A Coup?

You know me, I listen to a lot of news sources and one is always Fox. Over the past month I have been paying close attention to the “collusion” discourse of the Democrats and also, yes, I am not a big fan of the Republicans either, the Republicans. I am seeing something that unnerves me considerably. When you see the leaks from Trumps White House and see the press groveling at the trough of the leakers and writing NO POSITIVES concerning The positives of Trump one has to wonder. Not just wonder but come to a conclusion that there is the formula for a Coup brewing of a legally elected President of the United States of America.

I know Trump is not popular with many but he was elected because he did two things that Hillary did not. He ran for electoral college votes and went to states that Hillary wrote off as in the bag. Two monumental mistakes on her and her campaign’s part. This is merely a fact of political stupidity that she should have known better than to let happen. It is also what happens to over confident people all the time. It is called “taking things for granted” and is a very simple thing which we all do in our lives.

So, because of Trump NOT doing this he won. He won and he won according to the laws of the United States. the thing we needed to do was what I did: accept it and make the best of it. What I did not do was get hysterical or start lying about him. As with all I do I try to be patient. Wait and see. And you know what? Trump is not doing bad once one gets over his idiocy of Tweeting. That is something he needs an editor for. The thing is, though, this is why people who voted for him voted for him. He is a non-politician and a maverick. We don’t expect a non-politician to become President so we needed to give him time to adjust from corporate to public office.

Instead, we have a democratic party who won’t let up on the hedging, lying and misspeaking of what Trump has done. For instance, Diane Feinstein said the other day that there is no proof of collusion. She hemmed and hawed about the news stories but finally had to come out with the truth. The truth which I have written about here for weeks. That doesn’t stop the leakers yet and the best guess I have heard is that it comes from the NSA and another intelligence agency or the FBI.

What we have here is decades of liberal planting of deep operatives in the press and government who are not ripe and trying to bear fruit. It is more than an opposite point of view, politically, and it should scare you. It should make you change your mind about what is and is not happening to our country. Most of us did not vote for trump. That’s fine. the hideous thing is that there is a substantial cadre of people who are trying to turn this country towards socialism and are taking whatever measures, legal or illegal, to get us there. George Soros is just one. I believe that many of the software youngsters who are gazillionaires are also in on this. It bears repeating that Trump was legally elected and it is time for us to get behind him; like him or not, as we love our country and I, for one, fought for it. Not just that but if you look at what he is doing he is making laws already on the books get enforced. He is not doing anything re=adical. The radical stuff was endangering our country under Obama by not enforcing laws which protect our children and by not being enforced got Kate Steinle killed. How sad do you wanat this country to get, folks? How much more turmoil do you want to see? Trump waw legally elected. There is no proff of Russian collusion even after all these months and leaks and investigation. Common sense tells us that, in this atmosphere of hate for Trump, that a leak as to his collusion guilt would have surfacd immediately upon its leal=k to the press. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED AND IT IS TIME TO GROW THE “Flux” UP. I mean, don’t you think?

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Objectivity versus Emotional Response

We’ve all been through deaths, illnesses and terrible tragedies in life. Some, more than others. My losses of family and friends have been huge. They include not only my mother and father but one of my brother;s, a cousin who was my best friend most of my life and dear friends who made a difference in my life. In the 70’s I handled corpses and I also had business failures.

What made a difference in my ability to handle all of this was my faith. No one can describe what God’s touch is but you know it when you feel it. It is very personal and very caring. It uplifts as no friend or psychiatrist can. What I got out of all of this is an objectivity to life. An acceptance of death and an assurance that, if I stayed upright and true, I would see the other side. This is what has gotten me through.

When my son developed cancer it was but another hurdle. I was emotional as a father could be but, at the same time, I had faith that my son would make it through. How I knew this I cannot say. The fact that he is alive and has a family today is a blessing which I cannot describe.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this to let you know that God is real. also, to let you know that those who ask, “Why would God let this happen?” are missing the crux of life. Life comes with no guarantee. That sounds like a bromide but it needs to be better understood. To God, there is no such restriction as time. He has no time. We do. To Him, one hour is one thousand years for us. We go by in a blink of His eye. It isn’t that He wants this stuff to happen. This is not what He intended in the beginning. This stuff got started in the Garden and you know that story. In the interim, we have developed civilization and He has been having lunch. I don’t mean to be quippy about it but this gives some perspective.

