An American Terroist

If you follow this blog then you know I am a registered Democrat. As I have stated before I am a Kennedy Democrat. You also know that the last Dem. I voted for was Carter. What Carter showed me was the demise of the old Democratic party and the birth of a new wrinkle: socialism. At that time the progressive socialists were not the face of the party. Rather, they were in the background or on the streets demonstrating. Sometime between the end of the 60’s and the mid-80’s they were in a position to usurp power from the old party. Not all at once, but, after a patient wait. While they were doing this they were also invading the environmental movement and are the primary reason that I quit the Sierra Club.

Why did I quit both? I saw the handwriting on the wall; simply put. I knew what was happening with a lot of my friends and how politically active they were getting. Political activism, if you’ll remember, was also the excuse for terrorism including bombings. That was the end of it for me. To a large extent, that was also when my parents stopped voting int he national elections. The Democratic party became the party of progressive socialists which turned the party on its ear. Now, look where it is.

I hear people in the press saying that Republicans are to blame for the rhetoric which caused the nut job the other day to try to assassinate Republican congressmen. Not 24 hours in, Pelosi blamed the Republicans also. Blamed Trump to. She is a hypocrite and liar. let’s take a look at who, of the two parties, is dangerous.

Ask yourself, who is constantly demonstrating including damaging property? Some on the left have tried to tell me that the right wing is hiring these anarchists just to muddy the water. All that claim means is that they don’t know what they are talking about. It has always been t he left, since the late 50’s whose people have been violent. Wh o are the ones that lie constantly about Republicans and Trump? Which media outlets continually broadcast the barrage of “anonymous sources” who are later proved to be lies? Who is all for killing babies and who wants to break down our nation starting at our borders?

It’s the left all the way and they lie incessantly to cover their tracks plus providing false witness to blame others for what their real plank is. They are less than noble and I do not include the Republicans in any of this as they are to timid to worry about. We should worry about their timidness though. They should be exposing and arresting an awful lot of people. If for no other reason than to save our country from socialism.

Trump’s election was a shock to their plans and psyche. Clinton’s loss was not planned for and they are positioning themselves to thwart Trump before they are exposed. Trump is all business though. Despite their malevolence, he is nearly immune to them. I hope he will remain so.

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Left’s “Safe Spaces”

On rare occasions we all need a place to go and refresh. To allow ourselves a respite from the world and its darkness. Some find religion and church to be good venue. Others, just a good book and still others a few cocktails.

There is noting wrong with finding refuge and respite from society and harsh individuals. Most of us, however, have learned since childhood how to deal with wretched people. For the most part, we stand up to them with a deft word or two or, in extremes, simply walk away.

The salient word here is “learned.” I have never had anything remotely like a safe space and I doubt that you have either. We learn to cope. Now, coping isn’t the ideal mechanism when we know that people should treat each other with courtesy. The fact is,  we know that reality bites and we go through life understanding this. On rare occasions a fist will put things right with a loudmouth. Coping is what adults do.

This nonsense concerning safe spaces is almost laughable were it not so very sad. There might be a good reason for this however. That reason, when one considers the strange aspects of this type of manipulation, is that it is a great way to have children never understand anything other than those who are instructing them. Ie, no outside influence. Just a chamber of hot chocolate and and playdough and kittens playing. How easily massaged are the minds of such young adults? Nothing to realign them from the pablum of their respected liberal adult professors. Only the constant hum of derisive speech day in and day out. Speech which denigrates all things outside the campus bubble. How easy, then, to manipulate these young and malleable adults. Manipulate them out of fear and loathing for all things American, for one. A great way to alter the culture which, right or wrong, has been painfully preserved by those whose children are now being manipulated to hate them.

I have been considering this for some time. Bear in mind that I grew up watching this liberal manipulation as it started in the 50’s-60’s.  have watched it through the eyes of one who knew that this was perverse. When drugs were introduced at the same time as socialism was being introduced this man was wondering why the sudden debilitation of his generation. The prying away of American values for the wonders of LSD. They happened hand in hand and brought about radicalism.

