We’re heading into the last month of summer here in the Sonoma area. Sonoma is a fair mix of conservative and liberal people. We all seem to get along pretty well. At least, I don’t see crimes of passion related to Trump in the police blotter. Maybe it’s because we have the last and most northern California mission right in the downtown part of Sonoma? Probably not but it looked good on paper.

August 7, 1976, my wife and I were married in the mission. That was 41 years ago to the day on the 7th. At that time I was renting a two bedroom house in the little blip on the road named Agua Caliente. Sonoma was much smaller and more rural then. the crush of outsiders came during the 70’s and 80’s and most were from the east coast. Those were most of the liberals who moved in. The local government has changed quite a bit as it seems all the liberals ran for local then county office. They brought their nonsense with them but there were enough of us native Californians around to slow them down quite a bit. Still, we get along.

I suppose that this post is more about marking time than saying anything ground breaking. If you’re ever in town drop by and say Hi.

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50 Facebook Likes

If It Thinks, the Facebook page, has received 50 Likes.

Many, many pages get this number on a daily basis so I need to put some perspective on this. The first and foremost item is how grateful I am to all who stop by here and on Facebook. It isn’t a landslide of people but it is more than a person with my political views expected. Starting this website out I thought I would get into a humorous vein and possibly make this a “review” site. The review aspect is still going to happen but the software which I have long searched for is lacking in depth and ability to dig down into layers of reviews. Ie, the complexity that I am looking for is not available so far as my research has gone. I have exhausted “Softaculous” on my server trying out the limited number of review site software available. Never the less, I am looking at free and open source software which can at least come close.

My “humorous” thought process was waylaid with the election. It quickly presented the opportunity to try an objective approach to the election result which, unfortunately, was driven into the sea with the press’ negativity and outright lies. That alone was enough to change my tac here.

So, here I am with the unexpectedly warm, fuzzy feeling of doing something that others are obviously enjoying. It’s kind of cool. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy doing this although it sometimes feels like beating my head against the proverbial wall. there are weeks in which I feel I have been brilliant and none or one has stopped by the website. Other times, I have between 6 and 15 who drop by. All in all it is just a great thing to do and, again, thanks for listening to my political prattle and so-so humor. It really does mean a lot to me. A. Crowe


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Tough On Trump

The press is really tough on Trump. For most of you, there is probably still the feeling that he robbed Hillary (therefore, the voters), colluded with Russia and is a dog towards women. Well, the thing about his attitude towards women is probably no more or less true than many men who won’t admit it because of the P.C. crowd. Unfortunately, this is as old as time and will never change and can easily be said for all men to one degree or another.

The other two are either nonsense or extremely questionable if not suspect; given where they come from and what the DNC was up to during the election. Personally, I would rather get the facts on Bengazi and 30,000 emails that Hillary and her minions destroyed. There are always two sides to a coin, right?

Trump seems to step into it at every turn. It doesn’t help that the press (which I have not trusted with truth since my tours of Vietnam) is not able to control themselves and has absolutely no objectivity regarding the Donald. In truth, Trump is doing some pretty neat things. Neat things if you like America the way it used to be before socialism tried to take over. Most of the press are socialists if not loosely affiliated with some branch of communism. They have a hidden agenda which does not include the best practices of a free and objective press. Our country is not bolstered by them what so ever.

As I have said before I have accurate knowledge of what has been happening in this country since the early 70’s. I was informed while in an intelligence channel serving my country from 1968-1972. I was in my early 20’s with a very high security clearance and this was part of the briefings we had about what was coming from eastern Europe and being placed in our colleges and universities. It starts in our institutions and works outward from there. Trump is aware of how far it has gone by now and, if you listen to him closely, he will refer to this in a very round about manner.

That’s all for now. Watch and listen and give Trump a break. It will do you a lot of good to do so and you might just find out a thing or two by not allowing the press to run interference between you and our President.

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Liz Warren

First, I’ve known a lot of characters in my life. From members of my extended family to sailors I have met around the world I’ve seen some stuff that would make you groan in disbelief. Shenanigans that would curl your teeth done on a regular basis. Fights in Philippine bars to harlots on bar tops in Hong Kong.

That is why I find Liz Warren so fun. She has a way about her which I try to portray as though she were an actor. Trying to divine that part she might play is just a great way to look at her and her demeanor. I sometimes think that she would be great as a Madame of a Bordello. Rough as cut glass and taking no prisoners. (or non-paying customers!) Sometimes I think of her as a shrewd sleuth attempting to get to the bottom of some insidious criminal caper in the “Windy City” of the twenties. Yep, she is one for the ages. Thankfully.