I am objective because it suits me. I realized the other day that I was born conservative. Not the political version but the faith version. The faith version does, of course, spill over into my assessment of politics. that said, I am apolitical. I have no party other than Christian. This not only allows me freedom from emotional support or hate of candidates but broadens my world view and allows my love of people by merely knowing that we are all in the same boat. Crazy men (or wily foxes, if you think the term more apt, such as the guy Un of North Korea are sorry individuals to me. As much as I would like to dislike the guy I feel compassion for him. This does not mean I wouldn’t like to throttle the life out of him should he blow up San Francisco, it only means that I think him unstable and in a position probably not of his choosing. Call it fate, call it what you will.

In essence, my position allows me to be more interested in things rather than getting emotional about them. Not scientific per se, but, objective. Unattached to this world as it spins and takes us all on this monumental “A” ticket through the Universe. It’s a great ride if you think objectively.

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A “Godless” Generation

Are we living in, what Jesus called, “The” Godless generation? In the Bible a generation is considered 40 years. Some like to put the number at 70 years for a generation and I tend to think that the number 70 is more accurate as it denotes the span of generation versus life span. Life spans in Biblical times were probably closer to the 40 mark.

Be that as it may, let’s go with 70 for the sake of argument and our purposes here. In the 50’s, as I am sure some of you understand, religion was at a height not seen before or since. Some say that WW 2 was a large part of the reason for people coming to god rather than pursuing secular purposes to the degree we see now. This popular adherence to faith was reflected in societal norms. Pornography and drunkenness were relegated to the slime of society and family and ethics were much higher. This started to change in the 60’s and the Vietnam war is partly to blame. Rather than blame a war on depravity I think it is better to say that human youth in a modern society is more easily swayed to immorality than human youth on ,say, a farm or in agrarian circumstance. Leisure time has always been known to be a creative petri dish for depravity.

We come to the children of my generation and our children. I am not speaking of my children or your children. I am speaking of a generation which was born outside the morality of our elders. Now, I’ve heard all the arguments concerning “It was the same back then it just wasn’t talked about as much.” This is not the case. People had stricter morals back then and a much more finely tuned life ethic. (Yes, there are exceptions to everything.) We are speaking of a Godless generation. A generation where God’s structure is no longer considered important. Where God Himself is no longer believed much less His Son. If you notice in history it is the nations who have no faith in God who perform the worst cruelty on others. Germany in WW 2 and add to that Japan and Russia with Stalin at the helm. Carefully stamping out religious truth always creates the devil’s playground which is exactly what the holocaust was. Perhaps this is the 70 years that was the forecast of the Godless generation?

We are here today with a high probability of another world war. Whether this starts in the middle east or with N. Korea only time will tell. The players are all on the board now and in their appointed places according to scripture. Faith is at a low ebb or almost non-existent and the wheel is in spin. So, is this a “Godless” generation? I leave that to you.

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Protests, TV and the Deep Blue Sea

Being on the ocean is a memory that becomes deeply engrained in any who have shipped out. No matter if you are military or merchant being aboard ship for extended time having only dead reckoning and horizon to horizon blue or grey becomes like a crystalline capsule of memory. It shapes a persons Id. It quite literally anchors the psyche in a place that is above and beyond the mundane of the world. the sea leaves a mark on the mind that is never scabbed over or forgotten. It’s memory becomes the stability of a man or woman who has been there.

It is with this “anchor” that I have watched, since 1972, the world change. Have watched the simple become overly complex and, therefore, swathed in useless tendrils and stains of minutiae which only clog the gears of polite society. It has been something to watch. From Walter Cronkite to MSNBC. From the first jet planes to the Stealth B-2. One can follow weaponry to know where a society has become unhinged. The more sophisticated the weaponry the more diabolical the threat. It is an axiom. A truism.