Just a few tid-bits for you to chew on. I could be wrong. I doubt it.

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Thelma & Louise

Thinking about the Democrats: my party. Can’t help, in the same thought process, of thinking of my party. The ending is the same. I’m sitting here working on a new website.domain ( while listening to Paul Simon. “This is the story of how we begin to remember…” is a great line. “You can call me Al” is a great song. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton…..are you kidding me? Think of these two in the same breath as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Ok, now drive your T=Bird over the cliff!

What are you people thinking? You lost to Trump! What are you people thinking? Bernie Sanders? What are you people thinking? Socialism. Move to Venezuela! How’s that working out? What are you people thinking? John Fitzgerald Kennedy died from a socialist’s bullets! What are you people thinking?

You ARE NOT THINKING!!!!!!!!!!! You are reacting to the press and the propaganda. You ARE NOT thinking for yourselves. You are in political Limbo, one step above Hell. I quit! I am no longer a Dem. I flat give up as I do not want a do nothing and get paid for it nation. I want people to have pride in themselves and their production for others. This whole party is a wreck of civilization and deserves every dent and hospitalization for mental injuries. Safe spaces? That is what America used to be for most of us. This is what I fought for. I can’t help what the south did but I didn’t do it. Neither did most of you. It was …who? that did that? Right! Southern Democrats. Look it up. While you’re at it send Samuel L. Jackson a memo to grow up.

Democrat Thelma & Louise, Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. Pornography, dead babies and food stamps. This is your legacy.

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What I learned, in Combat, About People

There is no better equalizer than stress. I do not speak here about the stress of everyday life. I speak of stress in combat. Whether or not one is under enemy fire being in the zone of combat means all bets are off. Those bets concern life and limb with a healthy dose of mental stress. For myself, that stress showed up a few decades after combat. I became a mess and didn’t know why.

So, here I am all those years later, reaching the likely ending time of my existence and wondering what I learned about people.

First of all, there are few differences in individuals. I am not going to go into idiosyncrasies or abnormal behavior as that does not apply to most of us. (Well, idiosyncrasies might. Ok, I give you that.) but most of us are the same. I found this out in combat. I didn’t know it before combat. then, though, I was a dumb kid who lived in a middle class neighborhood filled mostly by World War 2 vets. That, my friends, was a different world. You had to have been there I suppose, to see the difference. But, I am speaking of modern times when I think of these things. You all know what I think about “safe spaces” for numbskulls and babies so I won’t go into that. Let’s talk of regular life spaces which, despite the effort, cannot be restricted from one group of dullards versus another. Remember that being a dullard is an equal opportunity imposition.

People are the same given all things being equal. I say that because all things ARE equal. it may not seem like it to you but it is true. A BM in the morning, sickness on and off through life, death of loved ones, financial problems are all equal opportunity maladies. No one is immune. We all go through it but some of us are to egocentric or thick to understand the facts of life as they exist now and always have existed. I’ve been through financial woes, cancer in my family, handled (physically) dead people and staunched gaping wounds while waiting for assistance. I have worked in fire departments, military service and shot photos all over the world. This allows me to say that we are all in the same boat. I have just been in the water more than some of you.

So, next time you are feeling the need for a safe space, hit yourself in the mouth as hard as you can and save me the trouble.

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Give & Take-The Long Road

We hear, all the time, about give and take. It seems to me to be an admission that no one can have all they want or, taking it farther down the road, can necessarily live the normal expectancy of life in every case. Give and Take.

How about war? Let’s look at the give and take that war dictates. In some cases their are wars (or portions of a war) where to give others lives is expected. To die for the greater good so to speak. It’s almost as if life has a price, for goodness sake! Think about it from my position as a veteran of combat.

