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I’m a guy who likes to discuss things. If there is one thing that drives me nuts (believe me, there’s more than one!) it’s talking in a vacuum. With this software you are able to comment but doesn’t it seem rather trite the way the developers set up blog software so that you can comment? […]

Sea Ranch

Coming to you today from Sea Ranch on California’s Pacific Coast. Quite a drive up from Glen Ellen through the coastal range west to the coast. I’m in the Redwoods overlooking the ocean. For me, this is a bit of a vacation for photography and a drastic change of scene. It’s been quite a while […]

An Interesting Read

This is just a start. I haven’t had time to do any research on this person. However, here is the link to John Rawls for those who wonder where a good portion of liberalism in America got its start……LINK. Take this as far as you feel you have the stomach for. I hope that this […]

Why Label What Other’s Think

If you are an understanding person, understanding of human nature and that, although all are different in some respects, we are still pretty much the same, then you also understand that for one to call another names (labels) is to undermine oneself. This is a thought that I have carried around since being a kid. […]

A Crack In America’s Foundation

Joni Mitchell wrote a song “Big Yellow Taxi.” A line in that song was, “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!” Of course, the follow-up line was “They pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” The song had relevance in the early 70’s and even more relevance […]

National Security

What do you think? You know, about national security? What is national security?  The term “national security” is like every other term we hear on the news or in discussion every day. But, what is it? Is it defense of our country through military readiness? Is it tightening our borders? Is it making sure that […]

A Quick Note

I am in the middle of launching a new website. This website will allow you to have your own WordPress website or blog for personal or family use. This has been quite a while in the planning stage because I didn’t want to get into the hosting business. Instead, I have a new host (for […]


The title of this article is one that is ever on my mind. America, after my faith, is second. Second only to family. As I consider the politics of our time I realize how inexorably family and America are intertwined. Secondly, I realize how disparate and unreconcilable our two political parties have become. I then […]

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