Oh, My-My. Can you boogie, can you slide?

Thanks to Ringo circa 1974.

I haven’t posted here for a while. A lot going on as I am getting ready to launch Sonoma Net in a week or so. I have been following the news however. I don’t know about you but, it seems the news goes from OK to what the F***! on an almost daily basis. Comey is gone and, oh my, my. how the Dems are hypocriting his demise. I hate hypocrisy. I figure you do also. What I do is try my darndest not to be one. It’s not hard. Just be honest.

It just goes on and on. What I am waiting for is some really good news. Some news that will make our day! (Yours to, not just mine.) You deserve some great news. You know you do and I know you do. I wish you the best and I really mean that.

This is a tough, tough old world. The news is bound to be just as tough. We need to find shelter in each other and mankind, by itself, has never found a way to do so. Mankind has no answers. It never will have. Anything we do which is great falls apart given time. This is starting to happen in our country: America. What good is a Representative or a Senator who will not do the job they were elected to do? Doesn’t matter the party affiliation. The Democratic congress folks are useless. So were the Republicans back a few years when Obama care was shoved down our throats. How did that work out? (Be honest now.) You and I both know that it tanked because it was front loaded and had nothing attached to it to make it work more than a few years. It was written to fail and its entire intent was to make it an entitlement such as Social Security. I never like Obama. The minute I found out he was an organizer I ticked him off on my ahole list. I could care less about his color. A socialist, sans Democrat, sans progressive, sans communist in drag does not appeal to me.

So, this is all for today. How does this fit to the politically correct’s way of thinking? Hey, I already admitted I was a bigot here! Another fits-all progressive word. BIGOT. I shake my head every time that word or its companion lexicon is foisted into print or media. It is really funny.


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I Thnk It’s Time…

…to bring YOU into the conversation.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Duh. Well, I believe we know each other a bit. Not a lot but—-a bit. I write and you do me the real honor of reading what I write. We have that much in common. Some of you like what I write and some of you don’t. The funny thing is that, going into this blog, I already knew that fact just iterated. This is as it should be.

Let’s bring up another point which is taken for granted by many in this country. That point being, I have the freedom to write what I think. You, without censure, have the right to read what I write. Historically, many people throughout this world were not allowed by their governments, be they royal or dictators, to read and write what they believed. It is no small thing, therefore, to mention this as I run up against my first year of this blog. Our freedoms in this country are up against a new threat. The threat from the left. The threat of the anarchists who wear black clothing and destroy other people’s property. As of this writing, it has been only property destroyed and that, only glass breakage for the most part. However, I think it not untoward to warn against the small beginning of this movement. It smacks of “Brown Shirts” in the 30’s in Germany. AS the Nazi’s were putting together their political movement and starting their campaign against the Jews, Gypsies and other cultures they abhorred. “A stitch in time saves nine” as the old saying goes.

You understand this, I feel. Otherwise, you wouldn’t come back to this website. Trump says that we are living in dangerous times and we are. I haven’t seen this type of danger in this country before. The 2nd amendment has been under attack since the 60’s. It was terrible under Obama and would have been much worse under Clinton. Your right to bear arms is one of the most valuable laws this country has in its Constitution and make no mistake about that. It is a fact of clarity that when the people are banned from their right to bear arms it will only be the criminals who bear them; outside the police and military. Ie, a dictatorship is much easier to rise when this happens.

We are not immune to dictators. Our Constitution is already under assault and has been for a few decades. It is not the right who performs this assault. It is always the left. Coincidentally, that is the side the anarchists come from also. They appear to be young men and women who do this. That is who did it in Germany also last century.

So, I write this as a warning. I am too old to fight a new war now but not too old to bear arms. It might be a good idea to think of self-protection. If not a firearm then an alarm of some type. I don’t uphold the thought that we should all be armed and marching the streets with our weapons. I am only saying to you that we should be prepared more now than ever. Firearms is one method of preparation. Vigilance is the better, though. Be vigilant and alert to changes in your neighborhoods. Take care of your children and take nothing for granted.

