Sea Ranch

Coming to you today from Sea Ranch on California’s Pacific Coast. Quite a drive up from Glen Ellen through the coastal range west to the coast. I’m in the Redwoods overlooking the ocean.

For me, this is a bit of a vacation for photography and a drastic change of scene. It’s been quite a while since I have gotten away. Over 4 years now that I think of it. The coastal Redwoods are magnificent. Redwood forests create their own ecosystem. They thrive in the fog of the Pacific Coast and their shade and acidic nature provide the environs for ferns and specialized flora. being in the middle of a Redwood forest provides a study of all manner of flora and fauna unseen in other forests. People who live in and around these areas are a bit different also. They are environmentalists with common sense for one thing. They are, for the most part, old families who have lived in the area for decades. It is pretty neat but for tourists, it may seem like a trip back in time to the hippie era of the 60’s.


I had saved the forgoing as a draft. I am home now. The internet connection was skimpy up there and the software, for what reason I will never know, decided to underline every word I typed above the “Addendum.” OK, all is fine now that I am back in Glen Ellen.

I shot nearly 55 photos while tooling around with my wife in my Jeep. We covered a lot of ground and did a fair amount of hiking. I will include a few images that I shot while there for you.

Getting away is always wonderful. It gives perspective and allows time to think of things not having to do with everyday life. Seeing the Redwoods is one thing. Spending 5 days in them is another. For one thing, there are few birds in the forest. One can hear a few “peeps” here and there that sound like Finches. No large birds. No squirrels or mammals to be seen or heard. It is very quiet in the forest. A human sound seems strident and raucous. I suppose one could say that the silence is deafening. Kind of nice for a few days but more than that and I am not sure why anyone would want to live there at all.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and majestic. A wonder of nature to be sure. I did not expect the quiet and it may just have been in the area we stayed. The fires at night (in the fireplace) were fun and cozy. A lot of good things to say but for the quiet. Both my wife and I noted it so it wasn’t just me. The house was an architectural beauty. Clearstory windows and skylights which let the light in to create an airy home. The fog rolled in at night which made the nighttime almost magical.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with any more about the trip so I will let my camera do the talking for me.

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An Interesting Read

This is just a start. I haven’t had time to do any research on this person. However, here is the link to John Rawls for those who wonder where a good portion of liberalism in America got its start……LINK. Take this as far as you feel you have the stomach for. I hope that this is enlightening to some who prescribe this political surrealism.

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Why Label What Other’s Think

If you are an understanding person, understanding of human nature and that, although all are different in some respects, we are still pretty much the same, then you also understand that for one to call another names (labels) is to undermine oneself.

This is a thought that I have carried around since being a kid. I was bullied and, when I got home, pretty badly treated by an older brother. How did I react? I tried bullying other kids to make myself feel better. I only tried this once. I felt, for the first time, like a hypocrite. So, you see, I don’t call anyone names unless they are bullying others. And then I only call them names which I feel are accurate and descriptive but not off-color. In no case do I call anyone names that are subscriptive or classless such as bigot, homophobe or xenophobe. people who do so, to a large extent, don’t even know what those words mean. They merely subscribe to the monthly propaganda magazines such as the NYT or W. Post.

I don’t know about you but I feel that being a human being is tough enough without labeling others bromidic titles. At the same time, I think it interesting that those who shout the loudest are quite often the least secure. Worse than being insecure is shouting epitaphs for which we have no meaning or are misused.

I spoke of bullying. A childish endeavor which should be pretty much abandoned by young adulthood. When we hear throngs of people shouting these bromides it should give us pause to reexamine ourselves and tighten our resolve against calling down others. If we can’t learn from others mistakes then we have missed most of the learning opportunities that life puts in front of us.

What do you think? Tell me on: If YOU Think.

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A Crack In America’s Foundation

Joni Mitchell wrote a song “Big Yellow Taxi.” A line in that song was, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!” Of course, the follow-up line was “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” The song had relevance in the early 70’s and even more relevance now. The irony is that it is her political ilk which is presenting the problem; the “parking lot” they’re building and paving is right over the garden of America and its foundation.

It started with a small crack when roots got underneath in the 60’s. They were roots of the tree of leftism. Had the tree been cut down and removed then, things might be different. Unfortunately, the groundskeepers of leftism planted that tree and they meant to crack the foundation. Then again, why should we have worried? After all, it was just a small tree then. What was not understood by most of us was that the groundskeepers were fertilizing that tree right under our noses. They were planting their seedlings in our colleges and universities. Some of us knew about this. Those of us who were in college then. We saw changes in mental attitudes neatly hidden in the shadows of the women’s movement and buried under the terminology of racism and xenophobia. We smelled it rather than saw it. It had a foul odor then and we now have the stink almost pervasive throughout this country. It was buoyed and floating under the moniker of “liberalism”. “Progressive” was still hidden by their fear that some of us were aware of Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement of the early 20th century.

