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I am starting to write my 3rd novel. As much as I love writing this blog my first love is storytelling. Not just a long post but chapter after chapter.

I already have a short outline and the first line of the novel written. My process is to write without an outline as my mind chafes at doing things twice and I change my mind at a moments notice to add characters, events or just 180’s in a story. I will be writing this as an ebook

I will be writing this as an ebook on one of my websites, aptly named, Guess what?!! You can join that site if you’d like. Generally, I sell these novels as I go on a chapter by chapter basis. Depending, the cost is $0.99 to $1.50 per chapter. I write 3 chapters ahead before I put them up for purchase as n one, including myself, wants to pay for something on a layaway plan.

What I do, however, is to place teasers on the home page to give you a taste of what the novel is about. I never put start and end dates on a novel. That never works. The problem for my readers is that a lot of you lose interest in the meantime. After all, this is the age of flash satisfaction and writing is still “old school.” This is to say that I am backing off my thought process here to concentrate on the book.

This is to say that I am backing off my thought process here to concentrate on the book. Originally I thought to shut down this website but that isn’t necessary. If it is a long time between posts you are welcome to send me an email and ask me to write about something you would like my take on. That missive I will respond to quickly no matter how involved I am in the novel. Best to send the email HERE.



String Theory

Many years ago I started thinking in terms of smallness. Not of small minds but in the relativity of what we can see optically versus what we already knew about the unlimited size of the universe. My theory was that a grain of sand could be broken down into ever smaller particles of matter without […]


Before we had cable we had only CNN. As far as world news, that made us captive to either the SF Bay Area channels or CNN. This was in the early 90’s and things were different. The news was fine for what I watched it for. At that time Desert Storm was happening and CNN […]


  “Introduction” – 1 Jesus saw the crowds and went up a hill, where he sat down. His disciples gathered around him, 2 and he began to teach them: “True Happiness” – 3 “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! 4 “Happy are those who mourn; […]

A Most Interesting 100 Days

I suppose that, if nothing else, one could call these first 100 days of Trump some of the most interesting days of any presidency in our lifetime. We have the normal hypocrisy from politicians on the left for a right wing president as we get from politicians on the right for a left wing president. […]

Russian Trump

Has anyone seen any proof yet of any Russian collusion with the “Donald?” I certainly haven’t. I think this just might be the proverbial “Red Herring.” Wouldn’t you? I think it’s been long enough that a major hit on this would have been delivered against Trump if there were anything here. Flynn is a different matter […]

A Sad Irony

Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and, as a matter of record, Declaration of Independence were a first in world history for a government to be formed under. The freedoms and rights that these pieces of paper assigned all citizens of our country had never before been given unless, to some degree, by a benevolent dictator; […]

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