I was a kid. I joined because I thought it to be the “right” thing to do. After all, I love my country. So do a lot of people but some of those don’t understand the truth in the words that “Freedom is not free.” Ask any who have served. Whether wounded in combat or not we all paid a dear price for our service. For some of us it was “coming home” when we realized how minute a lay persons understanding of war was. Give and Take.

Give and Take is a loaded phrase. It seems easy to write the words but the reality is that give and take is not a balance. It is not 3 ounces of give fulcrummed opposite 3 ounces of take. No. It is weighted much heavier on the “give” side. When it comes to life most people end up giving much more than they take. When it comes to war there is very little “take” and more to “give” than any of us expected. Especially when the “take” is by those who have not worked or “given” for what they “take.”

I look at the kids in college and see only takers. I look at protestors and see only takers. I look at dogs and see givers. You decide.

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Betty’s Sweater Has A Hole

I’ve been trying to put my finger on the reason for the mood and the apoplectic behavior of the Democratic party. I have an old friend who is all over Trump without, I am sure, any better reason to be against him than what she is talking about with her friends. What I am afraid is, her “clique” of liberal friends. I remember quite well how she used to be but certain areas of the country demand a certain social ethic and behavior for one to fit in. Again, a clique.

I am reminded of the little pubescent girls of the 7th and 8th grade. Another little girl, I will call her Betty, was put down mercilessly by the aforementioned little pubescent girls because Betty had a little pink sweater with a hole in the front which she wore almost everyday. Betty’s parents were poor. Betty didn’t have the where-with-all to dress in the stunning manner of the other girls. She was a little girl who, because of a hole in her sweater, could not find a friend in this other group of girls.

This “clique” is now the left wing of the democratic party. It would seem that one needs a degree of wealth to belong and, if meeting that requirement, is held to a standard of low opinion for any who cross their guidelines of comportment. those guidelines are strict and name calling is one stringent requirement as in zero tolerance for the possibility of there actually being a God. Some might think this a +to narrow” a summation and it does in fact leave out the individual who might go along just like the friends of a bully who would rather pick on a weak kid than stand up for what is right.

When I put all of this together I am seeing little social growth from the days of grammar school to the acute possibility of social regression in this friend of mine. I write this because it hurts me to hear one who used to think I should be hers to one who becoming a person for which I have little tolerance though I do have a lot of compassion. It is painful for one who has been through what I have to see a person volunteer or be coerced through friendships with others of her caste to such a low level.

Now I start to understand that I needed to go through the pain I went through and near death so that my eyes could be opened. What I see through my eyes now makes me separate myself from amny whom I cared for. The attitudes and low mentality of acceptance is something I want no part of. All I can do is hold out hope that these people will wake up and realize that the 8th grade was a long, long time ago.


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Serious Times

Whether the Scriptural “End of the World” is now at hand or it is just the day to day, we are in serious times. Since 9/11 something is coming true which I predicted when the slogan “Never Forget” came into being. “Soon Forgotten” is what I said. No matter the loss of life or the shock of that attack I knew from a life of good and bad experience that Americans quickly forget how serious this world is. I will not say that it isn’t the fault of Americans. This is the reason that I piss people off when I call Americans spoiled brats. It is because they are. I separate myself because I have been through combat and the coming home from an unpopular war. The crap I have heard since Vietnam is what keeps me alert. The lies and deceit of the press and the gullibility of the American people sipping their Latte’s is enough to allow me to stay tuned into the “bratism” of the American public.

Now, I have been called cynical and worse. I would resent that but for the obvious fact that Americans forget more quickly than they remember. They talk more than they experience and they act like they are downtrodden when, in fact, they are wealthy. It is called hypocrisy. 9/11 was the single worst tragedy that this nation has been hit with since Pearl Harbor. The way people act is like nothing much happened at all. The generational switch that has occurred isn’t the problem. It is the memory and the teaching of those in power and the parents who are at fault. Painful incidents are quickly put behind us if they do not directly affect us. It is the new separation of society from their nation.

