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Yesterday was a frustrating day. Let me tell you why.

For as long as I have been building websites I have really never read instructions. I am working on three right now whose themes I purchased because they are membership sites and because building websites is getting ever more complex. There is new software on the market now that is called “Page Builder.” It is the first time that software has allowed “drag and drop” mechanics to be used to put elements of a website such as menus, columns, tables, sidebars etc. on a page. Just drag them into position, assign them values needed and you’re done; theoretically speaking.

Yesterday, without reading up on it, I decided to build the home page on a website using a page builder for the first time. How tough can it be, right? What I ended up with was the loss of a post and the elements of the page splayed out across the page. A mess! Discouraged, I got up and found something else to do. Living out where we do there is always enough “else” to do. The great thing about finding something else to do is that, for me, it gives me the time to concentrate and decompress. Upon decompression, I settled down and asked myself, “Are you smart enough?” Smart enough to figure this, and myriad other things, out and come to a successful conclusion of what ever it is I am attempting.

The answer is that, yes, I am smart enough but it bears a more careful look. A deeper introspection.

I don’t know about you but my life, growing up, kind of sucked. Being picked on at home and then again at school leaves a pretty damned hollow spot in one’s self-confidence. I am not saying there weren’t great and memorable times that I had but there was always tension and uncertainty as I didn’t know which negative experience would rear its ugly head from one hour to the next. One cannot breed positiveness when one is subject to that type of tension. So, I asked myself, “Am I Smart Enough?”

I decided to write that down and put it in front of my computer not just for the question but for the thoughts that it brought about. You see, if you deny negatives then you are denying reality in all you do. Nothing is all positive. However, if one asks themselves this simple question and one is also honest with themselves then the inevitable answer has to be, “Yes, Damn right I’m smart enough!”

I thought I would pass this on as I prepare myself to write the new novel. As I have said many times, I have NO original thoughts as I am just one of billions to have walked this Earth who thought very well.

Write that question down and place it where you will see it each day and allow yourself a few minutes to think it through. It lifted me and i would like nothing better than to lift you also.

Hey, let me know if this helps?


Originally posted 2017-09-03 19:22:10.

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