America-The Movie

If you listen to Hollywood and liberal college-type professors you would think that America is made up of legions of oppressed slaves and transvestites. Add to that, women in bondage for the pleasure of republicans and you have the movie. The problem is the plot. There is none.

Oh, wait…I need to add the scene about a working man who does all he can to make ends meet and is a veteran from some war. A white supremacist if ever there was one. Still, I keep looking for the plot. Can you find a plot in what I have described? Neither can those who say these things.

There is no plot and, therefore, there is no movie. It takes some cohesive elements to make a movie. The only cohesion in liberal thought is that each supports the other in dithering. Much like a troop of senile soldiers marching off to 7-11 for a six pack of beer and ending up at a railway crossing. Hopefully, they will hear the warning bells and see that crossing gates come down when the train approaches. Of course, that is anybodies guess.

I am reminded of a couple of truant kids who found a Playboy magazine and are gawking at the naked women with peels of high pitched laughter and pointing shouting “Look at those!!!”

Perhaps I am getting old but the childishness of these people is wearing thin. There is no plot, just childishness. No plot, just idiocy incarnate.

Maybe they’ll grow up? Chuck Schumer has no growth left to up. He’s a lost soul as are all the rest of these children. Nancy Pelosi is such a joke. If they weren’t dangerous I would think them hilarious. the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is just pathetic. Just another joker. Not as politicians, as human beings. How can people get this far away from common sense for their common people who elected them? Oh yeah, those people are in the same liberal and leaky boat. Time has passed them by. The 60’s and 70’s are gone. They’re still there. Time to get on that train and head out of town to Senility Village where the pot is free and the medical is paid for by your constituents you old liberal fools.

Was I too nice?


Originally posted 2017-01-05 01:48:04.

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