Sour Left-Overs

Following up on the last two posts.

During the week just passed I also considered the vehemently sour attitude of the left. (Remember, I am not referring to Democrats, generally, as sour or leftist) Their bitter excuse for politics is not in keeping with American values. It is more in keeping with adolescent values. Shop Lifting, lying to get out of stuff done wrong, blaming others for their own foibles and just all-around childish behavior. It actually sickens me. These people are as far from adults as my cat. the difference is my cat doesn’t know better.

It bares consideration that these people being in charge of the Democratic party are bringing the entire party down to a level that is far from having any particular values whatsoever. What are the largest accomplishments in the past 4 decades which the left has brought us: killing babies, pornography and legalizing dope. Now, add to that not enforcing our laws as though picking and choosing which laws a person wants to obey is not the beginning of anarchy. It is B.S. to the enth degree and is very dangerous. I would put to you that what is happening could lead to wholesale violence if not out and out civil war. It isn’t the right that does this crap. Sure, Republicans can be heavy handed and a pain in the ass to. However, they aren’t out protesting everything under the sun while destroying peoples property and businesses at the same time. This is all the left and it reflects on all Democrats.

Ie, this new leftist progressive group is asinine and dangerous. The moral values that they denigrate are the values of honest and hard working people.  The people that voted for Trump in the mid-west. Speaking of which, all that was said about the Hitlerian jihad that Trump represented, according to the progressive left, has been proven another lie.

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When it comes to negativity…Bare with me, will you? I want to speak of the first book: Genesis.

Watching the news this morning for a little while. It would seem that the new administration is considering some pretty drastic measures aimed at North Korea. My only interest in this, for this article, is the negative connotation of almost all the news. North Korea is but a morsel. Never-the-less, it is disturbing. For me, though, there is always other news. I can’t tell you how much the news that I rely on could help many of you if you were not so prejudiced against it. That news is the Bible. That book helps us understand the frailty, and the cause of that frailty, of the human race. It is not what you hear on TV or see in the movies. In actuality, it is a pragmatic treatise on how humans are supposed to be and the reason they are not that way. For our purposes, I am going to relate this metaphorically but you can take it the way you would like.

In Genesis the beginnings are spoken of. The creation of the earth and the heavens and all that is on or in it. There comes a place in the story where that dirty, low-down snake tempts Eve and Adam goes along. (Us guys understand this all to well!) The result of this is that both become aware, for the first time, of their nakedness. That nakedness is what this article is about.

In the sudden awareness of their nakedness comes their first glimpse of negativity. (eating of the apple is not the first, in case you’re wondering. You need to read the story to see what I am speaking of.) The fruit they ate was from the tree of good and evil. Again, I am speaking metaphorically. Let’s take this as a story and not fact. Let’s take this as though this is a metaphorical guide to what the root cause of all our problems are. Where the problems started and what they mean now. Have I lost some of you already? No? Good. Hang in there. I am not preaching to you. If I were I would ask you for money to support the building of my church and the university to follow and I would do all of this tax free. I would also become the Pope of the internet and….?

So, God finds Adam and sees that Adam is discomfited by his nakedness> “What have you done?” asks God of Adam. “Did you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge?” It went downhill from there. It gave us the life we have now but that is another story.

It is the negativity of which I speak. We are all negative people. We are all subject, constantly, to negatives. I know what you are thinking, “I happen to be a very positive person!” Ok, good. I am also, but, not 100% of the time. I could be but for Adam and Eve and that, my friends, is the gist. Negativity is what was introduced into the world in Eden. Use the metaphor if you would like but we were not meant or created, as I think is true, to be this way. The world, since that regretful day, has always held a pall of negativity and that negativity manages to creep into every aspect of human life. The metaphor for this negativity, which includes corporate greed, is the name, Satan. The Bible gives it this name but you know it by those idiosyncrasies of your own life. Death, betrayal, greed, as afore mentioned, avarice, politics etc. (If you knew me personally you would know that I had to throw politics into the mix.)