Of course, you can also dismiss what I write out of hand and stop reading this blog. You have ther right to do so. That is the greatness of our country. A country worth defending. And…it may come down to us to dfend ourselves. Look at the rise of MS-13. Not a good omen.

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One Oz Blog.com

I am starting a new novel. Working title, “Odd Lot.” The first chapter is partially written and is available to view HERE. I am posting this on If It Thinks so that you can read and comment on the chapter. My plan is to make this on online experience in writing for those who entertain the idea of writing their own novel or essay/biography. Also, just so that you know I am not a slacker, I am in the midst of developing a website named “Journal Wind.” Journal Wind is a WordPress multisite on which you can, for a very economical price, get your own website to keep an online journal or write your novel. It is a fun endeavor and is along the lines of Sonoma Net which does the same thing only for local people in our area.

I hope to hear from you as you have the chance to check out the work I am in the midst of. Happy Day after Easter. Remember, it’s never too late to look for the eggs you probably missed on Sunday!


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The Last 3 Articles

What I have been writing about for the last few days is the essence of mankind. I have been dodging around Scripture and some very fundamental aspects of human nature of the imperfect variety in my writing.

All of this is to say that peace and all of us getting along is not possible. Not possible in a world whose foundation is imperfect. Any doubt of this should have been erased before Christ’s birth. All we have done is to have generation after generation talk of peace but go to war.

Now, I am pushing 70 and I am satisfied that mankind, as it now exists (or has always existed; since the Garden), is fully and sadly incapable of peace. You can blame it on our use of only 10% of our brain or blame it on the men who serve in government or both. If you look at history as far back as there are writings about what has happened you will see that nothing has changed but technology. Technology, however, is quite often grown by war and the need for superior weaponry. So it goes, right?

Human nature is imperfect and predictable. History shoes us this time and time again. What we see in the news today should not worry us. rather, it should ground us in the obvious. It should also be a guide to us. A guide that despite what some claim, there is truth to be had. That truth is older than many will admit. It is that old book that your mother and father may have read. The one that stood prominently in our grandparents homes. It is a difficult book to read but has its own reward of peace of mind for those who read it. It is the guide to the human condition and the methodology of how we should live our lives. It is love and gentleness promised to those who allow our Father into their hearts. A condemnation of those who don’t.

This ride is going to get bumpy. Your seatbelt will be your understanding of only one source of information. I think you know of which book I speak.

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Who Done It?

I spent some time today watching all the 24 hour news outlets. I do this because I figure if I’m going to write about them I should have an idea of what I am talking about, right?

Again, Fox seems to be the more objective and I have to say, they tell both sides. I hear a lt of people saying that Fox is right leaning or, probably more accurate, in the tank for Republicans. I disagree. I think Fox does lean right and some of their opinion journalists are conservative right wingers such as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Those two are all the way right and they say so. I think the operative term is that they say so.

MSNBC, on the other hand, is completely socialist and they pass themselves off as objective. thinly veiled by having right oriented people on. If I want to hear about Trump..objectively… I go to Fox.

It bares noting that anyone who is one extreme, politically, or the other is not someone I want to listen to. I have heard all the disparaging remarks leveled at each other all my 68 years. When you get older you haven’t heard it all but you’ve heard enough to make a judgement call based on accuracy. That accuracy is based on the knowledge that nothing changes; only the volume.

So, here I am listening to Schiff claiming Trump and his cronies are guilty and then backing off a that a few days later, all while the Senate is taking up their investigation. Now it comes out that Obama may be the one who is guilty of misdeeds and security breaches on his watch. Russia has less to do with any of this than what is already out there and what is out there is zilch as far as incriminating of Trump and his cronies. I would laugh if the press wasn’t so ager to splay Trump out over an anthill until the ants ate him or the sun fried his brain. the left would do this in a second, right? Yep.

