A lot of hooey concerning borders now-a-days. No borders. Legal-illegal aliens. Bigotry. Racism. Xenophobia. All really big words. All really stupid statements by ignorant and, perhaps, stupid people.

OK, SO, let’s get rid of borders completely. Viola, they’re now gone. There is nothing to stop anyone who wants to coming into our country. No security what-so-ever. How long would the freedom of speech that enables some to shout all this tripe last? I give it one year. And that, my friends, supposes that another nations armies do not cross our borders in the first few months. What’s to stop that from happening? Not a damned thing. Once our borders are gone the same happens to us.

Wait, you say, that isn’t what we meant. Tell that to the new dictator! See how far your protests go. Wait, you’re taking this too far! No, I’m not. I’m acknowledging the world we live in and will continue to live in until it all fails. Until the world fails, and it will, as we know it, I am saying that borders are all that stand between us and the rest of the evil which lurks in the world. No borders mean that life is chancy at best. Certainly we won’t keep our homes, our children will be at greater risk than we could possibly stand and those of us with the means would have to kill to protect what little we might have left.

Borders did not come from some arcane need for self-fulfillment. Borders came because the world is a dangerous place and the people of the world are capable of great harm to the weak. Borders delineate a line that cannot be crossed just as your front door does. The foolishness and dangerous or plotted ignorance of a great many stupid people is held in abeyance only by the strength of our military and police and those of us who have offered our lives to keep this country free. Everything you say of a political nature has been bought and paid for by the death and sacrifice of others of us who understood the threats and were good with fighting for them.

Funny, isn’t it. An old fart like me telling young people this. Young people who, since my generation, decided that war was wrong and peace was free. Well, war is wrong, but, peace is not free. Not all wars are fought for good enough reasons but they are fought because ideas of slavery and ruling more than one country is not an aspect that is dying out. It is getting stronger and more savage each day that people think borders are wrong. Borders are all we have. Those little lines on a map of the world delineate our freedom to dress, speak and act as we like within certain parameters. Those parameters were laid out by very wise men and is called our Constitution. Funny thing about those old farts who wrote it. They wrote the Constitution to ward off the easily assessed evils of human nature. To make a government less susceptible to corruption and to keep necessary freedoms for all. Without borders that Constitution is dead. For that matter, so are you and I. Dead, that is.

Originally posted 2017-02-13 22:23:05.

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