Admissions to a Door Knob

Dear Doorknob, It is my miserable truth that I admit to you. As I stand on the threshold of entering one room and exiting from another it came to my mind that I lack perfection. It was apparent first when I reached for you and banged my knuckles on the door itself. It was a lapse of coordination on my part and I feel the desperate need to apologize to you. I feel this emotional imperative because last night I felt I could conquer any obstacle which blocked my path. Instead, I find the synapses of my mind not firing between brain, muscle and fingers which, to me, is indicative of imperfection. As you maintain your unknowing objective of latching, locking and unlocking flawlessly, I am feeble in the simplest task of grasping and twisting you.

I have seen you many times but rarely considered your silent vigil. Installed by a carpenter all those years ago you still are vigilant in the way of inanimate objects the world over. Installed after being formed by artisans and craftspeople to do one specific task and do it well and long. You, individually, are formed of brass. You lost your brilliant shine decades ago from the grease and dirt of many human hands. It should have been me who, on many occasions, used a compound made by man to restore your younger brilliance. Af=gain, in my sloth I have let you down. Worse, I have no confidence in restoring your brilliance in the near future. My schedule is far to filled with other mundane tasks to waste my time letting you shine again. Time is always my enemy.

I fear time. My fear is shown in my disregard for the simple work of my youth. It is reflected, also, in your non-reflective surfaces. How many other small chores have I let go which, if done in a timely manner, would have made others shine? Made others feel brilliant?

I am human, in the end. I am imperfect, from the beginning. I have chosen to hide my imperfections from myself by citing others imperfections: loudly. Now I see that my imperfections have left the shine and brilliance of such a simple thing as a doorknob show so much greater in my heart. My heart is in need. You have hidden from me, with your grease and dirt. the reflection of my filthy humanity. This is why I do not wish to see my reflection in you.

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So, What’s Up With You?

As I write on this blog I wonder who is visiting and what they think. I discovered long ago that it is nigh on impossible to get responses from visitors unless I post something that either pisses them off or that they agree with 100%. That’s quite a margin to have to deal with.

I watch the stats for this blog and I have had up to 23 visitors a day for a while. It varies quite a bit. Enough so that I cannot take aim at a particular subject matter or topic.

The polls I run here are another thing. Not much response to them so I will probably eliminate the polling from the website.

OK. that said, onward and upward. I am watching the world from a Scriptural perspective and I am pretty sure that this world is on its last legs. No predictions, that’s not my job. However, having been around so long and having traveled and seen as much as I have it wouldn’t surprise me if God was about done with the way this place functions. I mean, aren’t we all? How about a world of peace and harmony? Sound good. It’s promised you know. In fact, it has been promised since before Jesus walked. Certain things have to be in place for this to occur. Would you believe an old, worn out Bible reader if he said those things are now in their proper place on the chess board?

They are. John of Patmos wrote all this down around 90AD. It is a fascinating book and you don’t have to read the entire Bible to get to it. just turn to the last book where, appropriately, it resides. Revelations. The coolest book ever written. Symbology at its deepest levels. Well, the symbology was deep until now. Now it is becoming very clear just as we were told it would in the last days. An amazing accomplishment. Also the reason I started writing this blog. (although I didn’t know it at the time.)

So, your assignment is to open a Bible and read the first Chapter of Revelations. Ask questions here if you would like to. I will attempt to give you an answer if possible.

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The World

How about the news, eh? Seems like we keep hearing about war or rumors of war. It looks as though we have so many critical problems that we are in the midst of international consternation as to what to do to rectify all these problems. How does a country such as America and her allies fight a war that runs from Afghanistan to North Korea with a large dollop of Russia and terrorism thrown in just for good measure? Add to this fatal ingredient of nuclear arms and tell me which way to turn for release from all this. How many of you ask the question, “Why would God put us through all this?”