Protests are, once again, in vogue. Not to say that a protest is useless but to say that there are times and causes which can be swayed by protests and there are times and causes that cannot. In case you hadn’t noticed, these times are getting more dangerous by the day, week, month. Therefore, protests against a man or protests against laws are now only a few footfalls from explosive repercussion. The population of this world is tense; you feel it, I feel it. The “anchor” of society is dragging as the prevailing winds push the vessel of sanity farther away from its moorings; as the night becomes ever darker.

It is time to take stock in what sanity means to you. Is it a place of trees and lakes or a scene of shouting people who really, if they stopped and thought deeply about it. have no reason to scream.

I mention no persons or countries in this as it makes no difference as to the subject. The subject is insanity, its signs and the path to get to it. Many people are now firmly ensnared on that path. They don’t recognize it because they really aren’t concerned about all of us they are merely concerned with themselves and what they are told to feel and think. The man in power is not the threat. The zealousness of those on the path of insane action are the threat. One man is not going to change the world. It is the mass hysteria which is an infection that is likely to bring down the walls and ceiling. It is the few who are not in front of us but, rather, quietly in the background whom we should fear. Those with the money that finance the asylum of the street.

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Rhythm in Time

Tell me, as you have gotten older have you seen or felt the rhythms in time? It’s an interesting aspect of aging and I think it is a part of wisdom. We can call it experience but I feel that it is more like the magnetic attraction of birds as they fly north and south. Pigeons that find their way, unerringly, back from whence they came. Noticing how everything seems different but still remains the same. That small and furtive movement of shape or shadow in the periphery of ones vision.

Once one is aware of this subtle attitudinal change that occurs as one ages it would seem to make all the more clear a couple of things. The fact that, as things change, they do so with rhythm. The same rhythm which only written history is able to show. Rather like a musical score. The notes are arranged differently but the music, ordered in another fashion, will sound like a different tune. The same notes each time but the arrangement is different. History is like this. Nothing changes except the arrangement. Rather like pieces on a chess board. Different moves with the same pieces until check-mate.

As we get older the obvious change or rhythms that we saw when young and inexperienced become more plain to us. What we thought was new and daring is now mundane and, in some of our cases, annoying. Yet, the combinations or “game” of circumstance which change brings becomes ever more interesting in a detached way. Like a spectator at the Coliseum may have felt as he or she watched the Gladiators fight to the death. No chance that both were going to live but the methods of ensnaring one by feints or dodges was ever different as to each match.

This is what I am thinking as I watch our country change. Taking a slightly different, at first, road to the left than ever before yet replete with the warning signs that history is full of. Those warning signs which are so apparent to me yet not seen by the young and foolish. Foolish as I once was. I look with cool objectivism wondering which pieces will castle first and which King is dethroned by a pawn. It is interesting from this window overlooking the piazza.

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Think about this very deeply. Don’t think that I am going on and on by asking this. There is a very salient point to this question and it is not a trick or superfluous query.

Why Are You Alive?

Most people do not consider this enough. Not the shallow answer, “my parents.” For being alive is sensing and understanding. So being alive brings us to what end?

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I don’t know..should I confess? Sure as hell! I smoked dope from 1973-1976 ending pretty much when I got married. It was a social thing and it was what spurred a lot of parties and a hell of a lot of fun. Back then a lid went for the average of $7.00. I must say that hash (blonde lebanese) was great also as were tai-sticks. Now, tai-sticks were rare and probably equal to some of today’s normal stuff. I have not smoked this stuff in decades but the memories (at least two of them) are nothing but laughter and music. Chicago was the group I remember being the most mesmerized by. 25 or 6 to 4 could not be played just once. that was a three spin minimum if anyone could remember to get up and move the needle back.

I look back at those times and realize how different I was then. Just back in college with a 4.0 GPA with no computers. I had a Smith-Corona portable typewriter and a slide rule for a calculator. Taking everything from geology to sociology and anthropology, chemistry and algebra. Dating different girls and fresh home from Vietnam with no fear. Things, as they inevitable do, changed drastically for me in later life but the memories are still fresh.

