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Sour Left-Overs

Following up on the last two posts. During the week just passed I also considered the vehemently sour attitude of the left. (Remember, I am not referring to Democrats, generally, as sour or leftist) Their bitter excuse for politics is not in keeping with American values. It is more in keeping with adolescent values. Shop […]

Under 40

As this blog gets beyond its formative beginnings and finds its way, I find myself looking at this country in a longer view. If there is anything great about pushing 70 it is the telescopic view of the world as it has changed. Looking back to yesteryear is the best education one can have even […]


People who write for a living are usually slightly eccentric (me?). The fact is, writing in a cohesive and “interesting” manner deserves our applause. If the writing is done well, even something we’re against can be made palatable though it may not change our minds on whatever subject one is writing about. Writers of history may […]

Just Thinking

I sent an email off to a conservative TV host today. My aim in doing so was to tell this person that not everyone in California is an idiot. As a Vietnam vet I know the difference between honest reporting and wholesale defamation of facts. If combat taught me anything it was that the American […]

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