Mostly, though, I think of her as a coarse and inept thinker. She and what’s his name who is now the head of the Dem party. Really? This is what my party is electing and appointing to serve? A peckerwood who swears in public and a woman who hasn’t seen a Twinkie she wouldn’t take a bite out of. It just goes to show how far DOWN my party has fallen. Don’t worry about Trump. In comparison, he is a boy scout. Look at what Trump has done which is exactly the opposite of what the press has said of him. Look what has been thrown on his plate and how he has handled it. Look at the disparaging remarks that have been thrown at his daughter and even his teenaged son. How would you like it if this stuff were done to you and your family? All because of your past improprieties or what the press is saying, preaching about you. Mostly untrue.

I don’t know, compared to Elizabeth Warren I would trust Trump with my kids first. When I consider her as a senator I just laugh at the ignorance and foolishness of those who elected her. She shouldn’t be dog-catcher. She shouldn’t be a fry cook. She is a senator and that says more about democrats than I care to think about.

Of course, I do not include ALL Democrats in this rant. There are many just like me who feel the same way. Those with experience and common sense who love their country and do not refer to the Constitution,  while reading from an alternative document of their own writing or choosing. Possibly a communist manifesto. We’ve come a long way from the 50’s. It has mostly been downhill and we know it don’t we?

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A Week Off To Consider

I see the views of the site have dropped off since last week. That’s Ok, I needed the time to consider the veracity of this website. I also needed to consider whether this site is worth the time it takes to write this and the way I approach the politics as I am pretty much a non-political person who fought for and loves his country.

Today’s news just confirmed what I had written about and suspected. Susan Rice is the one who had all the Trump names unmasked and disseminated throughout the intelligence agencies during the Obama administration. This confirmed for me two things: Obama is crooked as is the norm for a socialist as any means is worth the end and he hired, knowingly, dishonest or manipulative people for his cabinet. Russia, it seems, is Rice misspelled and everything is now pointing to Obama which is no surprise to me. As I have said before you can just look up Woodrow Wilson to understand the manipulation and dishonesty (to the point of cut throat) that progressives are. Never forget that the progressive movement started in conjunction with communism in Russia in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The nexus is there if you take the time to research it.

I started this blog with the intention of it being a fun blog for you but the past election showed such serious flaws in the Democratic party that I had to change in midstream. I didn’t want to disparage my party since young adulthood but felt I had no choice. It seems that Democratic Senators have been threatened by a lot of their important constituents to be “Primaryied” if they went along with anything that Trump tried to accomplish. Add to that the blind ignorance of today’s young adults and I knew that this spelled trouble. That is the reason I have tried to issue forth a little common sense here and backed it up with easily confirming data. I also knew that people sold a bill of goods are the last, usually, to admit they’d been bamboozled. So it goes.

For those of you who are annoyed at me for the siting of this lying past administration it must gall you to think that I was trying to be very nice as I wrote down what I hoped would be a false assertion on my part. The fact that I was right is no comfort to me. It does, however, reaffirm the intelligence that I received in my last year with a security clearance was on the money and I was foolish to hope it was not true. So it goes.

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Me and Socrates-The Internet Rumor

HEY! It isn’t true!

You know, this vicious rumor about me murdering Socrates. I had almost nothing to do with it! Whew, I had to get that exclamatory declaration out before I could continue in a more subdued manner. I did know Socrates, sure. I also knew Plato. So what? Ok, it’s true that I knew what Socrates wore when he was not posing for a bust of himself. There is nothing wrong with hot pink spandex hot-pants worn in the privacy of your own home. The problem was, Ol’ Socs wore them when they were carving his busts. Why do you think there are no full-form statues of him? Even Greek Sculptors have their limits. And, no, he didn’t look particularly appealing in hot pants. In fact, I get a bit nauseous when I think of how he looked in hot pants.

Ok, I got that out of the way. Now, as to my taking his life. It is true that he owed me money. Quite a lot at the time. I wrote most of his stuff and he stiffed me for about half of what he promised to me. Him and Homer were the same way. The Iliad and the Odyssey took me about a week to write at $3.50 an hour in today’s wages. I couldn’t even buy a good burger for that and olives, pomegranates and unleavened bread only go so far. The goat cheese was great but, I digress.

