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Admissions to a Door Knob

Dear Doorknob, It is my miserable truth that I admit to you. As I stand on the threshold of entering one room and exiting from another it came to my mind that I lack perfection. It was apparent first when I reached for you and banged my knuckles on the door itself. It was a […]

So, What’s Up With You?

As I write on this blog I wonder who is visiting and what they think. I discovered long ago that it is nigh on impossible to get responses from visitors unless I post something that either pisses them off or that they agree with 100%. That’s quite a margin to have to deal with. I […]

The World

How about the news, eh? Seems like we keep hearing about war or rumors of war. It looks as though we have so many critical problems that we are in the midst of international consternation as to what to do to rectify all these problems. How does a country such as America and her allies […]

A Couple Announcements

Some new websites just getting underway are: Sonoma Jeep and One Oz. Blog. These are for people who want to know more about me (if there are anybodies what do) and a bulletin board for owners of Jeep vehicles. Both are new and looking for readers or attendee’s to help fill out the meaning of having […]

Things To Watch For

Have you ever had someone move into a house or apartment near you who looked for all the world like a character who might be expected to have a mugshot on file with some police agency or other? A person who by his or her looks just evoked suspicion on your part? Of course, it […]

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