The crack widened over time. Bring us to today and we see the new groundskeepers reacting to it. That tree, now a sentinel, needs to have its roots cut out and its broadcast seedlings tracked down and pulled up by the roots. You see, these trees are poison to a democracy. While using the words democracy and constitution they mask their intentions of taking over the garden by pushing out the plants of freedom. You see weeds (interesting choice of word “weed” don’t you think?) coming up everywhere in the garden now. It desperately needs tending. The weed flowers are merely a harbinger of the new vegetation to be planted if we don’t get shovel and hoe out soon.

This is where we are now with Trump. He is the new groundskeeper and the tree is well rooted given the last 60 years. I suggest that we all tweet to Trump that more and more of us are behind him and turning a wise eye towards the leftist press. I think at least a thousand of us shold take a few minutes to Tweet to him. If We Think, that is.



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Revelations-The Book

Ever read the Book of Revelations? Ever seen a movie with Revelations either a part or the whole of the plot? You know, End of the World stuff. The Earth quakes itself to pieces as the Devil and his minions conquer the people or some Angelic entity from Heaven comes down to save the day and everyone grows a head of faith and peace reigns.

All B.S. Revelations lays out, in detail, the end of what we “know” as the world. Notice I said world, not Earth or planet. The world as we know it consists of nations, governments and corporations which run all of us. Nations are always at war and corporations are always after money. This is the world we know and have grown so fond of. What if the nations were all gone and people had no leadership?

We all understand how valuable our country is for us. Oh sure, some of us rail against one party or another and constantly complain about taxes and how we are treated by all the different governments who hold sway over everything we do. What if that all went away? What then? All of us fighting for what is left. When you take 30 seconds to consider this you know what an end to everything that would be. Killing to survive would be a necessity and it would only get worse. It wouldn’t be long before disease would wipe the rest of us out even if we were hiding in fortified caves way up in the mountains. Revelations tells us that that won’t happen.

More, Revelations tells us that the end of the world run by men is going to be through. Christ will reign over the world as we humans who survive will be brought back to perfection. The reign of Christ will be 1000 years and the Bible will be a closed book. A new book will start with Christ’s reign. All death, all fear and all sickness will be gone. The caveat is that we have to get through the “Tribulation.” What is the Tribulation? We are heading into it as I type this. If you know Revelations you will already understand that the players mentioned in revelations are already on the board. The game is in play and things are going to get far worse. A reason to be afraid? Yes. Also, though, the only reason for hope. This is what is meant to be and it is not too late to find yourself wondering at all of this horror and looking for answers. The problem you may have is that you’re looking in the wrong places. God wants no one to pass away. Those who have but died with their faith intact will be returned and those who survive the Tribulation will go forth into the new era.

To many of you this sounds like the guy who rings the bell at some street corner in New York shouting hell and damnation. Well, hell is never mentioned in the Bible. Hell is made up and an old tool of the churches from medieval times. What better way to have people stick with an organization and give it money? What is going to happen is that God will set things right. It should be said that an hour to God is like a thousand years to us. That is not Scriptural but is an acknowledgement that God has no need of time. He always was and always will be. He loves us all and cares that we all come through the end times. Satan is the one who brought us to the brink. Satan is the one who betrayed God and Adam and Eve and he will pay. Remember the hour for a thousand when you wonder why God would let this happen. To God the time has been short. To us it has been hundreds of generations. To God it is to prove His point in Heaven which was raised by Satan in the beginning of man when Satan decided that he should be worshipped instead of God. It’s all there. It is not too late to avail yourselves of this message. After all, this is why the bible exists.

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National Security

What do you think? You know, about national security? What is national security? 

The term “national security” is like every other term we hear on the news or in discussion every day. But, what is it? Is it defense of our country through military readiness? Is it tightening our borders? Is it making sure that our laws are enforced? Is it managing our weapons by keeping them up to date?

