Have you figured Trump out yet?

After the first “Trump Month” I was still not sure what the heck was going on. All the Tweets and rigamarole that he was up to left me scratching my head for a while. I started to form an opinion based on what I knew of him. Now, what I knew of him was very little. I liked some of the things he said during his campaign but campaign speeches do not give one any real idea of what the candidate will actually do in the future. Go back through the historical record of campaign promises versus fulfilled promises and the ratio is somewhat disappointing.

After another month passed I got a little better understanding of what he was up to. It came to me because of the press. If you follow me you know I think very little of the press. My experience since Vietnam and my security clearance have shown me that lying by the press is common practice when politics gets in the way of objective reporting. So I watched and took mental notes of what the relationship between Trump and the press evolved into. After a whole lot of, shall I say, seemingly errant Tweets from Trump and the reaction by the press to those Tweets I understood. Trump is fishing the press. By that I mean he throws this stuff out there and steers the conversation the way he wants it to go. He has no compunction about being “non-presidential” which, if yu pay attention, is equal to the press’ compunction to be dishonest or negative towards him.

The result of this is that the press is off balance which suits Trump quite well. I think that what we are seeing is how a non-politician, who has a ton of experience with the press over many years, can take the lead on the dancefloor and waltz the gullible egos of the press wherever he wants merely by changing the tune in the middle of the dance. It is artful to watch.

In the meantime, Trump is doing one hell of a good job, if one is objective. If you hate Trump you are missing the history being made. The proof that all the rotten things said about he and his family, all out of bounds, of course, are untrue. This will raise the ire of some of you but, as I stated, objective observation will suit you well as Trump’s presidency evolves. You have a front row seat to history. You should take advantage of it by putting away your anger and watching the “Fred Astaire” of a non-political holder of the Office of President work his magic. Emphasis on “non-politician.”

Originally posted 2017-05-12 23:04:12.

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