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Civilization Failing?

For the past several weeks I have been researching a lot of very different avenues concerning Western Civilization. For that matter, I suppose one could say that what I have been looking at is the civilized societies (so called) of the world. Comparisons require a base or foundational starting point so I went back to […]

N. Korea

As an ex-military guy, I have been watching the press’ furor over N. Korea with a fairly good knowledge (even after all these years) of what the Koreans are playing with when challenging the U.S. military. To give you some context concerning my thinking and what I am writing about I need to bring in […]

Thinkin’ ’bout you

Seems like I’m always searchin’, searchin’ for some piece of me, Seems it never occurred to me, you took that piece with you. A song I am writing. I promised myself that I would not ever put my life in a blog when I started writing again. I have mentioned here that it has been […]

A Coup?

You know me, I listen to a lot of news sources and one is always Fox. Over the past month I have been paying close attention to the “collusion” discourse of the Democrats and also, yes, I am not a big fan of the Republicans either, the Republicans. I am seeing something that unnerves me […]

A “Godless” Generation

Are we living in, what Jesus called, “The” Godless generation? In the Bible a generation is considered 40 years. Some like to put the number at 70 years for a generation and I tend to think that the number 70 is more accurate as it denotes the span of generation versus life span. Life spans […]

Protests, TV and the Deep Blue Sea

Being on the ocean is a memory that becomes deeply engrained in any who have shipped out. No matter if you are military or merchant being aboard ship for extended time having only dead reckoning and horizon to horizon blue or grey becomes like a crystalline capsule of memory. It shapes a persons Id. It […]

Rhythm in Time

Tell me, as you have gotten older have you seen or felt the rhythms in time? It’s an interesting aspect of aging and I think it is a part of wisdom. We can call it experience but I feel that it is more like the magnetic attraction of birds as they fly north and south. […]


Think about this very deeply. Don’t think that I am going on and on by asking this. There is a very salient point to this question and it is not a trick or superfluous query. Why Are You Alive? Most people do not consider this enough. Not the shallow answer, “my parents.” For being alive […]


I don’t know..should I confess? Sure as hell! I smoked dope from 1973-1976 ending pretty much when I got married. It was a social thing and it was what spurred a lot of parties and a hell of a lot of fun. Back then a lid went for the average of $7.00. I must say […]

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