50 Facebook Likes

If It Thinks, the Facebook page, has received 50 Likes.

Many, many pages get this number on a daily basis so I need to put some perspective on this. The first and foremost item is how grateful I am to all who stop by here and on Facebook. It isn’t a landslide of people but it is more than a person with my political views expected. Starting this website out I thought I would get into a humorous vein and possibly make this a “review” site. The review aspect is still going to happen but the software which I have long searched for is lacking in depth and ability to dig down into layers of reviews. Ie, the complexity that I am looking for is not available so far as my research has gone. I have exhausted “Softaculous” on my server trying out the limited number of review site software available. Never the less, I am looking at free and open source software which can at least come close.

My “humorous” thought process was waylaid with the election. It quickly presented the opportunity to try an objective approach to the election result which, unfortunately, was driven into the sea with the press’ negativity and outright lies. That alone was enough to change my tac here.

So, here I am with the unexpectedly warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something that others are obviously enjoying. It’s kind of cool. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy doing this although it sometimes feels like beating my head against the proverbial wall. there are weeks in which I feel I have been brilliant and none or one has stopped by the website. Other times, I have between 6 and 15 who drop by. All in all it is just a great thing to do and, again, thanks for listening to my political prattle and so-so humor. It really does mean a lot to me. A. Crowe


Originally posted 2017-07-21 23:50:06.

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