I suppose it would be worth considering whether the left has motives that are more far reaching than just trying to derail Trump. Motives such as taking America to the border of communism. I think they are and I think they prove it in colleges and universities where young minds are more easily sullied with propaganda. It was already starting when I was in college after the Navy. I have watched this taking place for decades and I do have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.

So, who done it? Obama, I say, going far out on the objective limb.

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In Case You Thought Otherwise.

In my last article I referred to myself as “Pope of the Internet.” I stick to that as I am one of the few publishers who unabashedly refers to my Fatih, adheres to my Fatih and is not afraid, or wary, of stating my Faith, who is not also a church goer. My church is the earth and I do not mean that in a Pagan manner. I mea that in the manner of incredulous at the glory of creation. I have stated here before that I don’t believe that the earth is not the result of some cosmic train wreck. Only the jaded and spoiled think that. (Or, the sadly misinformed).

“Pope of the Internet.” It’s just a silly thought as I don’t think any human should have faithful followers. The last person to have such dolts following him around is me. I guess, in part, that is why I left the Catholic church when I was fifteen. I struck out into the wilderness of the Scriptures and, viola, here I am now. (I forget where I read it first, viola instead of voila, I love to use the (sic) term though).

If my use of that grandiose title offends you, tough. I rather like the irony. I also posted here that mine is an ironic sense of humor. My mother told me that when I was but a wee lad. I had no idea what “ironic” meant then but I looked it up in Funk and Wangles and found it. It was hard to miss because my photo was printed beside the definition as an illustration.

So, have fun the rest of your day or evening when you are reading this and I hope that I am still considered a “sometimes read ’cause there’s nothing else to do until Jim comes home” by you.

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What is wisdom?

  • Is it being wise?
  • Is it having enough life experience to ferret out the good from the bad in life?
  • Or, is it something only white-bearded old men who walk along forest trails have which they dispense to short hairy footed beings?

I don’t know about you but the second one I wrote is probably more along the lay-lines of correctness when attempting to open a dialogue on this subject. It is probably correct to assume that it does require life experience to be wise. Probably, more to the point, it also requires one to have “learned” from life experience. I say that because we all know people who have had a ton of life experience but seem to lack the ability to learn from those experiences. So, we need to add one more rule for wisdom

  • Learn from life experience.

The learning part is where this gets interesting. A persons abilities are most often spoken of concerning sports or business acumen. Also, writing is another when it comes to authors who seem to easily take us along on a journey of characters lives in some fantasy or biographical treatise.

The ability to learn from life can usually be boiled down to understanding right from wrong and bending ones efforts along the correct path. The “wrong” is intentionally hurting others while the “right” is doing no harm. A fair amount of us fall somewhere in the middle. Yet, those who get social awareness are those who transcend the boundaries of right and wrong. Sister Teresa and Adolph Hitler are two easy examples. Again, most of us can only aspire to one or the other of the two aforementioned.

War is another learning experience. A person who has been to war has seen firsthand the ugliness of life. For the most part those who have been in that theater of life’s horror are wiser than those who have not. There are no hard and fast rules in any of these I have mentioned.

Scripture is another place to learn wisdom. Although quite unpopular with many the writers of the Scripture were very wise men. One of them wrote that “there is nothing new under the sun.” He was speaking of the human race. Of generals and politicians and governments of men. His wisdom was seeing and understanding that mankind is incapable of change. Technology advances but its use is always easily corrupted by human beings. We see this everyday that we use our computers. Hackers and other reprehensible human beings who use our technology to hurt others. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

What does wisdom offer a wise person?

This is a question that seems to be easy to answer. Peace. That is what a wise person derives from wisdom. Having known a few people that I considered wise I know that peace is not what they were given. Angst is what they were given. Wisdom allows all the veils to be pulled back from action and outcomes of said action. Yet, there is no ear for wisdom. There never has been. Wisdom is relegated to the dust bin of progress both technologically, socially and politically. There was no good reason to ever smash an atom. No good reason to ever have people killed for political gain and no good reason for kings and queens to have all the money and allow the poor to starve. A wise man or two tried to tell all of us that these things were childish. Those men were not listened to by most.

