Anthropomorphism is basically the substitution of any other form of life (or spirit) to a human being. To tell someone that they are acting like a monkey is just one way happens.

There is a bird out here in California called the “Towhee.” I am putting a photo I shot of one in with this post. They are a unique little bird. So plain in a reddish brown wrapper of feathers they tend to be slightly rotund. They emit a constant little “peep” as they plod along the ground. When they are a mated pair both adult birds stick together and walk (hop) along together and are fearless. Well, I hope they are fearless. They pay little attention to our cat and walk within two feet of him on a daily basis. Our cat, Hermie, watches them but doesn’t move. It doesn’t take long before the little guys forget that Hermie is there and just go about their business; whatever business they have in mind.

I worked teaching golf at a local golf course several years ago. I also helped out the owner by subbing as a starter when people were ill or on vacation. The front door out to hole #1 was usually open as was the back door where the range balls were sorted and washed. There was a mated pair of Towhee’s that lived out there. It was so weird when they calmly walked in the front door, looked around, moved if a golfer came in, kept on their course and walked the entire pro shop and went out the back door. Just like they owned the place. Never a hint of panic. Never starting and flying into windows. What they did was to walk and check out almost everything that roused their curiosity always staying on their path to the back door. Once through the back door, they flew off to their nest in one of the fairway trees. Wonderful sight to see and so very peculiar.

I consider myself a relation to the Towhee. Yesterday I was thinking about my last ten years and realized that those little birds and I have similar traits. We both pay little attention to anything outside of danger as we go through life. We sense danger and react to it but don’t consider things dangerous without good reason. Now, I may be going a little too far with that analogy as to the danger part but you know what I mean. The anthropomorphism comes by my inserting my personality into that of the bird. I don’t know how many times I have walked past trouble and paid no attention to it. I have, on several occasions, also had my comeuppance for doing so but those occasions have never dissuaded me.

The Native Americans, of which I am a part, also anthropomorphized. I wonder if there is any connection. Perhaps you might know? Or, you do the same thing as I?

Originally posted 2017-07-24 17:59:43.

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