This, then, is why forgiveness is so very important. Forgiveness is humbling and favorable to not forgiving. “Do unto others” is also one of the most important issues that should be a daily thought. The two of these go nicely hand in hand, right? What these two items from the Bible allow is the spurning of negativity in our lives. We know the difference between good and evil. You do and I do. In essence, we are all very simple beings. Clever to a fault but, simple. All it takes is three days without water to pretty much impair our progress to wealth, right. (Unless, like myself, you are the Pope of the internet. I guess I should capitalize “Internet” if I am the Pope of it, huh? It then becomes a proper noun, right? )

I do hope you read this far. I missed some of you who quit in disgust a paragraph in. Tell you what, quitters, I offer you dispensation as only the Pope of the Internet can give. That and five bucks will buy you a latte. Don’t be negative. Come back to If It Thinks!!!

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Polling For Fun and Fortuitous Grandeur of Mind.

New Poll can be taken on the right hand tool bar. It is multiple answer so you can check the boxes that apply and a second one just for your caveat. Also, new Disqus commenting forms for each post or page you read. Join the fun and let’s have some polite Back&Forth. [Operant term=Polite.] No swearing or bad-rapping anyone, please. Let’s keep this at a level that makes us all look like adults to our children so that those same children can say that my Mom or Dad are really grown up and I admire them completely in every facet of their being..

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Under 40

As this blog gets beyond its formative beginnings and finds its way, I find myself looking at this country in a longer view. If there is anything great about pushing 70 it is the telescopic view of the world as it has changed. Looking back to yesteryear is the best education one can have even if that phrase and what it portrays is both bromidic and bromidic.

My last post mentioned the far left and the way the Democratic party is going. I mentioned the assassination of Kennedy and how old I was at that time. What I should also mention is the fear and loathing of this country for the communist doctrine and how much of a threat it was. I realized in the past half hour how my thinking is off base as the communist threat is now flourishing in the Democratic party. All the LGBTQ stuff is, on the whole, insignificant. Making a huge deal about who can use a bathroom is silly on its face. The fact that it resonates ot the younger people reflects the harsh reality of the easiness of this country we live in. When a person is propped by being singled out as a minority it is the same as removing the cornerstone of a building. The cornerstone is part of the structure of the building that is society and breaking down society into ever smaller warring factions is exactly what communism dictates in order to bring a country to its knees.

I am all for minorities as long as they include the wealthy, the whites, the Christians and Jews. Ie, all people in this country without regards to race, ethnicity or culture. What does the left do? The opposite. You have but to look at the amount of dollars they spend on stressing guilt of each of us who does not conform with what they say is prejudice. When you cannot turn around without offending one another you have fallen into slavery to a political activist party:Democratic.

Growing up in the 50’s you either became a responsible adult or you didn’t. Race was a viable issue then. There was racism and it was handled as best it could be by government. Government is not the answer, folks. It is you and I and there is a political party who is trying very hard to divide us, one from the other. A nation divided will fall and that is their plan. If the Democrats have learned to do one thing very well it is to divide along racial and religious lines. Rather than letting water seek its own level they put up one diversion, one dam or another to constantly make the water twist and turn to seek its proper level. We are the water the left is toying with and it is time you learned this.

Therefore, as much as it is distasteful to me to do so, I am going to start writing about the left, communism and what America was and can be again. Only not as a Trump fan or Republican, rather, as a Democrat who now disavows his party. I hope that you have the courage to join the blog and I will certainly let you write or ask questions to which I can provide answers. Most of what you understand you have been taught through school and the press. Both of which are now leftist. The Democratic party was never a leftist party before 1960. In the last 60 years it has been pushed left and that is where it will end up. If you don’t want another (and another) Trump, take your party back and bring it to the center or go over the falls in your socialist barrel when the country has finally ad enough of the coastal influence in government. It is getting close and the election of Trump should be a clarion call to those who are awake. RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnGGGGGG !!!!!!!. This is your alarm going off.

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People who write for a living are usually slightly eccentric (me?). The fact is, writing in a cohesive and “interesting” manner deserves our applause. If the writing is done well, even something we’re against can be made palatable though it may not change our minds on whatever subject one is writing about.