What is wisdom? It is that quiet voice that tells one not to do harm. To let turmoil be caused by another; not you. To look at all people with as much love as you are capable of rendering and to judge no man to better or less than you.

Merry Christmas

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The Ignorance of Safety

Safety. What a sweet word. We all want our children to be safe. We want to be safe and we understand that the people of the entire world want to be safe.

Safety is the most understated condition of our planet. Without safety we would all have died already as would our families, friends and relatives. The fact is, however, that we need people that we pay to keep us safe. There is no getting around this fact. Those people are the armed forces and the police in all their various capacities. the UsA is, arguably, the safest place on the planet and has been for decades. It will remain so only as long as we understand how expensive safety is. Unfortunately, there are many who think of their safety as a right instead of owning up to the thousands who have given their lives to protect the safety of us all.

These are people which I refer to as the “gimme’s.” Gimme what I want without argument. these people are scholars, liberals, extremists and reliers. Reliers are those who can work but do not. Those who rely on the working people to fund their existence. When I say scholars I am not necessarily speaking of academics or singling out higher education. I am speaking of those who would plan the demise or radical change of our democracy. Those who, to support their end game, rewrite history to accommodate their goals of subversion of society. Or, to foster change to a government which, time and again, has been proven to not have the best interests of its people in mind.

One can argue, perhaps in a jaded fashion, that our government has not always had the best interest of our people in mind and I would agree with that. The beauty is that we can change that government every four years. (2 years on the state level). This ability to change our government coupled with its built in checks and balances to greatly hamper a coup of some type has been the foundation of a Republic for over two hundred years. Certainly we have had our ups and downs. That is to be expected if we acknowledge the human element of any institution.

What has our government insured for us? Safety. Foremost of all that we have is safety. Hard fought and through terribly difficult times we have all relied on safety. Unfortunately though, safety has its casualties. Those being people who turn against the nation as it is for their own ignorance of the safety they have. It is almost bromidic to say but safety is the reason that these people have this ability. Ignorance is the shelter they hide in while shouting down the freedoms which they use to tell us how wrong this country is to them. Not just their ignorance. Oh no. The ignorance they teach in the halls of higher education after having sown the seeds in elementary and high schools. It is a disease that they instill in our children. This despite all the strides we have made in recognizing acknowledging the worth of all races, creeds and cultures.

Human traits are rampant in human beings. Such traits as prejudice are outshoots of fear. Easily set a side through conversation but exacerbated by those who prey on those fears. these fears have no color boundaries. All people have fear of those who do not look the same on the outside. One only needs to be truly engaged with many colors with a singular purpose to see how quickly these fears are assuaged. That is the great thing about the military. Despite all of society the military forces each individual to look at others with respect and friendship. Not so on University campuses where the denigration of humanities natural tendencies are warped to be sold in more denigration until any confidence in past steps forward are maligned to have been racist, bigoted or supremacist.

This, then, is the problem. It isn’t you or I. it is the fools on a fools errand of subversion of a country that, though flawed, has made such major changes in its inward thinking and outward extensions of social grace which is being subverted in so perverse a fashion as to call into question each individual who has given their lives over all this countries centuries just for the maintenance our own safety. Furthermore, this subversion and perversion continues and I call on each of us to stop the errant subversion of ourselves by an elite group whose brain is tainted by tincture of cultism and arrogance sans religion.

Don’t take our safety, such a simple word, for granted. Do not be subverted into thinking you are wrong for having a natural fear of others. It is human. It has always been and no government or group will ever change that. You are graced by being an individual. Grow your individuality and do so with helping to bridge the gap of fear with your individuality. It is what I have done. It has worked quite well for me and I am the least original person you would ever want to meet.

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