Have you figured Trump out yet?

After the first “Trump Month” I was still not sure what the heck was going on. All the Tweets and rigamarole that he was up to left me scratching my head for a while. I started to form an opinion based on what I knew of him. Now, what I knew of him was very little. I liked some of the things he said during his campaign but campaign speeches do not give one any real idea of what the candidate will actually do in the future. Go back through the historical record of campaign promises versus fulfilled promises and the ratio is somewhat disappointing.

After another month passed I got a little better understanding of what he was up to. It came to me because of the press. If you follow me you know I think very little of the press. My experience since Vietnam and my security clearance have shown me that lying by the press is common practice when politics gets in the way of objective reporting. So I watched and took mental notes of what the relationship between Trump and the press evolved into. After a whole lot of, shall I say, seemingly errant Tweets from Trump and the reaction by the press to those Tweets I understood. Trump is fishing the press. By that I mean he throws this stuff out there and steers the conversation the way he wants it to go. He has no compunction about being “non-presidential” which, if yu pay attention, is equal to the press’ compunction to be dishonest or negative towards him.

The result of this is that the press is off balance which suits Trump quite well. I think that what we are seeing is how a non-politician, who has a ton of experience with the press over many years, can take the lead on the dancefloor and waltz the gullible egos of the press wherever he wants merely by changing the tune in the middle of the dance. It is artful to watch.

In the meantime, Trump is doing one hell of a good job, if one is objective. If you hate Trump you are missing the history being made. The proof that all the rotten things said about he and his family, all out of bounds, of course, are untrue. This will raise the ire of some of you but, as I stated, objective observation will suit you well as Trump’s presidency evolves. You have a front row seat to history. You should take advantage of it by putting away your anger and watching the “Fred Astaire” of a non-political holder of the Office of President work his magic. Emphasis on “non-politician.”

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America’s Human Nature

Here is a mouthful which should probably be written by someone much smarter than I. Never shy about my thinking this humble author will attempt to deftly put this theory forward without offending people with rational sensibilities.

America. Needs to be typed in “bold” and H2, don’t you think? 

Let’s consider what America is. She is a sum of all her parts. She is a quotient of all her history. She is a complicated mess of ideologies which stem from every epoch of human history; not just from the past 240 some years. She is a bastion of liberty unlike anything else in human history. She has produced a freedom movement and ideas of which, up until her founding, has not seen in world history. She has given us all the rights of free people as endowed by our creator. If you have read your history you will understand the uniqueness of what our forefathers accomplished.

That is the flowery portion of this article. Let’s speak of what some call the hypocrisy of America: starting with slavery. I want to ask you a question first. Is there anything in your life which you take for granted? Is there anything in your life which you enjoy that you may have which you only get because others may be injured to produce it? Such as that shirt you’re wearing or that pair of sneakers with a swoosh. Are you aware that a good many people that came here on the first ships to anchor on our east coast were indentured servants in Europe?

Slavery was the comm9n practice in those days of yesteryear. Though modern folks such as you and I don’t wish to consider it, an awful lot of what we possess is due to near slavery conditions. None of it is right but none of it is uncommon. So it goes all through history. To condemn anyone in America for slavery 240 years later is ridiculous and political. Nothing more. I don’t have slaves. You don’t have slaves. To all of us the idea is repugnant and we are not our forefathers until we check the labels on our clothing.

Politics is never pretty. Government is never a salve. The best that any government can be is to be representative of the majority of its people and and honest to a fair degree. Unfortunately for all of us we are human. That means we are imperfect. That means we look to a higher power. In most cases that higher power is government.

As our government has aged it has gotten sloppy. It has, in many cases, trampled on the rights of its citizens foregoing the Constitutional rights guaranteed. The beauty is that our system of checks and balances seem to work and, eventually, sooner of=r later, those infringements are rectified. pretty sweet, huh? Having our rights protected for all these years. It seems a good thing. It seems so good that it makes whining about little things kind of petty.

As we age we start to more clearly see what we have had in our past. WE see how good it is. How easy life has been. When we’re young there is nothing that doesn’t deserve a comeuppance. Nothing that is not to be questioned. When one places the two in a blender, mixes it up well and purs it out we have what we see today. A mixture of old and new which each generation blends again. A mixture which is actually old and old. The second old is the new which is the old but is being warmed over again. Socialism, communism etc. Ideas that, on the surface, seem bright and new but inside are rotten. The older generation should know this already and it is for the new generation to discern, eventually and with proper education be that education life experience or school or just old fashioned reasoning, that some of these new old ways have never worl=ked and will not work because we are human beings and are just full to the brim with human nature.

H.N. Shall we write a song about it and the mistakes it causes. Include in that song the wonder of it and what it can create given reasoning and caution of thought. Of tried and thrown out old ideas which didn’t work and should not be tried again. Gather round and sing it with me.