I do think that pot should be legalized. If for no other reason than to free law enforcement up to pursue REAL crime. In this thinking I have not changed. Getting hooked on alcohol is another reason as alcohol is legal so it was easily abused. Whether pot turned me into alcohol addiction is an unprovable point so let’s just say that I wish I had known of the genetic predisposition of alcohol as there have been many in my family over the centuries.

Still, before any of this are the cherished memories of playing guitar with other really good guitar players and so many friends and trips to the beach and camping and backpacking with tokes shared by all is incredibly fun to think about. In two years or less I will be 70 and my, how time flies.

If I am thankful for anything it is my loving wife of 40 years and my kids and, last but not least, C.F. Martin and company who built my Martin D-28 guitar which I bought in 1971 and sits beside me here at the computer in its original case just waiting for me to play “April, Come She Will” or “Ghosts of Cape Horn.” See, I’m really not so weird after all.

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I Certainly Am….

….a racist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, an extremist, a bigot and a (you fill in the blank)!!!!!!

I’m not a “birther” as that is a discussion which matters little to me. How can anyone who is a human being deny any of the above labels? All of these labels are merely micro indicators of ones being imperfect. Where these labels really matter is in the minds of those forming these words before they utter them. As with all things that are lies it is usually those who utter them who have the largest problem. Quite often it is these utterances which are said with vocal volume to drown out the truth of others. It goes without saying that all of us, at one time or another, have thought disparagingly of people we do not know, have not met nor have any right to judge.

This has always been the way, hasn’t it? Always the imperfection of one to more quickly  realize the imperfection of another while casting these dispersions in order to hide themselves from the imperfection of themselves. As Scripture tells us, “Do not complain about the speck in another’s eye before removing the beam from your own.” Of course, what possible relevance can Scripture have for us today? Today we are those who judge. We are those who possess all knowledge and we are the only ones who could possibly be correct about all things.

That leaves me here, spinning as a racist, homophobe, bigot. I fully realize that you are perfect in every way. Not ever a harmful thought or deed has passed your way. No step off the path of righteousness. A moral compass which points true in each and every aspect of your life.

When I put it that way it sounds pretty silly. You are what you eat is the 70’s term which comes to mind. I don’t know. Do you? This world keeps spinning through space no matter who comes and goes on it. After death it is all forgotten until the next generation finds the old penny in the dust and calls it new again. So it goes.

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Born Of War – A Generational Issue

Preface: What we are seeing today, with the election of Trump (and whether or not you agree with the Presidents life style or viewpoint) is a generational issue. I say generational because politics has drastically changed over the past 40 years to the point that common sense and the Greatness of this country are muted to the point of having, unfortunately, irrelevance by many. This comes from the ease of our lives in these times. In less than three generations the immediacy of staying alive has gone from constant to so what. Living forever is what is thought to be the goal of most. With that tendency comes the evacuation of necessity through the introduction of leisure time. So much leisure that students cut classes to demonstrate because there is universal forgiveness because the effect of missing classes for political issues is thought to be just fine. Ie, the lack of consequences. This flows down into the generation that is coming of, or just reaching, age now. I thought I would clarify with the following:

“Baby Boomers.”

About the term, “Baby Boomers.” I could go on and on about the press creating labels for every generation since post WW 2. On and On and On! I won’t. Suffice it to say that labeling is the same as cheapening.

I was born in 1948. Growing up life was very much about the US defeating Nazi Germany and Japan. Into that mix we need to throw Korea and then, Vietnam. I was old enough to go to Vietnam and did. Let’s fast forward to the Trade Center bombing of 1993 and then 9/11 and Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s not a far reach to say that mine is a generation Born For War.

I haven’t known 20 years without a war. There has been no true peace and that has taken a toll on myself and my generation. When I look at my aging eyes in the mirror I see the weariness in them. I think of playing Army as a kid with a lot of friends and hearing the talk of World War 2 veterans from various campaigns in the Pacific and Europe. Then I enlisted to go into the Navy with the assurance that I was going to Vietnam when I enlisted. Some more war.

