Social Bop

I have a new piece of software installed on this internet. It is called “Social Bop.” 

It is rather like Facebook in the manner it works but is so much more. In this software you can have your own “Spaces” and friendships as well as it having a gallery to upload and share photos with. Thre is a lot more to the software but you will have to see it to find out what is there. It is open for registration as of now so take a look and see what you think.

If you are a reader of IIT then you are welcome to join. Remember that you may also join the sister site of IIT also. Go HERE.

Either way you can’t miss. A great time can be had for FREE!

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Membership With If It Thinks

I have decided to offer membership to If It Thinks. For what possible reason would I want to be a member of this goofy website?

I’m glad I asked that question for you. The main reason is that you are probably too shy to ask me if you can join. Secondly, and this is important for you to understand, I am going to restrict some content here for members only. Not right now today but soon. What am I going to restrict? Free stuff! What kind of free stuff? A Mercedes? No. Read on…

I develop WordPress websites. I am in the position of offering free websites on my servers for my friends. Why would I do that? Because it helps me by helping you. Let me explain.

One of the toughest things to do on the internet is to get oneself known. I am pretty good at doing this or you wouldn’t be reading this. However, I actually do really like people and I know some secret stuff about people. One is that I know that people would all like to have a website but they don’t know how to do it. I do. I’ve been building websites for myself and others since 2006. I can set up a WordPress website and have a person using it within an hour. Offering it for free is a part of my diabolical scheme as the “free” part is for six months. After six months you are either ready to move on or you know what you’re doing and are vested in a website and want your own website and hosting. I can set you up in both.

Aside from the free stuff I want to give others a chance to try their hand, with oversight from me, to post their own articles on If It Thinks. Hell, I spent the entire afternoon setting up a membership and registration form on this site today. It is open for registration now and it should work just fine. You may register and await approval which usually will be in just an hour. At the most, 12 hours. I do have to sleep sometime, right?

What this offer is for is memberships to get access to certain articles and pages which I am drafting now and want to reserve for friends. Nothing I do is very far off-color. I do salt it up with a word or two that I learned in the Navy but, other than that, I am doing some serious research on some items of interest to me and, I would think, yourselves but I don’t want to throw this work out to just disappear on the internet. Membership is free. the websites are free for six months and I am doing this because I want to get to know a lot of folks and that will benefit me and I will see that it benefits you. Simple. No contracts although I am working up Terms of Service so that the legalese is up to snuff. OK? I thought you would agree. I am short on details here but I am not expecting a headlong rush through the front door anytime soon. All within a week. Around the 29th of the month. ACrowe


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New Theme

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This theme which I just changed to, is called “Interior Design.” the great thing about WordPress is that there are so many themes available for it. A huge portion of them are free which is almost unheard of in this day and age. Hope you enjoy it. It seems to keep things from getting stale, don’t you think?

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