How about Facebook? (FB from here on out)

Wow, what a change in the way things get done since 1948!!! When I was a kid I still had to go through the operator to place a phone call to my Grandma. When I was in Vietnam I used computers which operated our radar and those boxes were larger than an industrial freezer. Try to picture the adaptation those of my age have had to go through up to and including today.

That is why I am posting about FB. I am really not sure of its value for anyone when it comes right down to brass tacks. this is not a criticism. I use it for the pages on it such as the FB page for this site. I have friends and family on there also but would rather have them at our or their homes than talk to them through FB. I don’t think anyone can disagree with that, eh?

I do wonder (call me getting old) about young people though. I wonder how political groups and colleges manage to get into their minds to spread an agenda that is so socialist. I wonder that those who own all this social media are all socialist leaning. Perhaps I am answering my own question? Probably.

Hey, I like FB as much as anyone but I use it more for my own pursuits than to be social. Wondering how you use it. Perhaps you have an entirely new method, using FB, to get things done? Let us know!

Originally posted 2016-12-27 02:08:43.

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