Hysteria = Death

Hysteria is a combatants death knell. No one can rationally proceed on any mission if hysteria is present; uncontrolled. You see it in movies but in real life it is the cause of death for one or many if the hysterical person is in charge but overwhelmed by fear.

The same holds true for political hysteria. The form it takes is in irrational thought which leads to poor or deleterious decisions or, in the instance of the last election, a mass irrationality caused by non-objective thought processes on a mass scale. Of course, this has to do with a media whose job is thought, by the media, to shape opinion against anyone of a different thought process or political stance than that held by the media. To shape that hysteria takes the hands of a group who has no problem masking the truth or telling falsehoods to those who trust them to be true to their word. Given several decades of getting by with doing so it becomes much easier for them to make this process happen until, as always happens, people are given a chance to see behind the curtain.

This last election is, frankly, a gift to people such as myself who maintain a distance and do not become involved with what others tell us to think and care about truth because we have seen through the lies of others: such as the new media.

It is a sad thing in the way the media is slavishly cowed by their own convoluted thought process. The same process that a little boy or girl go through to hide something naughty they are doing. It is the same countenance which occupies the face of a guilty child. In this case it is the overt lying of both media and politicians who have been caught with their hands in Daddies bureau drawer. Even though caught in the act they twist and fidget and hide to disavow what they do.

This has been going on for a long time and the best and most sure way to continue this falseness is to get our children twisted into the mold in grammar school and on into higher education. It is the same thing the Nazi’s and Communists did so it should not be viewed as something new. However unfortunate this type of childish behavior is it is very prevalent and has become almost matter of fact. I thought you would like to know.

Originally posted 2017-01-04 18:56:57.

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