I think, now, about that upbringing. You see, that upbringing in war came side by side with the new technology and the “push button” life style that came with it. The separation of my generation from the generations that came before is mind boggling. From pioneers to sons and daughters of pioneers to us. The death dealing hardships of life in general were gone and leisure time was upon us. A lot of time to think, to party and to go to school to pursue degrees. And party and party. Never before had the working class had so much time on their hands. Unfortunately, that leisure time was at the expense of those who came before us. I think my generations rebellion was due to the leftovers of hard lives that had come almost momentarily before our time. An anachronism.

“Gen X”

Our children became the  nest in line to a life even easier than ours. It was our seeing what our kids had set in front of them that made some of us pause to consider how spoiled we all have become due to leisure time. No longer getting up to milk the cows at 4:30 in the morning or fearing an outbreak of influenza. No longer bound to schedules set by staying ahead of death such as our forefathers had set for them.

Now we have today and war is still on going all over the world. The problems we see now are the problems of spoiled children. There is no longer the proper weight given to necessity such as borders that need to be guarded. No longer the understanding that people from other countries are indeed potentially dangerous. No longer the understanding that what we have is very easily lost. If lost the regret will be the donning of sack cloth and ashes for the spoiled children of this generation.

It is tough to watch and I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of my generation. We played at politics and governance. We took drugs which sullied our minds and partied and partied far into adulthood. Far enough in that our children learned that partying was fine. After this party there will be a wrenching and spectacular clean up. A clean up of a way of life that is sodden with the blood of the newest generation who will have to get out the mop and clean up the mess we’ve left for them. Sad. Predictable. True, given just a little more time.

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Millions and Billions…

…of people have lived and died on our planet. I am pretty damned sure that the majority of these were good to great people. When I state this I am leaving out those we now consider hero’s or great thinkers or physicians. Hero’s and great thinkers were not your average people. Nor, were most tof them hero’s or great thinkers. They most likely just won the draw of history to be thought of in this way. Who I am speaking of are those who were never known. Those who, hundreds of thousands of years ago, were the progenitors of the hero’s and thinkers. Back when people died each day while merely trying to live. Whose children rarely reached the age of twenty. Who, because of the lack of knowledge of God, had to come up with their own deity’s to explain nature and its wrath. Somehow those people managed to carve out a niche for us.

In reference to these ancestors I realized some years ago that my having an original thought was ludicrous. There have been too many who have lived in every conceivable circumstance on this planet for myself to have a thought which is totally mine and no one else’s. What are the odds?

When I get lost in the day to day concerns I think of all those who did not know what rain was with any certainty. Those to whom death was a daily reality that needed to be dealt with in an expedient manner with little time for mourning. Who, when they walked out the door had to be prepared to defend their lives just to be able to walk back in that door when the day was through. I think about those people and do not do so with mirth. Think how many centuries it took before a government meant protection and the possibility of doing better because of that protection. Not feudal slaves on a monarch’s property but citizens who were left to do what they needed to live without having their possessions randomly stolen by the kings men or highway robbers. Not have their daughters raped or sold into slavery by those who were better armed. Or, have entire cities taken down by plague.

Then I think of today’s political circus and the lies and hoodwinking that is being fostered by political parties. This comes about only when people have the time to not worry about death. When civilization has come so far because of medicine and long life that people have the time to let randomness fester. You see, it is not intellectualism or status that creates what is going on today. It is too much time on our hands. Too much time leads to random thinking rather than just staying alive. It is also this randomness which leads us back to the dark ages. Leads us back to spoiled brats killing each other over ideas of a political nature just because we have the time to think randomly.

We’re headed this way very quickly as the fear of death is coming back. We have already forgotten 9/11 and we never paid enough attention to Santa Barbra. No. What we are doing is pursuing randomness because 9/11 is so trite now. What are a couple dozen deaths from terrorism when we have all this time to shout at each other and berate those who we have never met. Plenty of time to let others tell us what to think because, after all, it is all so very random.

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