Well, it isn’t God who is making all this happen. He has written about all this thousands of years ago. The reason no one either knows this or refuses to give credibility to this is that it is now unpopular at parties to speak of God. Whatever you do, don’t mention Him in public! Instead, find everything wrong with the world and blame it on Him. Ask yourself, who would want God blamed for all the problems the world has? Who would want Him disparaged as well as His Son? Mankind? No, not all.

Let’s take a look at 1914. At this time last century the first world war was started. the significance of WW 1 was the world wide national commitment to the war. Never before had the entire world become involved; nation against nation across the oceans. Then followed a lot of skirmishes and, ultimately, WW 2. What happened that caused all of this terror to our planet? Add to this the diabolical discovery and development of the atom as a weapon. Then came the Korean War which was never resolved but left simmering until now; all these decades later. Add to that 9/11 and the 16 years of war in which we are still involved. Seems never ending doesn’t it?

The world has been at war with only brief respite since 1914. I doubt that many people understand that fact. War and rumors of war. (read Matthew Chap. 24.) Jesus called these “Birth Pangs” when asked about the end of the world by His disciples. Do not fear them. These things have to happen before the “Great Tribulation.”

Scripturally speaking, Satan was cast down from Heaven to the vicinity of the Earth in 1914. (According to some Bible scholars) You can take that as you want because I am not sure of the dates. The first world war seems like a likely candidate for this occurrence though. Especially when you add the fact that the Word of God (the Bible) has been spread far and wide throughout the world (as Jesus said it would be) and, geographically speaking, the world is now settled in all its habitable regions for the first time in history. Cool, huh?

The accuracy of the Bible’s time table is now becoming obviously accurate. Despite the detractors and scientists from all disciplines who said it was not accurate it has recently been proved that they were wrong in the last couple of centuries and that the Bible is on the money. Who’d a thunk? I would. You most likely will if you read the book.

The Bible has never been so critically important for us as it is now. this is the reason I have turned my emphasis from politics to faith here. I am fighting a rising tide of disbelief for political reasons and I understand that. I also understand that many who have read this blog before will stop reading it because this is so incendiary in our time. For the sake of those who are struggling with all that this world is now portending there is hope and it will not rest in the hands of man. Man has been given thousands of years to make the world right or prove that he can’t. Which way do you think it has gone for mankind? The Bible is a complex, yet, simple book. It gives peace, comeuppance or, like me, a combination of both, to all who read it. The very least I can do is recommend it. If you would like to go further you can attend my website, “Enictu.” It is free to join and is just getting started. We can discuss and questions can be raised and answered there if I can grow a community of interest. I will welcome all of you there.

Addendum. From King James Version:

1 Thessalonians 5:1-4King James Version (KJV)

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Jesus will return to rule the world after the Tribulation for 1000 years. In this time will be the judgement of those left standing. It will be a time of unbridled joy in the hearts of all who have believed in Him and His Father. In the past I would not write all of this. I didn’t know with any certainty that the end times would be upon us so soon. Even Jesus said that the day and the hour is known only to God so I kept quiet. Now I want to give reassurance that, if this is indeed the end times (I am not positive but for the signs) I want to, at the very least, allow you the time to consider this. If you think I am out of my head, fine. I may be. However, I do not write these things without beig fairly sure that what I am seeing (and what many others are now seeing and discussing) is what has been written about for millennia.


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Revelations-The Book

Ever read the Book of Revelations? Ever seen a movie with Revelations either a part or the whole of the plot? You know, End of the World stuff. The Earth quakes itself to pieces as the Devil and his minions conquer the people or some Angelic entity from Heaven comes down to save the day and everyone grows a head of faith and peace reigns.

All B.S. Revelations lays out, in detail, the end of what we “know” as the world. Notice I said world, not Earth or planet. The world as we know it consists of nations, governments and corporations which run all of us. Nations are always at war and corporations are always after money. This is the world we know and have grown so fond of. What if the nations were all gone and people had no leadership?

