Born Of War – A Generational Issue

Preface: What we are seeing today, with the election of Trump (and whether or not you agree with the Presidents life style or viewpoint) is a generational issue. I say generational because politics has drastically changed over the past 40 years to the point that common sense and the Greatness of this country are muted to the point of having, unfortunately, irrelevance by many. This comes from the ease of our lives in these times. In less than three generations the immediacy of staying alive has gone from constant to so what. Living forever is what is thought to be the goal of most. With that tendency comes the evacuation of necessity through the introduction of leisure time. So much leisure that students cut classes to demonstrate because there is universal forgiveness because the effect of missing classes for political issues is thought to be just fine. Ie, the lack of consequences. This flows down into the generation that is coming of, or just reaching, age now. I thought I would clarify with the following:

“Baby Boomers.”

About the term, “Baby Boomers.” I could go on and on about the press creating labels for every generation since post WW 2. On and On and On! I won’t. Suffice it to say that labeling is the same as cheapening.

I was born in 1948. Growing up life was very much about the US defeating Nazi Germany and Japan. Into that mix we need to throw Korea and then, Vietnam. I was old enough to go to Vietnam and did. Let’s fast forward to the Trade Center bombing of 1993 and then 9/11 and Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s not a far reach to say that mine is a generation Born For War.

I haven’t known 20 years without a war. There has been no true peace and that has taken a toll on myself and my generation. When I look at my aging eyes in the mirror I see the weariness in them. I think of playing Army as a kid with a lot of friends and hearing the talk of World War 2 veterans from various campaigns in the Pacific and Europe. Then I enlisted to go into the Navy with the assurance that I was going to Vietnam when I enlisted. Some more war.

I think, now, about that upbringing. You see, that upbringing in war came side by side with the new technology and the “push button” life style that came with it. The separation of my generation from the generations that came before is mind boggling. From pioneers to sons and daughters of pioneers to us. The death dealing hardships of life in general were gone and leisure time was upon us. A lot of time to think, to party and to go to school to pursue degrees. And party and party. Never before had the working class had so much time on their hands. Unfortunately, that leisure time was at the expense of those who came before us. I think my generations rebellion was due to the leftovers of hard lives that had come almost momentarily before our time. An anachronism.

“Gen X”

Our children became the  nest in line to a life even easier than ours. It was our seeing what our kids had set in front of them that made some of us pause to consider how spoiled we all have become due to leisure time. No longer getting up to milk the cows at 4:30 in the morning or fearing an outbreak of influenza. No longer bound to schedules set by staying ahead of death such as our forefathers had set for them.

Now we have today and war is still on going all over the world. The problems we see now are the problems of spoiled children. There is no longer the proper weight given to necessity such as borders that need to be guarded. No longer the understanding that people from other countries are indeed potentially dangerous. No longer the understanding that what we have is very easily lost. If lost the regret will be the donning of sack cloth and ashes for the spoiled children of this generation.

It is tough to watch and I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of my generation. We played at politics and governance. We took drugs which sullied our minds and partied and partied far into adulthood. Far enough in that our children learned that partying was fine. After this party there will be a wrenching and spectacular clean up. A clean up of a way of life that is sodden with the blood of the newest generation who will have to get out the mop and clean up the mess we’ve left for them. Sad. Predictable. True, given just a little more time.

Originally posted 2017-02-11 20:16:26.

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