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I’m a guy who likes to discuss things. If there is one thing that drives me nuts (believe me, there’s more than one!) it’s talking in a vacuum. With this software you are able to comment but doesn’t it seem rather trite the way the developers set up blog software so that you can comment? I mean, does it not seem to you that this stuff has enough meat to warrant more than a comment or the feeling that, should you comment, it feels like you are detached from doing any more than just jotting down a note or two?

I ask this because it always leaves me in a quandary as to how to respect my readers. Believe me, I do respect you. It is a compliment to me and what I do to have people make time in their day to come to my website. That quandary still exists, however. Respect has to be indicated or shown to one’s followers. This is why I did what I have done by placing a membership (Free) on this website.

It is one thing to take time just to leave a comment. A couple sentences or a “Howdy” is great but I have the distinct feeling that I am not alone in what I think. Whether you agree with me (and not everyone does which is the way it should be) your voice should be heard. To do this I put a membership site here with some really neat membership software. It is not a part of this URL but it is on the same server so it is basically the exact same thing just set apart from this website like the neighbor’s house next door. It is called If YOU Think.

If YOU Think is set up just for you to comment, discuss, make new friends or connect with old friends. It is so cool! I used “Buddy Press”” which is built just for this software. It is seamlessly compatible in its operation with this software and offers you the ability to have groups, avatars, logos and membership for wither public or private posting. You can upload photos and build a community if you so desire. I urge you to try it out. The registration is easy. Register, get an email from If It Thnks, confirm your email address and you’re in.

I am very sincere when I say that I would love to have you and that I will never charge* for being a member. It is free because I think it should be. Not gadgetry or pranks or showmanship on my part. I would just love to discuss and hear your viewpoint whether we agree or no. Please consider this offer. I know that it sounds, on its face, like just another username and password you need to remember. But, it’s so much more. It is me giving you a piece of my website to use as you choose so long as all who use it act civilized in agreement or disagreement. Remember that it is offered in good faith and we should be simpatico.

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