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It’s Funny, but….

Being raised a Democrat it seems funny to me now. Like many of you I was told that Republicans were a scourge of the poor and helpless. Like many of you I took that as Gospel and never gave that party a minutes positive thought.

These days, however, I seem to be oddly attracted to what they say and do. It could be my age or it could be senility but look at the lies and deceit that my party is dishing out with no regard to this Nation or its Constitution. I was raised, as a Democrat, to revere the law of the land and pledged to obey and defend the Constitution when I went into the service. Now, my parties “adults” seem to think that they have to obey only the laws that they like; not the ones they don’t. This is their “wisdom” about illegal entry to the country. They could care less about the immigrants. What they care about is the politics of the issue. The sooner you folks understand your gullibility the sooner this will stop.

I won’t change parties at my age. I did what I could when I was young and vigorous. Seeing what I have seen since the early 90’s I would become a Republican in a heartbeat and so should you. Oh, they’re not much better but they do believe in the law of the land and don’t want it denied. Lawlessness is what happens not too long after laws are picked and chosen to obey. Anarchy quickly follows and that is the end of a nation. The problem is that history , whether taught or not, is forgotten, as it always is, and that history always states the same wisdom to people. That wisdom being that history is a revolving door of equal opportunity stupidity for those who do not learn from it.


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Sedition (Follow Up 3/28/17)

If you are unaware, there has been a major illumination of certain people in Washington, D.C. They are from the former administration and others who are not of the republican persuasion. It would seem that I have been correct all along and my correctness goes only to my observational skills honed while in intelligence in the Navy all those years ago. I will not finish this until I hear the news tomorrow but it goes without saying that Democrats who are on the far left, ie, progressives, have once again gone too far in their illegal activities. I believe that the term sedition” is not too strong. This may go all the way to Obama. If it does then I was right again. More tomorrow.

Well, a lot has happened. Among the more interesting is that Nunes (Republican Intelligence committee head) has foud that the unmasking of Trump officials has actually taken place. Add to that the fact that Comey and what’s his name (NSA) did not keep their appointments with the Intel committee and you get an idea of what’s going on.

It bares mentioning that, so far, everything the press harps on concerning the Ruskies and the Trump election group is all smoke. Nothing has been confirmed other than the press’s twisting of facts to suit their bias. I have been listening to the White House briefings and, having been in the high security circles at one time, I find nothing amiss. this is not to say there isn’t, just, so far nothing.

In balance, which is what I try to achieve here, Trumps group has done little more than zero but the press needs its heroin and Trump is their pusher. (I mean that in the nicest way.)

Do you remember what I said I learned about the leftist press while serving in Vietnam? They are not just unfair to people they don’t like, they lie about people they don’t like. They did in the late 60’s and 70’s and only got better at it with time. Possibly the most practiced avenues they pursue are omission and obfuscation. They hear only what fits their narrative and unless that is along socialist lines they print what they want to to make their warped points not caring about the damage they do to our country. When you stop and think about Trump all we know about him is what we have read in the news or heard on TV. We don’t personally know the man but many of us listen and consider the press as gospel when some of us know that they are minions of the socialist left who have an end point that is not what we know as America.

Of course, you can reject this out of hand or do what I do. Watch the news that the left says not to. Switch channels and watch Fox if MSNBC or CNN is your chosen poison. I don’t put this out as a recommendation, I put this out so that you can begin to get a more objective, personal opinion concerning what this country is up against. If you don’t then you will be the last to know how clouded the press is making all these issues. In a positive sense, this is good medicine for anyone who wants to expand so that they can smile again.

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Laurentide Ice Flow

That good ol’ Laurentide Ice Flow! I ‘member it well, all those 10,000 years ago. Hell, it covered almost all of Canada and most of the U.S. For those of usuns who were camping in the Tehachapi Mtns. of southern California it wasn’t a huge deal. We had to extend our stay for many thousands of years but the hunting got really good towards the middle of that age. All the rabbits and deer herds came south and the hunting got better and better! (Rabbit herds?)

But the best part of it was refrigeration. No more salted meat!!! We froze steaks and there was plenty of wood because there were no forest fires to speak of. (Except for old dolt Neil who insisted on making his families campfires agains the trunk of a Bristle Cone Pine. Never did have the sense to come in out of the snow! Neil also spread rumors about the climate warming and how it would melt the ice sheet. PAH! Never happen.

Ok, problem is the climate did warm! We can’t remember the exact date but the snow and ice did begin to melt so we headed, slowly, back north. To be truthful, the ice age sucked. We were glad to see it warm up a few degrees. The birds came back as did the frogs and a few critters that we hadn’t seen before. Furry, flat tailed little varmints whose fur made great hats. Oh yeah, the vegetabletation got better and berries got to growin’ again. Those of us what could got sun tans and looked gorgeous to all the ladies. Them was some times I tell ya! All except for the pale faces who got burned and wished for all they was worth that the ice would come back.