Hemlock was Socs chosen poison. He dabbled in it quite a bit to get high. I told him that smoking dope was probably better but wine laced with hemlock was just so very IN at that time. We didn’t have acid yet. Hell, we didn’t even have electricity like the Egyptians did. They had these really cool batteries that they used with their answer to a joy buzzer. NEVER shake hands with an Egyptian! You’ll likely end up on your ass. I know I did; until I figured it out. Those Egyptians. What a bunch of crazy blokes. I still remember the day that Ozzie, the high priest from Cairo, came over and he and me and Socs played pool and drank mead until the dawn. The joy buzzer worked so great! Socs couldn’t get a bank shot off without Ozzie buzzing him in the hot pants.

Anyway, it isn’t true what they say about me. Socs just had had a bad day with Zeus and that old thing over the plans for chariots and wanted to get a real blast going and had too much hemlock. That’s the truth and I don’t care who finds out about it any more.

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Before the Recoil

The Title of this article is all about a person’s inherent reaction to almost anything which is foreign or deigned to be foreign. EG, if I had titled this article “Adam and Eve, the Real Story”, it would quite likely be off-putting to many before they actually read past the first paragraph. It goes without saying that were it not for being exposed to different ideas in school, a part of our formative upbringing, most of us would recoil at others ideas or ways of doing certain, shall I say, unpleasant things such as war or dirty jobs. Though it sounds like a real “duh” moment it is something that many of us take for granted: recoil before understanding.

It is with this premise that I introduce, drumroll, please: Adam and Eve. I know, I know, you are thinking that I set you up. Well, not really. I want to “expose” you to a different take on the oldest story known to mankind. I want to explore with you my “genesis” of thought about Adam and Eve since I was but a wee toddler. (You can take the “wee” part any way you like. Consider my emphasis on being quite small, OK?)

I learned about the first “parents somewhere which I cannot remember. It certainly wasn’t in my home because we were Catholic and the church said the Bible was too tough for us to understand. That most likely moves us up in age to catechism which I started in either Kindergarten or 1st grade. No matter as this is an uncertain time-line at best.

I got the usual A and E treatment  about the Garden of Eden and the devil and the forbidden fruit and the snake and Bob the grocer who lived one garden over on the good side of Eden. (Now, before I go too far astray of the content of this article I should mention that, right next to Bob’s grocery was the Babel hair salon where people got together [after shopping at Bob’s store] and gossiped which made the owner of Babel’s hair salon quite rich and this is why she decided to expand with a couple of extra stories added to make the salon a landmark and God didn’t want senior ladies with blue hair that close to Heaven so he made everyone garble their language which lead to where we are now. But, I digress.)

It is up to you to decide if the possibility of God creating one man and one woman, from the rib of the one man, which was the beginning of the human race is accurate. I tend to think that it is but my reasoning for that is for another article which I will post on Enictu which is my other website that deals with the Bible as I see it. For those who think that I blaspheme by adding humor to an ancient Bible story I can only say that it is difficult enough to deal with today’s garbage without smiling and adding some fun. Besides, I think God knows me better than you do and He will be my judge, thank goodness; not you.

For the sake of argument, though, let’s just for a moment, take this story, as written, for truth. Is that too much too ask? I mentioned recoil and I am sure that recoil is what some of you have done with the pat response, “Here he goes again and the Bible is trash and so is he.” I get that all the time. I am used to it and it only let’s me know how far from reality this world can take people who are tied through their navels to this world. In order to make this more accurate I am adding this portion of the Book of Genesis to better capture the context of what I am writing. –


[1] In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
[2] The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.
[3] And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.
[4] And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
[5] God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

And God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.”
[7] And God made the firmament and separated the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. And it was so.
[8] And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

And God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” And it was so.
[10] God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.
[11] And God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, upon the earth.” And it was so.
[12] The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.
[13] And there was evening and there was morning, a third day.

And God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years,
[15] and let them be lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth.” And it was so.
[16] And God made the two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; he made the stars also.
[17] And God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth,
[18] to rule over the day and over the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good.
[19] And there was evening and there was morning, a fourth day.

And God said, “Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the firmament of the heavens.”

See what I mean. One can talk about the Bible but you really had to be there. I am only posting this incomplete account because I am hoping it might interest you enough that your original recoil might be partially assuaged by actually seeing a portion of God’s word as written in English.

I speak of recoil because this is what people do and this is a natural phenomenon. It is part of human nature and is also the more animalistic portion of human nature. Volumes and Tomes have been written about human nature and it has been broken down into social science under the headings of “Sociology” and “Psychiatry.” Now, human science is interesting but most do not realize that the Bible is the final answer to human nature. In essence, human nature and its tendencies is exactly what the Bible is telling us, no, shouting at us to understand and to be aware of.