Writers of history may be the exception. Writers of historical tomes probably write some of the most desultory paragraphs I have ever read. it isn’t often that one falls asleep while reading the first paragraph. I did while reading about the Congressional Congress’ stipulations for order when a freshman in college. In fact, that author was so boring that I figured that instructor would also be boring so I dropped the class in favor of Algebra. (I did really well in Algebra!)

Writing on a blog is something relatively new for me. I started my first blog in 2006. That one was named “Lost in Blogdom.” A different title which gave me a lot of room to write about that which I found amusing or had more than a brief comment concerning. I kept that blog for about one year before I decided I wanted to write more concisely and push myself to research and write about more stirring current events. This blog came almost out of the blue. “If It Thinks” came to mind one evening after a rather shaky day. By shaky I mean that it was a day of mishaps of minor consequence that, put all together, caused me to wonder why I wasn’t keeping up with certain maintenance items around our property. Faucets were leaking as were in-ground sprinkler heads and hoses of 3/4″ pipe (quite old school as they were laid in the early  50’s.) The fact that I had not thought of them came to mind as I’ve lived here for some 30 years.

If It Thinks, you see, was a thought directed at me. The use of the second person pronoun was just the way it came to mind. “It is what it is” also came to mind but “is” is not the linking verb I wanted to use. So, you see, it is what it is needs to be explained, I thought. If It Thinks stands alone and that is necessary in this internet age of ignorance of all things 3R. (Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic).

For all the possibilities to learn that we now have it is almost telling how ignorant a large portion of our nation is when it comes to basic civics, constitution, world religion and, hell, just what it took to build this wonderful country. Of course, we have had a counter culture since the late 50’s espousing the downfall of our nation for decades and doing so by vomiting misinformation and lies about our history for those same decades. As I said in a post on Facebook, “I knew more about American civics in the 6th grade than many “led-by-the-nose young people do now at the age of 35. This is why I call this blog “If It Thinks.” For some it is obviously too late for them. Their minds have been incubated since grade school to give birth to ignorant thinking. Not their faults I suppose….until one stops and thinks about the information and knowledge available virtually for free on the internet. The fact that I point it out and no one takes a look shows ignorance and lackadaisical attitudes and that is what I fear more than anything else in this nations future.

Which brings me back to why I write this blog. It is not to condemn nor to haze those who know a lot less than I do. It is to, perhaps, chide some of you into being more responsible for what exists inside those heads of yours. Who else do you know who posted a link for you to read concerning the “Code of Hammurabi?” it is one of the foundational documents of our Fore-Father’s thoughts to for our Constitution. It bears reading because it was written in the 800’s BC. It goes along with what was known of human nature way back when I was a kid in 867 BC. Our Constitution is also written because our Fore-Father’s knew of human nature all too well. If It Thinks is doing you a favor and attempting to give you some knowledge which, in turn, will give you the reasoning to put yourselves at ease about Trump who is bound by checks and balances which you  are ignorantly unaware of in our Constitution. Who you have to fear is the money men behind the democratic party. I will write more about these awful people in a later article.

For now, though, be at peace. I’ve got your backs.

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Just Thinking

I sent an email off to a conservative TV host today. My aim in doing so was to tell this person that not everyone in California is an idiot. As a Vietnam vet I know the difference between honest reporting and wholesale defamation of facts. If combat taught me anything it was that the American Press are a huge group of self-pleasuring liars.

California is probably the greatest state of the union. We have provided sustenance on the tables of the world since the 1800’s. The Gold Rush was, in large part, of benefit to people all over the world who came here to “strike it rich.” Unfortunately, we had the 60’s. Drug addled people from the cities and nations of the world turned up in San Francisco and Los Angeles and changed the scope of the progress of our state. Turned it from a conservative, hard working place to a Zombie ridden, protest everything swamp of dereliction and disparagement of what America really was and should be again.

I guess you can tell that I am not happy with what California has become; a laughing stock to the hard working people of the mid-west. Being included in the swamp which California has become sickens me. Were I wealthy enough I would get the hell out. This state no longer belongs to me and I am heartily sick of the leftists who run it. Idiots incarnate.

I would ask all who are native Californians who agree in whole, or in part with me, to join If It Thinks and help me wake up our nation to the fact that California is a sick child in desperate needs of wellness. If you don’t think California is quite ill then you need not join.

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