and a second pie for the second dozen? If a large group is getting together we should think of the appetite of the children and, perhaps, make 4 pies using 6 birds per pie in order to better make use of the entire meal by serving it in smaller portions. This would also help greatly to better preserve the fine linens from spillage and the resulting stains. In turn, that would save water and detergent when cleaning up after the meal and one would still be able to send small portions of the inevitable leftovers home with the guests.

Now, this is but a start of proper analytical assignation for you. You should, having read this, no longer have that innate fear of reading nursery rhymes to children or grandchildren. In all probability, your children will not ask these types of questions as I once did. My parents, upon kicking me out, simply stated to me, “Go!” I was 11 and this is my story. And you thought you had my number, eh?

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N. Korea

As an ex-military guy, I have been watching the press’ furor over N. Korea with a fairly good knowledge (even after all these years) of what the Koreans are playing with when challenging the U.S. military. To give you some context concerning my thinking and what I am writing about I need to bring in the subject of the Vietnam war.

There is only one reason that we did not win in Vietnam. It is a simple reason and that reason is called “politicians.” Those who are not familiar with the process of that war should fully understand that Lyndon Johnson and Robert Mc Namara decided to run the war with other politicians effectively taking the generals and admirals out of the decision making process. If you look at the way F.D.R. waged the second world war you will know that he left it to the military to win the war and they did. Not so in Vietnam. The politicians listened to the protestors, considered their political longevity and got thousands of soldiers killed needlessly and for no good reason other than their reelection.

The administration and secretary’s of defense and the branches of our armed forces we have now are different in every way that matters. Trump and his people will not interfere with them should war happen. Personally, I doubt that war will happen but I could be wrong. If, however, it does the war will be a bloody mess (on both sides) and the Koreans are going to lose everything. They can shoot all the missiles they want and those will most likely be ineffective. They are all bluster and cunning but taking on the U.S. is a huge mistake on their part.

You see, the citizens of the U.S. had no idea what our military was capable of had the politicians gotten out of the way in the Vietnam war. The military cannot fight with one hand tied behind their back as we were then. we couldn’t bomb where the bombs needed to fall and were restricted in what we could do and what we could use. Not so now. A war with Korea will be a mess but it will also be decisive. It will also be a damned shame if we are forced to wage it. No one should be killed for such a pathetic regime but that is now and has always been the way of the world.

I don’t like war and I hope that rumors of this one are only a tempest in a teapot. You should also understand that Trump is not a maniac. He is, however, a great person to have in office to CORRECT the errors of that past 30 years of Presidents. Without exception, the “playing along” of the Kim regimes has been a mistake. They were always headed down this road as is Iran.As much as we love peace we are not the ones who destroy it. We are no “Imperialists” and never have been. Just look up the difinition and you will see that it does not apply to what we have always done in war. Yours and my father’s and mother’s paid taxes to rebuild and leave free those country’s we beat in war.

If you pray, pray for peace with one eye open. Let’s hope that calm minds on our side prevail.

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Thinkin’ ’bout you

Seems like I’m always searchin’, searchin’ for some piece of me,

Seems it never occurred to me, you took that piece with you.

A song I am writing. I promised myself that I would not ever put my life in a blog when I started writing again. I have mentioned here that it has been a lot of years since I wrote more than notes for a tado list.

I used to love writing and I have probably written enough words to create a tome. When you get in the “old stoopid groove” like I did for a lot of years most of your creative juices go up in flames. When you finally kick that groove you can only hope that you are awarded the time to get some part of that creative edge back for just a little while.

I hope that you who visit here make the time to stop and reflect on who you are and what you have. In this world there are so many lost people. Those who will never know their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and most of their kin. I see African children sitting in the dirt, lost and forlorn with mouths agape in tears and fear. I see these children on a TV that they will probably never even know exists. How would they? They probably won’t live long enough to see most of what is available for them to see. So it goes with such a great number of humans. It is Satan’s biggest charade, what we see in our times. The showman of the universe. The clown supreme. The devil.

It is not God who made this happen. It is God who will end this very soon. it is not too late for those of you to want to get to know Him. Think about it.

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An Interesting Read

This is just a start. I haven’t had time to do any research on this person. However, here is the link to John Rawls for those who wonder where a good portion of liberalism in America got its start……LINK. Take this as far as you feel you have the stomach for. I hope that this is enlightening to some who prescribe this political surrealism.

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