A page from the novel I’m writing. I thought that I would put this here so that you would have a gift from me as I had to redo the website again. The chapter title will probably be “Winston Wiley.” This chapter is about one-third of the way into the book. It is a book of fiction which sometimes borders on fantasy but with the research I have done is closer to a possible reality than actual fiction. From me to you, to make up for the error I made with my server which stores and dispenses this website.

Winston Wiley

Please,” Winston told them, “Sit.” The seven adults took their seats. Helen, on the other hand, was quite absorbed with the one jigsaw puzzle which Thomas had at the cabin. It was a puzzle, in cartoon form, of skiers at an imaginary ski mountain performing all types of silly mistakes and turning the mountain into cartoon carnage; in a funny way. The rating of the puzzle was ages 12-Adult. Although Helen had never skied in her life the characters on the lid of the puzzle were doing such ridiculous things that Helen was giggling before she even opened the lid. As the adults sat they heard her giggles and coo’s of wonder from CIC set them all at ease.

Winston remained standing. For a few moments, he was quiet, pensive. As Todd looked up at him he was wondering just how much more strange this was going to get. He didn’t realize it but he had captured the same thought from all those around the table. Then, Winston spoke only one word: Sleep.

As they fell into a dream state Winston relaxed into his natural state. In the place of a thirty-something young man was a clear window to the universe. It moved and faintly pulsated much like a soap bubble. It spoke in equations of a mathematics not yet known to man. It spoke in sequential numbers never heard before. At least, not since the beginning of the universe.

“I will start with who I am. Or, I probably should phrase it, What I am.” There were glances from and to each of them sitting around the table. The second part of what Winston opened their minds to what they had all, subconsciously, expected.

“I am a caretaker. Nothing more, and certainly, nothing less. My responsibilities are what you would call “universal.” I am not the only one of me. There are more but I am the caretaker of Zone 7. Earth and 53% of this universe are part and parcel of what I am responsible for taking care of.

In the sequence of time as you know it, I took this responsibility during a shift of the dark matter from a static state to its dynamic state. Time has no meaning to me. No “hold” on me. It cannot be said that I always was, as I am part of creation and creation, though roundly laughed at in your time, is exactly what happened. I came to be only after the universe whereas, creation continues to evolve. Therein, lies our problem.

I haven’t the time to begin to tell you what this universe is or how it works or, even, how it was created. For, created it was. No “Big Bang” or accidents. Some of your astrophysicists know this in their heart of hearts but cannot broach the subject with their peers. Everything that you see in the night sky is in its place, the only place it can be to work properly, and do its job. No accident about it.

Now, having said that I must give you an introduction to the human mind. The human mind has a governor on it. It is governed to be able to think, to reason, enough to understand that the universe is vast. How vast is not within your grasp, your 10%. People are only now discovering the intricacies of the mind but are far, far from understanding it. There is a simple reason for this. With few exceptions, no one has use of any more than 10% of their brains but for rare circumstance.  There is a reason for this. Call it: metaphysical osmosis. Abbreviated, M.P.O. A great example is Hiroshima. What took place both there and, just before in Nagasaki was the result of 10% of the brain with  a touch of M.P.O. A touch of higher reasoning mixed with smaller brain power. Try to imagine 12 or 15 or, even 25% use of the brain. In rare instances a part of the hidden brain leaks through, higher reasoning, and allows the thought process to expand beyond the reasoning capability of 10%. When that happens, Hiroshima happens. Reasoning and power have to be equal. If one or the other is stronger then you have war or you have crime or both. It happens every day. Hopefully, you will learn from the negative. Sadly, you do not. It is an imbalance which was not supposed to be; much less, happen.

Indeed, war is the result of the brain’s limited function overpowering the reasoning function. War makes no sense. That has been written about since the beginning of your time span as a species. It is not learned. It is a direct result of the knowledge of good and evil.

Good and evil are not what you were supposed to have access to. In the origins there was perfect balance and all that was needed to be comfortable and happy was given. That changed with that unfortunate incident. An unforeseen negative influence which still haunts the human race. With knowledge comes decision. With decision comes judgment and with that combination and only 10% comes ruin. Unless…ah, unless….there is intervention.

