George Boole

We were given Roku for Christmas from one of my wonderful sons and his wonderful wife. Last night I came across a biography of George Boole. Normally I would have gone by this but for the fact that I have some knowledge of Boolean logic. Now, I’m no genius but watching this biography startled me quite a bit. His logic about thought and God is the first time I have heard of anyone except myself express this in those terms.

When I was a young man I was terrible in math. This came, I realize now, because of the slow-motion train wreck which was my family life growing up. I was badly mistreated by one older brother and lost most of my self-confidence by the age of 12. It wasn’t until I enlisted for combat that I had a chance to reassert my personality and become who I am today. I give you the last because it is important that you understand how I spent my time in thought and very much alone most of my young life. It is during this period that I came to know that God was real and achieved mental surety of this fact. I have always known of God as being the actual creator and was only reassured after my bear fatal illness.

Ok, I apologize if the foregoing seems self-absorbed but it is necessary for you to understand that I am not a braggart or self-important. I say “self-important” only to emphasize that I do, of course, have some ego but that ego is subservient in my dealings with reality. My ego is an ironic twist of having lived through my upbringing even though it caused me to drink like a fish for years.

Boolean logic is the way I learned about God’s reality. I understood at 13 that God invented physical law and that He made us in His image. It isn’t a reach too far to say that He is also governed by His own laws. This is where I started the thought process which has set me askew to most people who know me. It is what has left me bored by social intercourse all these years and the biography I watched shocked me enough to write this down today. 0 and 1. Had I known this when I was a kid I would have been much better in math. You see, in junior college, an algebra teacher kept me after class because I was getting lousy grades. He asked me to stay so that he could explain a few simple laws for working out problems. He actually gave told me that in lower math you can only do one operation of two numbers at a time. Most of you know this from the get-go but I saw a quadratic equation as an entirety. I didn’t know to look for the operation between the parentheses and start that first. The other thing he showed me was that I wasn’t a dumb ass and that I just needed foundational help.

Long story short, I aced algebra and chemistry. His name was not George Boole. It was Mr. Kinkead. I am certain that he has passed now but I owe him so much to this day. I didn’t do well in grammar school as after the terror of the night before with my family I had to go and be picked on at school. The fact that I averaged a “B” throughout grammar school was only due to minimal adherence to homework discipline and finding a different way home each day from school to thwart the waiting bullies. Of course, the other plus was that I got into photography in grammar school and, yes, I did have a couple really great friends. Tucker and Don. Together we got into a lot of mischief so not all was a loss.

Thanks for listening.

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