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What an election! Trump? WhoDa thunk? Well, I don’t know. What’s the fuss about? I hear pundits on both sides either praising or demeaning the result. Does it matter? Yeah, in a way. Unfortunately, the election of a President really has no great or earth shattering consequence. What others in the world do is what […]


Ever ridden on the wild side? No! Move to the SF Bay Area. I dare ya! Another 2.7 the other night centered in Yountville which is in Napa Valley to the east of me. I felt it vibrate while falling asleep. (No, Phil, don’t go there!). I have lived through literally thousands of quakes. Most […]


As best I can remember I was complaining about the international elections coming up in November. I was speaking of the corporations and sounding like a 60’s rebel without a house. I meant what I said , or, wrote though. Are we really going to elect one of those two bozo’s? I’m not. Nope, I’m […]

Cowboy Hats

Ever wear a cowboy hat? What does a cowboy hat say about a person who does not live on a ranch or farm? My excuse? I wear cowboy hats when I ride cross country. I also wear cowboy boots; just so you know. I also wore a cowboy hat when I played drums in a […]

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