“About” pages should probably be banned but they are somewhat obligatory so here is another one.

I live in a small village, north of San Francisco, tucked in below Sonoma Mountain. To my east is Napa and south is Marin County and, a few miles farther, SF. I was born in Ross, California when there was a general hospital there. I grew up in Corte Madera when it was a small village also.

Highway 101 was a two lane road when I was young and there wasn’t much when you got past San Rafael other than dairy ranches. It was an interesting place and time to be born and be a little kid. there were no kidnappings, no store robberies (to speak of) and certainly no bank robberies either. Marriage was still considered sacred and coarse language was considered improper by any standard. I often think of myself as having been born to the grandchildren of pioneers as that is what the generational time frame of the late 40’s and 50’s really was. people were completely different then. the change of society from then to now is both breath taking and disappointing.

I went to Vietnam in the Navy on two tours of combat in the Gulf of Tonkin. I came home to a generation from which I was severed by my service in war. I neither fit in nor wanted to. I missed the “drug” years by a little time so never got into the “acid” culture ot the “Peace/Love” BS either.

As the years went by I went to college for photography and also worked full time at a glass shop cutting and installing glass, windows, mirrors, storefront and shower enclosures. That was precision work and taught me a ton about carpentry and doing things right the first time. It was also a lot of pressure to be right and make few if any mistakes. I had to quit college in my third year to help to open another glass shop in a city near where I live now. My goal was to go back and finish up my 15 units for a BS degree but that never happened.

As I worked at the business I continued with photography and turned professional on a part time basis doing studio and wedding work in my spare time.

I am now retired and pursuing my love of photography with the addition of being a writer of fiction and a couple of blogs such as this one.

I am apolitical in everything I do but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I am talking about. My religious view keeps me away from politics in any manner other than as a dispassionate reporter of the human nature involved with politicians. That view also allows me a unique viewpoint which is from a distance as I have no stake in who or what party is in power. I suppose I would be considered non-liberal by some as I believe in a days work for a days pay and no riding the train for nothing. I am not a heartless person nor am I prejudiced unless someone, by their actions, gives me reason to be. In amny ways I would just as soon live alone in a cabin in the woods and be done with neighbors and towns except for groceries at the store. I can, and have, gotten along just fine on corn meal by itself in my younger days so I am not much intrigued by sports cars and baubles.

I do love people but I see that people don’t like themselves very much any longer. This is shy I am religious and this is why I bother to write. Perhaps I may accidentally help someone out with a word or two about how good people are despite themselves. Thank you for reading my little offering on this “If It Thinks” blog and don’t be offended if my love of God is mentioned from time to time.

(If you are interested in some religious views of mine you may go here to read what I post.

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