America’s Human Nature

Here is a mouthful which should probably be written by someone much smarter than I. Never shy about my thinking this humble author will attempt to deftly put this theory forward without offending people with rational sensibilities.

America. Needs to be typed in “bold” and H2, don’t you think? 

Let’s consider what America is. She is a sum of all her parts. She is a quotient of all her history. She is a complicated mess of ideologies which stem from every epoch of human history; not just from the past 240 some years. She is a bastion of liberty unlike anything else in human history. She has produced a freedom movement and ideas of which, up until her founding, has not seen in world history. She has given us all the rights of free people as endowed by our creator. If you have read your history you will understand the uniqueness of what our forefathers accomplished.

That is the flowery portion of this article. Let’s speak of what some call the hypocrisy of America: starting with slavery. I want to ask you a question first. Is there anything in your life which you take for granted? Is there anything in your life which you enjoy that you may have which you only get because others may be injured to produce it? Such as that shirt you’re wearing or that pair of sneakers with a swoosh. Are you aware that a good many people that came here on the first ships to anchor on our east coast were indentured servants in Europe?

Slavery was the comm9n practice in those days of yesteryear. Though modern folks such as you and I don’t wish to consider it, an awful lot of what we possess is due to near slavery conditions. None of it is right but none of it is uncommon. So it goes all through history. To condemn anyone in America for slavery 240 years later is ridiculous and political. Nothing more. I don’t have slaves. You don’t have slaves. To all of us the idea is repugnant and we are not our forefathers until we check the labels on our clothing.

Politics is never pretty. Government is never a salve. The best that any government can be is to be representative of the majority of its people and and honest to a fair degree. Unfortunately for all of us we are human. That means we are imperfect. That means we look to a higher power. In most cases that higher power is government.

As our government has aged it has gotten sloppy. It has, in many cases, trampled on the rights of its citizens foregoing the Constitutional rights guaranteed. The beauty is that our system of checks and balances seem to work and, eventually, sooner of=r later, those infringements are rectified. pretty sweet, huh? Having our rights protected for all these years. It seems a good thing. It seems so good that it makes whining about little things kind of petty.

As we age we start to more clearly see what we have had in our past. WE see how good it is. How easy life has been. When we’re young there is nothing that doesn’t deserve a comeuppance. Nothing that is not to be questioned. When one places the two in a blender, mixes it up well and purs it out we have what we see today. A mixture of old and new which each generation blends again. A mixture which is actually old and old. The second old is the new which is the old but is being warmed over again. Socialism, communism etc. Ideas that, on the surface, seem bright and new but inside are rotten. The older generation should know this already and it is for the new generation to discern, eventually and with proper education be that education life experience or school or just old fashioned reasoning, that some of these new old ways have never worl=ked and will not work because we are human beings and are just full to the brim with human nature.

H.N. Shall we write a song about it and the mistakes it causes. Include in that song the wonder of it and what it can create given reasoning and caution of thought. Of tried and thrown out old ideas which didn’t work and should not be tried again. Gather round and sing it with me.

Originally posted 2017-04-21 16:26:43.

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