Let me tell you what the structure of 10% is. Your great mathematical minds see only 10% of an equation. The 100% solution of those equations is so far out of reach because your minds are limited. The great E=mc 2 is only 10% of what is actually there. 90% remains unknown. Out of reach. The solution requires a different mind than you possess. It requires a mind that can see relationships on the sub-atomic level. I did not say “calculate” the sub-atomic. I said “see” the sub-atomic. See and watch and understand as electrons orbit a nucleus. See what happens on such a minute scale which can also influence the planets and, in turn, the universe. It is, I believe your expression states, a mine field for a 10% mind. When you throw the knowledge of good and evil into the mix you see what I mean.

From the start, the incident of knowledge of good and evil threw a wrench into the works. A crude phrase, but, apt. That knowledge is not easily put back into the box. To have knowledge of good and evil was never to be the purview of your being. That is the reason you were governed, limited like an engine, to 10%. Even with that governor, look at what you have been able to do. The good always backslide to evil and it will not change.”

Winston stopped speaking for a long second. He knew that what he was “showing” them would take some time to sink in. He also had been quietly elevating their minds to better understand, not his words, but the concept behind what he stated. In essence, he was delivering to them, silently and unknown to them, an elevation of status. He was taking them from 10% to 12%. That 2% was exponential, it was the difference which  should negate the possibility of evil from them. Should. It was the difference between hate and love. Between war and peace. Between inevitable destruction and infinity. Not all of what existed but the building blocks of peace and constructive life without envy, intolerance or greed.

It was also a death sentence. Humans could not yet live with this difference. Not for long, at least; amongst their lower fellows. For history, time and again, proved this difference nearly always resulted in death at the hands of those lesser men.

It was the application of a veritable squaring factor of their minds ability for relative precognitive recognition. This attribute scared people each time it had been applied throughout history. The ability to see consequence before action. They would, however, need all of this ability to undo the damage which not only had been done, but, was still in an active process of being done. Winston could only hope that his decision was right. Winston knew that, historically speaking, this had only been done once before. Once, a long time ago, during a certain flood.

As he stood there, watching them, he knew that he could do no more. The change he had begun would take days for them to orient themselves to. He knew that they had the tools and the will. His trouble was that he was restricted. 2% was enough for the job but another percent or two would have made them almost impervious to anything that a lesser man or, indeed, nature could throw at them. It also made them dangerous. After all, there was always that ”good and evil” possibility. Winston was not sure of that geologist. He had been one of a string of possible variables. Variables were always interesting to Winston. After all, variables were what kept Winston employed, weren’t they?

It was the laughter that surprised Winston. Helen had been quietly absorbed by the jigsaw puzzle during the entire time he had been speaking. As the speech was mental, not spoken, she had heard nothing and was not aware of what had taken place. Winston stopped immediately and turned to track down the person who had laughed. When he got to the door and looked in. Helen was kneeling and putting a corner piece in where it belonged. She had completed a scene fof a cartoon skier skiing off a cliff. The cartoon expression of fear on his face had prompted the laughter he heard. Eyes wide and a bird dashing out of his way had been all it took.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another thought Winston. He quickly thought of a couple of things he could do. Only one made sense if the reset of their brains were to happen normally. He quickly, and silently, made the adjustment to Helen’s mind. This will be interesting thought Winston. I don’t like to do it this way but I really have no choice now.

Next, Winston made a stasis change. This was the tough one. For all of them to come to consciousness, equally in tune, there needed to be time. Children always took the longest as their brains were not yet fully formed. Taking that into account he did the gentlest thing possible and wondered what they would think when they awoke. Stasis is never easy to explain now, is it.

Setting his caretaker’s relative spatial timer for the proper waking day, he took a quick look around. He mentally turned off anything that was on. Set the ethe-envelope (a space that cannot be entered by anyone or thing, only left) and, bidding them a fond farewell and well met, disappeared.

Helen was on the couch and the adults were heads on arms at the table. Inside the envelope, time would stay the same. Outside…well,,,Winston was a caretaker. He could only do so much.

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