We all understand how valuable our country is for us. Oh sure, some of us rail against one party or another and constantly complain about taxes and how we are treated by all the different governments who hold sway over everything we do. What if that all went away? What then? All of us fighting for what is left. When you take 30 seconds to consider this you know what an end to everything that would be. Killing to survive would be a necessity and it would only get worse. It wouldn’t be long before disease would wipe the rest of us out even if we were hiding in fortified caves way up in the mountains. Revelations tells us that that won’t happen.

More, Revelations tells us that the end of the world run by men is going to be through. Christ will reign over the world as we humans who survive will be brought back to perfection. The reign of Christ will be 1000 years and the Bible will be a closed book. A new book will start with Christ’s reign. All death, all fear and all sickness will be gone. The caveat is that we have to get through the “Tribulation.” What is the Tribulation? We are heading into it as I type this. If you know Revelations you will already understand that the players mentioned in revelations are already on the board. The game is in play and things are going to get far worse. A reason to be afraid? Yes. Also, though, the only reason for hope. This is what is meant to be and it is not too late to find yourself wondering at all of this horror and looking for answers. The problem you may have is that you’re looking in the wrong places. God wants no one to pass away. Those who have but died with their faith intact will be returned and those who survive the Tribulation will go forth into the new era.

To many of you this sounds like the guy who rings the bell at some street corner in New York shouting hell and damnation. Well, hell is never mentioned in the Bible. Hell is made up and an old tool of the churches from medieval times. What better way to have people stick with an organization and give it money? What is going to happen is that God will set things right. It should be said that an hour to God is like a thousand years to us. That is not Scriptural but is an acknowledgement that God has no need of time. He always was and always will be. He loves us all and cares that we all come through the end times. Satan is the one who brought us to the brink. Satan is the one who betrayed God and Adam and Eve and he will pay. Remember the hour for a thousand when you wonder why God would let this happen. To God the time has been short. To us it has been hundreds of generations. To God it is to prove His point in Heaven which was raised by Satan in the beginning of man when Satan decided that he should be worshipped instead of God. It’s all there. It is not too late to avail yourselves of this message. After all, this is why the bible exists.

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A Couple Announcements

Some new websites just getting underway are: Sonoma Jeep and One Oz. Blog. These are for people who want to know more about me (if there are anybodies what do) and a bulletin board for owners of Jeep vehicles. Both are new and looking for readers or attendee’s to help fill out the meaning of having these websites. Tell anyone you about Sonoma Jeep who either owns or wants to own a Jeep vehicle. Any model, it matters not. Eventually I intend for S.J. to be the best Jeep website on the internet. Just need some members to get rolling.

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Things To Watch For

Have you ever had someone move into a house or apartment near you who looked for all the world like a character who might be expected to have a mugshot on file with some police agency or other? A person who by his or her looks just evoked suspicion on your part? Of course, it didn’t help when rumors surfaced from “unnamed sources” (probably some busy body with limited observational skills) which added to your suspicions? Then, when least expected you had a serious problem and this person came along and lent you a compassionate hand to help you with your problem. Thus shaming you into reality that you cannot read a book by its cover.

This is what is happening to Donald Trump. The guy looks like a playboy and player doesn’t he? Sounds rather course and n0n-intellectual in many ways. Speaks plainly after being used to a master craftsman of delivery and suave character. You might say that Trump is culture shock in many ways. I still have a problem with Trump as President and I don’t mind saying so.

However, as I always admonish, I stay objective when observing a person or group who, on the surface, I mistrust. I still don’t entirely trust Trump. I was the same with Obama and Bush. I know that a lot of people, probably you, think Trump is the twin of Hitler: Donald Hitler. Do you know how stupid that is on its face?

I listen to MSNBC, CNN and Fox. I hear all the chatter (clucking) of the animals in the barnyards of cable news. You should understand that there are agendas for some news agencies which goes back to the leftist movement in our country. An unhealthy and slanderous or just flat lying that is a cancer in our country. Now, you think Fox is a conservative bastion of untruth. That’s because you refuse to listen based on what others tell you. You are limiting your objectivity through a lack of sources. You shouldn’t do this to yourself. You should listen to all sources and form an opinion that is uniquely yours. Forget about being a part of some indistinct whole just to be on the same page. That is called being a Lemming.

