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I Thnk It’s Time…

…to bring YOU into the conversation. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Duh. Well, I believe we know each other a bit. Not a lot but—-a bit. I write and you do me the real honor of reading what I write. We have that much in common. Some of you like what […]

One Oz

I am starting a new novel. Working title, “Odd Lot.” The first chapter is partially written and is available to view HERE. I am posting this on If It Thinks so that you can read and comment on the chapter. My plan is to make this on online experience in writing for those who entertain […]

The Last 3 Articles

What I have been writing about for the last few days is the essence of mankind. I have been dodging around Scripture and some very fundamental aspects of human nature of the imperfect variety in my writing. All of this is to say that peace and all of us getting along is not possible. Not […]

Who Done It?

I spent some time today watching all the 24 hour news outlets. I do this because I figure if I’m going to write about them I should have an idea of what I am talking about, right? Again, Fox seems to be the more objective and I have to say, they tell both sides. I […]


What is wisdom? Is it being wise? Is it having enough life experience to ferret out the good from the bad in life? Or, is it something only white-bearded old men who walk along forest trails have which they dispense to short hairy footed beings? I don’t know about you but the second one I […]

The Ignorance of Safety

Safety. What a sweet word. We all want our children to be safe. We want to be safe and we understand that the people of the entire world want to be safe. Safety is the most understated condition of our planet. Without safety we would all have died already as would our families, friends and […]

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