F Stops, Shutter Speed and You

How about photography? Shall I put a little of what I know about the art and science of that discipline on If It Thinks? I think I should because I think of photography when I sleep. I could start with Microdol X and go right through stop baths and hypo. Negative slides and enlargers;Omega and Beseler. Honeywell developing tanks for 120/220 or 35mm negatives and on and on. I think, though, that you would be more interested in the aspects of composition and proper exposure, right? How DO those guys get those to-die-for images?

As to the last part of the last sentence let me start by saying what those great photos are not. They aren’t luck. They aren’t being there at just the right time because planning a single image can sometimes take days using charts of sunrise/sunset, honing in on weather forecasts and a whole lot of someone’s money to get to the geographic location where the image exists; waiting. Another thing they aren’t is very expensive equipment. Other than dependability of costly equipment it can be argued that a cheap camera and lens in the hands of a professional will yield great prints. the difference is in dedication and education. Only so much education happens in a classroom. The rest is trial and error and tons of sweat.

As time permits I will start with this page and go forward with some tips and tricks for composition and exposure which will include f stop and aperture which have to do with bokeh and out of focus areas which add contrast to a subject. Then to shutter speed which can capture movement in blurs such as waterfalls or background when, say, you’re shooting a photo of a bicyclist or a race car. Interested? Look up hyperfocal distance, learn it and use it. I will explain that also. It takes a little math but it will completely awe your friends. More later.

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3/18/17 Daisy and sundial.
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