Thing is, the climate is still warming. A bit at a time. Guess the ice sheet isn’t coming back for a while. That’s nature for ya.

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(ˌɪməˈtjʊə; -ˈtʃʊə)


1. not fully grown or developed
2. deficient in maturity; lacking wisdom, insight, emotional stability, etc
3. (Physical Geography) geography a less common term for youthful4
ˌimmaˈturity, ˌimmaˈtureness n
ˌimmaˈturely adv
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014
I’ve been considering the various aspects of the left and how they operate. In doing this I also considered how best to make the point that the actions of the left are not in any way of an adult nature. The attributes of adulthood are actually the opposite of what the left is doing. Screaming hysteria, misrepresentation of facts to suit a goal are all part of the immaturity of a child. (As evidenced, in part, by the definition above).
Actually, this article got it genesis from the Facebook response to Trump’s election to President. At that time I told people that Trump was just a man and that the checks and balances of our Constitution would hold anything less than a coup by him in check. I was correct as I knew I was but the immaturity and ignorance, which is still going on, incidentally, is from a group of adults who never grew up and are acting in the precise parameters of the word “immature.”
This is furthered by the assemblage of the shouters who are attempting to disrupt town-halls. These individuals are few in number but lack both the wisdom or maturity to understand that this is exactly what got Trump elected; for better or worse.
It is beyond me to understand specifically what they are trying to do. It is not and will not work. The people who elected Trump did so to stop this immature attitude in government. It can’t be stopped in the public arena but it can be followed and spoken of in blogs such as this one.
Call me an old fart but I never have thought, in my almost 70 years, that I would ever see this moronosity (I coined that!) in people my age or, for that matter, those over 30. I should have know, I suppose when I returned from Vietnam and saw women and men over 30 dressing in costume for Halloween. That should have alerted me to the coming phenomenon that is the present.
Immaturity rises with stress. Stress comes from a lack of experience handling issues or events that are tough. Welcome to my generation of children who turned into liberals. Liberal child-like adults. It’s too bad. We are the children of the greatest generation. Well, I don’t know, given the age of civilization, that my folks were members of the greatest generation. That may apply to many generations, other than that of Noah, who have resided on this planet. You be the judge. Many of you are great at judging others. Judge yourselves.
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I mentioned, in an article I wrote today, that people are to interested in fitting in to ever take a chance at being themselves. I know that many of you are going to react poorly to this statement because you are independent minded but I ask you: Are you, really? Are you independent minded enough to say that you do not follow another’s lead? Independent enough to wonder if what you hear in the news is actually true? Do you research or make any effort to watch what others say is bad to find out for yourself?

One thing I love about Trump is he makes people crazy. If you want to hear negative things about him all you have to do is turn on the TV and judge him and listen to how evil he is by what others say. I bet that most of you turn him off if he is speaking on TV. You don’t need to listen because you already know that he’s a crook and all the nasty things that others say about him. In fact, one could say that he provides the income for leftist news organizations. Then again, do you think for yourself?

How much do you know about our Constitution? Have you ever been to Washington DC and seen it displayed? How much do you know about the Bill of Rights? Have you ever read it? Be honest. If not with me then to yourself. I am serious. Have you read or studied either and do you remember what the preamble of both stated? I am willing to bet that most who read this blog have read it at some point in their lives. I am just as willing to bet that those who scream the loudest either have no conception of what either document says or that, knowing so, lie about it after schooling the young for years with a lot of prejudiced dialogue against the Constitution. I saw it happening when my kids were in school. I corrected a teacher who made a statement about how bad the authors of the Constitution were as people. It’s OK, I’ve never been all that popular.

It is absolutely fascinating sociologically speaking, to watch the news and hear the societal voice of unreason about Trump. Hitler, Stalin Mao. Really? How about a rich guy who found the needs of America and filled it? How about a guy who is so scary to those who have tried to call our Constitution a “living document” since the Clinton years that they have to lie to get him disregarded by as many as they can. The same people whose ideas created the government housing that the blocks ended up in that gave birth to the drugs and violence and now hold the blacks down to make them the modern equivalent of slaves again. Slaves to the Democratic elite. You heard it here first.

What do Republicans say with infinite repetition: “A hand up, not a hand out.” Republicans never wanted to put people in housing that was virtually free. Even when I was a kid I heard the montage of vile disparagement for those Republican representatives who said that free stuff would lead to….lead to… EXACTLY what we have now. LBJ and the “Great Society.” What happened to that great society. What we have now is what happened.

You are hearing this from a Democrat in case you just tuned in. A Democrat who has almost 70 years under his belt. 70 years from foundation to near completion of his life. 70 years of letting liberals prove, once and for all, how full of shit they are. They’ve done it in spades.