Well, it these and a lot more. It also is very much related to our spy craft. Spy craft is people, satellites and computers. National security is our ships at sea; something I know a lot about. Yet, when all the budget fights in congress are done and the checks written there is something that is always left out of the recipe. That very important item is you and I. Have you ever thought of yourself as being a part of our national security? Perhaps you don’t own a weapon. Perhaps you are one who never served his or her country in the Armed Forces. Those are not the issue. What is the issue is how much you enjoy living here. One measure of that joy is what you take for granted each day. (I am not excluding myself in this statement). These are the joys taken for granted. These are the expected norms that we enjoy each day. Sure, we get pissed at the government and each others ignorance but that not a great part of what we love to do? We spend so much time in rancor towards each other that it must bring some misguided joy.

Ours is a melting pot into which the spice is not always added evenly. Sometimes there is too much thyme. Others there is too much savory. Always, though, America’s recipe is unique. Unique because we have managed to accidentally put together a nation which is unique in all of history. We have never had a king or queen since the Declaration of Independence. We have never had a dictator. We have never not helped our friends in times of tragedy or war. We are a giving nation. We don’t mind shelling out for the unfortunates around the world whether their misfortune is man-made or natural. Yet, in all of this generosity we have to stop and wonder that some are not understanding of why our national security is so very important.

Would you like to see China or Russia rule us? How about Sharia law? You need to think in this way to understand how fragile our country is in this world of today. You have to think of the millions of people who want, very much, to do us harm. You cannot go through your lives being driven by emotion or thinking that all the good we do is for naught. If the US goes down who will step in to take our place doing the good we do? The UN? No. The UN is good for very little. The UN would not exist but for the US and you should remember that.

National Security. Until human nature changes for the better we need national security to be the first on the list. If it is not then nothing else will matter.

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A Quick Note

I am in the middle of launching a new website. This website will allow you to have your own WordPress website or blog for personal or family use. This has been quite a while in the planning stage because I didn’t want to get into the hosting business. Instead, I have a new host (for almost 9 months now) and a VPS server which allows me to build websites made with WordPress (same as this site-If It Thinks) with more than enough bandwidth and memory to adequately sponsor a website for you. The website will be open in a week or so. In the meantime you can read about it HERE.

Have a look and let me know what you think. 

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The title of this article is one that is ever on my mind. America, after my faith, is second. Second only to family. As I consider the politics of our time I realize how inexorably family and America are intertwined. Secondly, I realize how disparate and unreconcilable our two political parties have become. I then wonder if it is because of people such as i who are affiliated with neither political party and what would happen if those who have similar thought processes to mine reaffirmed their political instincts on either side of the aisle. For those who understand the tension between politics and faith it is not a stretch to say that politics is the least important of the aforementioned classes of societal intrigue. Faith has to trump politics and even nationalism if adhered to properly. This is the fix I find myself in. And, I wouldn’t write of this if I didn’t know that there are many others who have the same predicament as I.

it would seem to most who drop in to read my articles that I am anti-democrat. This is not the case. I am very much pro-America and the two parties are of equal stature to me. My viewpoint, however, comes from the Bible and the farther the democratic party gets away from our Creator the more critical I become of it. Republicans, though they say they are of a religious bent, are no closer, scripturally, than Democrats in my view. Too much compromise as the Dems have taken an alternate path away from the reality which is getting closer than ever to reasserting itself. This is why, though I have deviated from the scriptural path I need to be on, I become more disturbed by the left as they drive my old party closer to ruin by going socialist on America. The disturbing aspect of this travail is that the younger people in the party have no conception of what it used to mean to be a Democrat. Eg, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders and liz Warren would never have been accepted as Democrats when I was in my teens and twenties. Youth for communism is where they would have been placed in those days.

I know that this is, to some, just the speech of an old, washed up fart who was in some war long ago. That’s fine. Human nature tells us that wisdom is lost on the young. The problem is that the young get into power and think that the old, worn out policies of the past will wrok now with a fresh set of eyes and young, supple minds. That is the way and the reason that war and failed states are always in vogue. Youth. I remember I was one a long tie ago.

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Protest, Time and Imperfection

If one had the time allotted to the life of every star in Heaven it would not be enough time to protest every human imperfection to bring about solutions.

This came to mind this morning after the women’s gathering yesterday. First of all, I could care less about protests or protestors. To my mind this is the greatest waste of time and energy while being the weakest example of making change happen in this world. Not to mention the problems it creates for others who do not need those problems. It is inconsiderate of others while hypocritically being couched as the way to make people more free or garner higher wages or any umber of platitudes you want to incorporate into the philosophy of protesting. What it is is passive aggressive ineptitude.

The stars in Heaven.

Although to some it may sound trite it is a better exercise of ones time to view in wonder the universe than to protest. The easy exercise of looking deep into space gives one pause from the routine of everyday life which, in turn, bores people into protesting that which is a waste of the human mind. Our minds were made to be better than our imperfections allow it to be. Giving into our imperfections is a waste of this short life span and when added to the problems it causes others it may be considered the largest affront to another human being, short of killing, that one could throw in front of another’s short time span.