Nationalism is being poo-pooed when nationalism is exactly what America needs. America will not stand without it and it is the conceit and people having much more than they need but complaining that they don’t have enough which will bring this country down. The people behind the left in this country are the ones pulling the strings. The “hidden” left are those wealthy enough to finance protests and want a “world” government. These are the puppet masters that are behind all the misery of the soul of our American people.

America is still a beacon to the world for freedom and personal choice. The problem is that some (most?) are to spoiled to understand what they have. Hence, the train wreck that is the left of this country.

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We Have to Pass It To Know What’s In It.

Is there even a scintilla of truth in a statement such as this? Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the West, said this in, what was it then, 2008 or 9? Yet, it is the Republicans who are being hunted down like rats to be slaughtered on the “Altar of Hypocrisy.” (An altar, I must remind you, which is the reason for which I have stopped being a Democrat.) I worship God in Heaven and that does not allow me to have any truck with those who worship on the Altar of Hypocrisy. It does, however, put me in the unfortunate position of not saying what I really think about what the Democratic party has become.

I started this website because I wanted to make it a polling website. I thought that would be fun for me and I saw it as being successful if I built it right. Then came the election and the lead up to it and I saw the miserable people who were being put on the block to be our next President. When it came down to Trump or Hillary I pretty much understood that this website and fun were no longer an option for me. I have also started another website, Objective Party, which is taking the essence of what I say here and boiling it down even further to the objective relationships between what D.C. has now become compared to what it used to be. It wasn’t a lot different but it was able to get things done. Now look at it!

You may be interested in which is where I find my strength to put up with this crap. If you want to know what makes me tick then this is the site that I write of my life’s main goals and how I got to this point.

It all boils down to the invisible doesn’t it? Those things that you haver a good idea of, or at least a hint at, their existence. Those things that, understood, make this desultory life worth while. I find this to be true and truth is what we seem to lack in this world. I was fortunate enough to find it when I was quite young. Knowing the truth of the invisible is what kept me from going over the cliff many years ago. Pelosi is not even close to the truth. You cannot be that large a liar and have a notion of any truth except that which is convenient at the moment. So it goes with many on the left. Tell yourself a lie enough and it becomes your truth. Death seems to right that ship more than any other circumstance. Only problem is that if it is death before the truth you have no recourse to win back that which you have lost. So It Goes….OR, “We Have To Pass It To Know What’s In It.”


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Democrat-What Do I Mean

Having gone through the assassination of J.F.K. as a sophomore in high school my heart was broken by his death. Of course, I was a kid and quite naive concerning politics. I was told that Republicans were terrible and against everything in existence concerning the people of this country. This was acutely directed toward the poor and, in the 60’s the African-Americans. I grew up with the thought in mind that being a Democrat was morally correct and politically savvy; until the 60’s.

The 60’s brought the first vestiges of liberalism to a focus for me. With pot and acid and hippies and protests it all became a blur of for me and I was no longer seeing what I thought to be growing into as an adult. Then came Vietnam and there I went. I felt it a duty to my country and have never regretted having volunteered. The fact that I came through unscathed was a bonus. Coming home, however, was an eye opener. The disgust I started to feel towards my party only grew as it was steadily taken over by city folk from New York and L.A. That doesn’t include Jane Fonda but she didn’t help the cause for me to stay entrenched as a Democrat.

I have already written here what I saw and was privy to while in the Navy. Add tot his the fact that Nixon stopped the war and was a Republican while, unthought of by me at the time, J.F.K. started the war and L.B.J. elevated it to the point that I decided I would go to do what I could. Keep in mind that I was a patriotic American and still am.

