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Addendum to the “Free Offer”

I posted the “Free Offer” before this afternoon and before I finally, FINALLY found the “review” software for which I have promised you and hunted for so long. So, here’s the deal. First off, I apologize for the post which said I would never charge you to be a member. I didn’t know that two […]

Your Valuable Time

I want to shout out a HUGE Thank You to all who have visited If It Thinks. You are a fairly small (by internet standards) but extremely discerning group of people. (Even if I do say so myself) A guy as old as me has no right to hope to communicate on this medium to any more […]


Anthropomorphism is basically the substitution of any other form of life (or spirit) to a human being. To tell someone that they are acting like a monkey is just one way happens. There is a bird out here in California called the “Towhee.” I am putting a photo I shot of one in with this […]

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