Under the mantle of imperfection lies human nature. It is the vocalization of our imperfection. It is also the reason that the Bible says “Judgement is mine sayeth God.” And, it is. In recent decades the labeling of people using sociological terms has become a method of using social science against the population. It is the “judging” of people by others who have no right to judge. The Bible is rife with warnings about people doing this but it is also true that this is the reason the Bible is so put down by so many people throughout history. They are who it speaks of in great detail and they are the ones who have (had) the most to lose.

So, I thought I would leave you with this to mull over. It is fresh and hot off the press this 5th day of March in 2017 and I hope that you see where I come from. I have studied the social sciences and been quite troubled that a group of people who call others names are acting like what they are accusing others of. The truth will out. One is known by his or her actions and not by their words. I try not to be that way.

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  1. inclined to fidget; restless or uneasy.
    “I get nervous and fidgety at the dentist”
    synonyms: restless, restive, on edge, uneasy, antsy, nervous, keyed up, anxious, agitated; More

    The more time goes on in what we have now as the “modern world” the more this word (used as an adjective) applies. Don’t you think?

    Each day we wake up and look out at the morning. Those who do not do so probably live in the city but, never-the-less, you see the morning light reflected from the city-scape which surrounds you. The morning light is almost always clear and reassuring in that the freshness of the new day is upon us and yesterday is gone. At least, so the song writers say.

    This morning came fresh, crisp and cold with a light of such clear properties that the edges of leaves many yards away stood out in relief in the backyard near the creek. The air was fresh and cold to the nostrils but the buds were standing out against the grey-brown bark of the branches on those trees which are getting ready to start the new cycle of Spring.

    So, I looked upon this and thought how beautiful is the promise of another Spring. Even though we are still in the grip of the winter those tiny green buds make a solemn promise of a new start for the world.

    Pardon me for ending my efforts at prose with that last sentence. You see, I am fidgety. Not about Spring but about the promise of freshness and newness. Terrorists are trying to get in our back door even as some want to do away with our borders. I suppose that borders are an incumbrance when the world is thought of as belonging to all men and women and children. That is a great thought and I support it. I need to add this caveat though. It is impossible to have our nation without borders. Without barriers of legal standing. The reason is simple as is the thought of no borders for a nation. The world is not ready. The world, though civilized in some parts, is a maelstrom of hate and criminal enterprise in others. There are, no matter the politics and hate, wonderful, friendly people in that maelstrom. That is the reason that we want people to come here to our shores. It’s been done before in countries long ago destroyed. Rome in its heyday and others. Those who came in sacked the empire and that was that.

    The world is what we have to consider. The lack of acculturation which needs to be addressed before masses of people are allowed in freely. The world is not ready.

    It is a sad thing that so many do not read Scripture. Scripture tells us about human nature and where we stand in the eyes of God. In the eyes of God this world is not what He wants. This is a corrupt world as are a great many of the people who live in it. Nations, corporations and political groups are all vying for ownership of people. Ownership in such a way that God wants none of it. This is one viewpoint which I offer for consideration.

    The other is the obvious. Terrorists. It has been stated for some time that our porous southern border is allowing terrorists into our country. This is most likely true. It is also most likely that they are already here. Remember how patient they were in the date and planning for 9/11? They put that together over a decade. No rush. Take the time needed to get all elements in place, wait for the drama and then…BOOM.

    I think that “Fidgety” is what we are all feeling. That is the purpose of terrorism. Americans are impatient people. Impatience is both an element of being spoiled and being wealthy. Having it all at our fingertips, all the time. We have no real understanding of what the rest of the world has to live in. You have to get out of this country and especially out of the cities to understand the difficulty that exist in our mid-west and in the 3rd world. We need to be less gullible to political parties who tell us that we are this or that label because we are human beings. We need, in plain speech, to grow up. This world is not a world of promise. It is, rather, a world of destruction. That destruction is political and terror. Both are seeping into the fabric of our country and staining the white linen with drops of our blood an a daily basis.

    It is time for foundational maturity and that seems to be lacking. It isn’t in the political realm. It isn’t in organized religion. It IS…however, in the Bible. Thd Bible is no part of the world. It is God’s word and it is more important to understand now than ever before. God is moving as we tinker. Time to wake up boys and girls.

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The Party of Khrushchev

In 1960, at the U.N., Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union, took off his shoe and banged it on the podium declaring, “We shall bury you” to the U. S. In 1962 Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy. I was a young guy at that time and saw both of these incidents while understanding what the implications were for both. Atomic war was the push of a button away and Kennedy was a man I loved as President.