I got married and had kids and did not want my kids to go through what I had gone through. In some ways I now regret that decision but that is water under the bridge. As a Dad, though, I watched grammar schools curriculum changing. At first it was about the truth about the Puritans but slanted toward it being the fault of them that the Indians died of disease imparted as though the Puritans meant to do this. Of course, that is nonsense as they didn’t know what a germ was. Still, the preponderance of rewriting history and calling white men dullards, louts and racists, as it has now gone to these depths of disparagement, is what originally got me thinking about my allegiance to the Democratic party. To the point that I no longer want anything to do with them.

The Democratic Party that I knew still exist. They voted for Trump. Like me they wanted nothing to do with Clinton’s back in the White House. It is a fact to stay in tune with that Hillary’s popular vote count was only due to the coastal states where I live and learned to be a Democrat. I have watched California go from the place where the dust bowl people came like my Mother to a place of immorality which is celebrated in Hollywood. The contrast is stark. I am glad that I lived to see it as I would have sworn that this change would have been impossible at the age of 21. At that age I was changing but I was also overseas and missed the acid trips and the pot and the other hallucinogens. I relate the pot thing here so don’t think I forgot what I wrote.

Today the Democratic party that I grew up knowing is where it always was, in the hard working blue collar mid-west. These coastal delegates and the new and old chairman know nothing about the Democratic party. This move sunk Democrats again and Trump will get eight years even with the BS constantly being thrown at him by the press and its lackeys in the Dem. Party. It makes me ill as I think of my parents when I consider what the coast has done to the party with the help of Progressive, nay, communist affiliations of the unknown leaders of the party. In truth, there is no other reason for the party going socialist except for the influence of the communist party. Well hidden? Yes. Obvious though? Yes.

Any how, if you are from the land between the Sierra’s and the Adirondacks, and a few sensible local people, you are most likely my kind of Democrat. The rest should go out with the garbage except that the garbage is probably to good for you. Hail Moscow!

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What IS a Democrat?

I am at a loss. I grew up in a Democrat household just north of SF. (Corte Madera, CA.) Born in 1948 I lived through Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and on and on. I voted for Jimmy Carter, a vote I still wish I had not cast. In the midst of this life of mine the 60’s occurred and politics radicalized. What I did not understand in those days was what Republicans were. I took the press’s word for what they said and what they meant by what they said so I hated them right along with everyone my age. I hated Regan and I hated Nixon. I went plunking along trying to fit in and voting for Democrats.

Well, it’s 50 years (plus or minus) later and I have no idea what the Democratic party stands for. When I think of my parents, now long passed, I fully understand that they would have switched parties right around Roe vs Wade. They were Catholics and totally against abortion in any form and for any reason. I speak for them after careful consideration and only after careful analysis fo what they said over and over again as the 60’s progressed to the 70’s and political hell broke loose. There was little if any mention of left or right. It was Dem. or Rep. only. Communism is something they hated as much as they hated Naziism. When Nixon was impeached we all thought that it was about time.

Today, however, as I have watched the news pre and post election I find myself, once again, wondering what the Democratic party has become. I disavow any relationship with the Dems as they are now. I have not switched party but no longer vote Democratic. As far as I can see, and I watch and listen more carefully than most, the Republicans are exactly now what the Democrats were when I grew up. Represented as 7 headed beasts of Revelations by the left they are what the left used to be. Constitutional minds and politics.

Friends, there is no America without its Constitution. Not some living document switched and amended due to political whim. The Constitution was written by people who understood human nature. Human nature does not change. Therefore, the Constitution should not be changed. The left (I now refer to all Dems as the left. If you aren’t then switch parties) is closer to or part of the communist movement in America. I don’t mean that all of you are communist but you should carefully examine where this parties leaders are taking it. Examine what they say and who they run for office. It behooves you to not be shouted down by those who finance and organize the leftist leanings of the party. If I were you, and I’m not, of course, I would ask you to minutely check up on the associations of the leaders of your party. I disavow anything to do with Democrats as the party stands now and has since the late 60’s. I think you will to unless killing babies is what you want to be remembered for politically.

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