Addendum to the “Free Offer”

I posted the “Free Offer” before this afternoon and before I finally, FINALLY found the “review” software for which I have promised you and hunted for so long.

So, here’s the deal. First off, I apologize for the post which said I would never charge you to be a member. I didn’t know that two hours after I posted I would find the ideal software to make a review website. Now, having said that, I did purchase and install the software on IYT so as to keep my promise which I advertised on Facebook to let you know that I was making a review website. It has bothered me ever since I put the website up that review software was so hard to come by. I leaped at the opportunity when it showed itself.

The software extension did not break the bank but I do somehow have to get back some of my expenditures for this website. I am pretty sure that you understand how life is and that I am a man of my word. So, in thinking about this whole project I decided that: for those who join If You Think within the next 30 days I will forego any membership charge and make it free for you forever to be a member. Even if I get killed tomorrow you will still be a member free of charge. (I am hedging my bets that I will still be here the day after tomorrow!).

OK? I will have it up and running (the review software) in just a day or two. I will publish it on Facebook when it is ready to go. In the meantime, I urge you to join and become a member before the thirty days is up. After that, there will be a nominal fee per month to become a member.

One of the unknown perks of a membership website is that the usual rapscallions of the internet do not want to pay to slander others. (Or publish porn and the like). It is a known and quantitative fact that having to pay to be an idiot only works in politics.

Please join and make my day. I will be all smiles and so very friendly if you join. I might even be good enough to advertise your website, if you have one, on if It Thinks. But only for the thirty-day members who join in…thirty days!

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