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28 Days

Today is the 28th day of Trump. Not sure about you but, I have rarely heard as much drunken leftist BS about a single person in many years. I rather like Trump…so far. Unlike many, I find him an interesting person to hear and then read about. Obviously he has emerged from “never Trump” to “eat your words” Trump. That is what I find so interesting.

I did a brief search to find presidents who have done the same thing as Trump. I cannot find any who were so written off but came back with such a slam dunk to win an election. Yesterday I watched his news conference. Don’t take this the wrong way but, I had guessed when I heard about this news conference that he would use it exactly the way he did. I was not surprised.

Now, I am not a sooth-sayer nor diviner but I do pay attention and I do remain objective. It is my objectivity that allows me to see beyond hysteria and slanted, biased coverage of people. I learned to do this during the Vietnam war when, long before the TV series, I called the protestors and marchers the “walking dead.” I could see the lack luster eyes of those people (maybe it was the acid and pot?) when they spoke and it was only the leaders who had any flame in their eyes. I watched this crap for years with the knowledge I had from being in Vietnam that the press were liars and would eventually lead part of our nation into the wilderness. The left is very much in the wilderness even when they are in power. Taking God out of the public domain is the first mistake. Too many people know of the reality of God as a being and have a ton of compassion for those who think He is dead or non-existent. But, I digress.

Trump has the press on its heels and that is a great thing. He talks over them, around them and through them and gets his message out loud and clear. What cracks me up is when he makes errors in some facts. These are minor errors of omission usually, such as the “republican” part of his electoral college portion of his Q and A yesterday. The press is, to anyone who is not a tail wagging dog liberal, out to lunch and Trump is exposing them for it. He can, in 77 minutes, expose the press for the act, no, charade, they have been putting on since the Vietnam war. It worked then and now, with trump, they are hoping for a Nixon defeat again. Problem is, Trump, despite what many think and say, is as honest a man as anyone else in this country. Rich does not always mean thief. If it did then John F. Kennedy should have been jailed or run out of office also. (Yeah, I remember what happened, that part is obvious which is why I didn’t write it.)

Trump is a work in progress. In the last 28 days he has done more to throw off the yoke of Obama’s leftist policies than anyone expected. perhaps, just perhaps, America now has a chance of becoming again the America I grew up in. You know, before hippies and drugs, rape and murder as common place and liars in positions of trust such as the media.


















































































































































































































































































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A lot of hooey concerning borders now-a-days. No borders. Legal-illegal aliens. Bigotry. Racism. Xenophobia. All really big words. All really stupid statements by ignorant and, perhaps, stupid people.

OK, SO, let’s get rid of borders completely. Viola, they’re now gone. There is nothing to stop anyone who wants to coming into our country. No security what-so-ever. How long would the freedom of speech that enables some to shout all this tripe last? I give it one year. And that, my friends, supposes that another nations armies do not cross our borders in the first few months. What’s to stop that from happening? Not a damned thing. Once our borders are gone the same happens to us.

Wait, you say, that isn’t what we meant. Tell that to the new dictator! See how far your protests go. Wait, you’re taking this too far! No, I’m not. I’m acknowledging the world we live in and will continue to live in until it all fails. Until the world fails, and it will, as we know it, I am saying that borders are all that stand between us and the rest of the evil which lurks in the world. No borders mean that life is chancy at best. Certainly we won’t keep our homes, our children will be at greater risk than we could possibly stand and those of us with the means would have to kill to protect what little we might have left.

Borders did not come from some arcane need for self-fulfillment. Borders came because the world is a dangerous place and the people of the world are capable of great harm to the weak. Borders delineate a line that cannot be crossed just as your front door does. The foolishness and dangerous or plotted ignorance of a great many stupid people is held in abeyance only by the strength of our military and police and those of us who have offered our lives to keep this country free. Everything you say of a political nature has been bought and paid for by the death and sacrifice of others of us who understood the threats and were good with fighting for them.

Funny, isn’t it. An old fart like me telling young people this. Young people who, since my generation, decided that war was wrong and peace was free. Well, war is wrong, but, peace is not free. Not all wars are fought for good enough reasons but they are fought because ideas of slavery and ruling more than one country is not an aspect that is dying out. It is getting stronger and more savage each day that people think borders are wrong. Borders are all we have. Those little lines on a map of the world delineate our freedom to dress, speak and act as we like within certain parameters. Those parameters were laid out by very wise men and is called our Constitution. Funny thing about those old farts who wrote it. They wrote the Constitution to ward off the easily assessed evils of human nature. To make a government less susceptible to corruption and to keep necessary freedoms for all. Without borders that Constitution is dead. For that matter, so are you and I. Dead, that is.

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