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Taxes, Alcohol, and Chocolates

So, this person gets an idea that he or she should run for public office. They don’t like what they are seeing and hearing about what some level of government is doing for or against the public trust. Let;s just say that this person is some guy like me or you. he develops a platform […]

Our Tax Structure

I’m back after having taken a vacation after my vacation. No apologies, I needed the respite from writing this blog. So, without further ado: Our Tax Structure. I think I will get a lot of agreement when I say that our tax “structure” is actually a concrete and steel megastructure built on the backs of the middle […]

The Simple Truth …

… about the House and Senate. Let’s throw the two parties into the same toilet…Shall we? Let’s get over Republican this and Democrat that. Let’s also forget about who is, or is not, conservative or liberal. Let’s just look at the actions of all of them. How does this Washington D.C. clan look to you as […]


For many years I heated our home with firewood which I cut from snags and falls on state property, with a permit to do so. Although it might seem foolish to some, I would have to climb some of the larger snags to cut branches off before falling them. The reason being so that I […]

An American Terroist

If you follow this blog then you know I am a registered Democrat. As I have stated before I am a Kennedy Democrat. You also know that the last Dem. I voted for was Carter. What Carter showed me was the demise of the old Democratic party and the birth of a new wrinkle: socialism. At that […]

Left’s “Safe Spaces”

On rare occasions we all need a place to go and refresh. To allow ourselves a respite from the world and its darkness. Some find religion and church to be good venue. Others, just a good book and still others a few cocktails. There is noting wrong with finding refuge and respite from society and […]

Thelma & Louise

Thinking about the Democrats: my party. Can’t help, in the same thought process, of thinking of my party. The ending is the same. I’m sitting here working on a new website.domain ( while listening to Paul Simon. “This is the story of how we begin to remember…” is a great line. “You can call me […]

Give & Take-The Long Road

We hear, all the time, about give and take. It seems to me to be an admission that no one can have all they want or, taking it farther down the road, can necessarily live the normal expectancy of life in every case. Give and Take. How about war? Let’s look at the give and take […]

Betty’s Sweater Has A Hole

I’ve been trying to put my finger on the reason for the mood and the apoplectic behavior of the Democratic party. I have an old friend who is all over Trump without, I am sure, any better reason to be against him than what she is talking about with her friends. What I am afraid is, her […]

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