I have always called protestors the “Living Dead” and with good reason. Protesting is mindless “Lemming-Like” behavior. We’re better than that. Our minds should be put to bear solving problems rather than NOT being used through protesting. The reason is simple. We have minds which we know can overcome the greatest obstacles put before us. We do this time and time again throughout history. A shouting group of thousands does nothing more than cause public urination and defecation while making work for those who have to clean up after them. “The Walking Dead.”

Aren’t we better than this? I know we are but then, I guess being Christian gives me something that others are missing. Truth and hope in something other than imperfection. Perhaps you should try it and see the difference.


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Objective Reality vs Fake News


Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam War, Aboard U.S.S. Jouett DLG-29 (Guided Missile Frigate – Nuclear Capable)

A Radarman E-5 takes his station behind classified intercept gear in the small CIC cubicle designated for ECM operation intercept. It is quarter to midnight and the watch just started will last until 4:00 AM. It is a typical watch in the theater of operations for a part of the Pacific Fleet on North PIRAZ and SAR in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Jouett steams just outside of shore batteries off Haiphong Harbor with Hainan Island to the east approx. 100 miles.

Outside ECM the surface watch is manned using radar for surface search. Immediately past surface watch is the missile guidance radar station manned by officers for defense against air attack. Not far away are the radar operators who watch the skies surrounding the Jouett in the north Gulf of Tonkin. In the background one hears the incessant hum of computers and radar equipment and the low murmur of reserved conversation, comm. chatter and the static of ship to ship radio conversation. All of this takes place in the near darkness of CIC (Combat Information Center).

This is the procedure of the 7 day a week routine that I followed during two 9 month each combat tours of Vietnam. The 2nd tour (1971) was highlighted by an increase from Secret to Top Secret of my security clearance as things were changing operationally for me in my job in ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) in that small cubicle outside of the rather massive CIC. In that little cubicle there was also a change upwards in the nature of the classified material sent to us from Radio Central via pneumatic tube. The upgrade in security was naturally followed by the upgrade from message traffic from special ops through the CIA. Now I had access to operational intelligence and dates and times of certain operations which would help me better do my job. Knowing when to look for certain parameters and where to direct the antennas I used to intercept was vital. Intelligence leaned was made so much less random by having this access.

Along with these notices were other message traffic having to do with the numbers of dead and wounded and the operational status of troop movements and engagements. What it boiled down to was a day by day operational assessment of how we were doing in the war. How we fared versus the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Along with this I also received, from my Mom and Dad, newspaper clippings from San Francisco newspapers with articles written through reporters access to “unnamed sources” in the government. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how false many of these reports were. In some cases the body count tallies were reversed to show our casualties higher than the enemy’s. In others, having to do with operations, they were made up out of whole cloth. One fact that is never spoken of is how very close the North Vietnamese were to capitulating defeat. 24 hours according to one general some time after the war ended.

All of this comes back to our election just passed. Now, I am not stating this because I love Trump. I am not a fan nor a hater of him. What I am not a fan of is the news coverage of him. As I have said, I watch all the news. I do so to be sure that some are at least close to factual and to discover what others are writing according to their sources. The N.Y. Times are dishonest. It is proved beyond a doubt by other news sources. What this all comes down to is deceit with political motives behind that deceit. That said, it is the politics of gossip and innuendo which is totally unfair to the President. He’s a big boy and can handle this. Who it hurts is the American people who are on the other side and swallow this propaganda hook, line and sinker. There is no excuse for this lying and the 1st amendment is going to suffer from this. Whether these news outlets care about the 1st amendment is now in question.

I tell you this taking great pains to be objective and telling you only what I know from the Vietnam war when my eyes were opened and mind trained to be aware of details that are part of a whole whether that whole is subversive or not. I say this because my credibility, which I take very seriously, having been on the other side of the 70’s political spectrum in all of that combat, matters to me and so do you. I ask you to listen to all news sources and judge for yourself. Don’t take my experience as gospel but at least be open to other sources. Those sources who are reviled are reviled for a reason: they are objective despite what the left tells you to believe. No one has ever been able to tell me what to believe. Hence, Vietnam combat. One cannot be more on the side of independence than to volunteer for that unpopular a war. I even turned members of my immediate family against me for having gone to war. Although it hurt me it also toughened me. I guess that that is why I spend time I don’t  have writing these  articles. Peace.

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