Listen to all sources and find out the valuable portion that is being left out of news with an agenda. I understand that you were raised this way and all your friends tell you what is or isn’t wrong by parroting what their friends told them. Lemmings. Can’t you be an independent thinker or are you told that because you think like all your friends you are an independent thinker? That argument doesn’t stand up well does it?

Try listening to fox for a change. I say Fox because most of you are completely against that outlet yet have never listened to it. It goes without saying that the brilliance of the left is keeping people in line for ignorance. Listen to all of them and see which is more inclined to be closer to honest. You might find that you were wrong. That’s the scariest part isn’t it?


Who Are The Left in the United States-Part 1

Part 1 – This is an article which I am writing in 2 parts. Part 1 gives you needed personal background on the author. I recognize that security clearances are a great part of fiction in America. The percentage of the population which has a security clearance is less than 5% so what it entails to possess one and how it is used are not well known outside of fictional reference. Take what I say with a grain of salt or believe it; your choice. I cannot reference any source for you to check now but it is an honest representation of what I knew at that time and have only mentioned in passing before now. A small part is, admittedly, conjecture. But, seeing the passage of events along the lines of what I knew then up until this writing tells the greater story.

I want to start this article by stating something I learned many years ago as a 2nd class petty officer in the U.S. Navy. For those not familiar with the Navy ranking system a 2nd class petty officer is the equivalent of a Sargent in the Army or Marines. It is a rank of authority and brings with it certain responsibilities that other enlisted people do not have. Add to this my billet of expertise, electronic warfare, which I had both studied for and had a couple of years in perfecting the art of listening to enemy electronic signals, it becomes apparent that I needed security clearance for proper knowledge of what to look for and I also needed operational intelligence of a highly classified nature to do my job well.

One of the last briefings I was ordered to sit in on, coming back from combat in Vietnam, was a general, operational education on what was going on in the U.S. This was a far reaching brief which, I must say, surprised me as it had political implications. It concerned certain parties of the then, Eastern Block of the Soviet Union who were already operating in the U.S. and were attempting, over a plan of decades. to subvert the educational systems of the U.S. and politicians to get legislation passed which would affect the changes the Soviet Union wanted to take place in our country.

This was the first and the last briefing I had on this subject matter as I left the Navy some 6 months later, having served my time. With my leaving the Navy I also left my security clearance but also had to sign a memorandum of secrecy for a period of time in which I could not speak of those things I had learned. This is typical for people who have high security clearances and the prison time for revealing this information was not short.

My particular reason for writing this article now is that have I watched and listened for all these decades since. I have become apolitical because I was trained to recognize patterns and I took that knowledge quite seriously. Being apolitical allows me to be an objective observer. Not that I don’t have certain candidates for which I have likes or dislikes but it behooves me to stay apart from the arguments or be prejudiced by affiliations with any of the political parties. Why that became important to me will be clearly stated here.

A little history: Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson was President of the U.S. in the early 20th century. Wilson was a member of the then, Progressive Party. The Progressives then, as now, were all for government control of society, handouts and heavy taxation. Their policies eventually backfired and the Progressives became so reviled that they dropped out of sight for many years. In that “head’s down” period they changed their name from Progressive to “Liberal” and have only recently remounted the title of Progressive. Their history with socialism is still a treasured part of their philosophy and communism was an ideal for them. Anything that had to do with governmental dominance of the population was right in their wheel house. It goes without saying that this type of government always fails yet is always admired by the intellectual and ruling class. What happens to the working class is never considered though the working class is what all socialists hide behind until they gain power. Human nature being what it is always has the same common denominator: power equals riches.

I leave this article at this point to begin the writing of part 2. I will write and post it between now and Tuesday Feb. 21, 2017.

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