I look at the Democratic party now, especially here in California, and realize that the party now looks more like the party of Oswald and Khrushchev than the party of Kennedy. I don’t think that Democrats in the mid-west fully understand how far left the Dems have gone since the 60’s. The 60’s is when the communists had the most influence on the youth of this nation. Those kids are now retiring after having taken the Democratic party from a party of the working class to the party of Oswald. It was not that big a surprise to find that the center of the country went for Donald Trump. Out here in La-La land the Democratic party is unrecognizable to me.

My parents were hard working, no nonsense people. They abhorred the hippy and leftist demonstrations of the 60’s as did I. It’s only gotten worse as the communist influence of the Democratic party has gotten a firmer grip. Call a communist what you will but Progressive or liberal are too close to  differentiate.

It is sad that the party of new ideas has now fallen to the tired, worn out ideas of socialism. Socialism who, in all its forms, has only lessened the output of society while hastening the deterioration of wealth and the ability to rise above poverty in every country it’s been tried. Look at the recent history of Europe. In particular, Spain and France. Socialism in reality. What it takes to get us there is lies about the other party and the people who are labeled as evil because they work or have been successful. No matter their souls. Just their station in life. Ie, the American dream is not for any but the higher echelons of the Soviet Party just like it was in Russia. Good luck with that, socialist democrats.

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Who Are the Left in the United States-Part 2

Part 2

So, we have a little history of the left. However, this should be looked at by what coincided, historically speaking, with the rise of the socialist leanings as it relates to the early part of the last century. The first thing to understand is Russia.

The Bolsheviks got their start in Russia about the same time as Wilson ran for President. The socialist movement, however, has morphed over historical time much as any movement has. This metamorphosis is always in name only. The philosophy that is behind this social structure remains a part and parcel of human nature. It is wise to consider this as human nature and also to be cautious about human nature. For the most part human nature needs noble structure in its morality to remain noble. By noble I am loosely defining the good that human nature can do. We all know that power and money will corrupt and that those in power tend to bring down the noble aspects of any political movement. As this is about the left I am staying with the left but you understand that even the best human efforts can crumble given new access to power over the populations of countries or the world.

In Russia we had Lenin and the Bolshevik movement which was just another name for what we call communism. It wasn’t long after the revolution in Russia that communism sprang up along with its needs to disseminate outward while maintaining military control inward. Part of the reach was to the U.S. and was greeted by some with open arms. We know from history that communism wanted more power over people and became a campaign to take over eastern Europe. They did not want to stop there and out of this campaign came the “Cold War.”

Also out of that campaign came an entire school of agents trained to go to other countries and, with patience, lay hidden in other societies to gradually take over a country. To do so they needed not just patience but also to learn to subvert as much of a population as could be done. To subvert without firing a shot is the trick. To do that required a political structure so that they could operate in the government of a country. In a country as politically strong as America it would take a long time but it could be done. Over decades, and remember we are speaking of the early part of the 20th century when Progressives began to get into the government, they have slowly but surely taken over the fringes of the Democratic party. Not the mainstream such as I and my parents but the revolutionary left extremists of the mid-1960’s and on to today. They have used tactics such as environmental issues and populist notions of the poor and downtrodden which makes them look good in the eyes of people who don’t understand history or just do not keep up with changes in society.

This brings us to today. Today we have people who are running for President and are socialists. I don’t say communists. Not yet. But socialists and communists get together as one night stands sometimes without knowing who their partners are. Elizabeth Warren is one of these. She is questionably pro-American. She speaks of the Constitution in the form of it being a living document. A document subject to political whim when the truth is that it is a document penned to stand against the foibles of human nature by people much smarter than she. She is not a purveyor of truth. She is a purveyor of innuendo against America as is Burnie Sanders. These are people who demand social justice which is a phrase coined in communism. If you study communism you will see that the people came out on the short end of the stick while the comrades drank champagne. It is always the same. Royalty is a state of mind brought on by power, money and influence. Our Constitution is a document which, followed strictly, will dissuade the rich’s ability to become royalty.

America will be here for our great grandchildren only if we all wake up and learn to understand the threat to our democracy by learning to hear its words and watch its deeds. I am doing what little I can here. Also, think about 50 to 60 years ago when God was not in the process of being banned in public. Banning God is part and parcel of socialism and communism. Freedom of religion, if you consider this deeply, is the foundation of democracy for out of this freedom stems all others which we enjoy daily.

If nothing else I hope that you consider what I have written here. It is like rousing a sleeper to get people just to listen to my viewpoint. Actually, my viewpoint is founded on becoming aware of what was happening decades ago and observing with objectivity those changes I was warned of all those years ago. They are happening as I write this. I can only try to ask you to be observant and wary of what is happening.

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