Internet of Interest

I have a number of websites which I publish on. When I consider my interests I seem to be dumb enough to build a website for them. I don’t keep up with all of them like I do If It Thinks but I make a regular (once or twice a month) addition to most. More as tie permits. I am making this page to inform you of where these websites are so that you may take a look and follow them if mine and your interests intersect. As always, you are welcome to join any of my sites and participate. Follow the links in the table and they will take you directly to the sites.

  • Walking – I love to walk. I am an aficionado of Colin Fletcher (The Complete Walker) and backpacking. This site is about everything from backpacks to pedometers and all in between.
  • Software – Just started this one. It is about a non-developer developer’s journey with all types of software since 196. that would be me. Interested? I know that many of you are. Wanna join and help get the website going. Love to hear your expertise and struggles or victories!
  • New Website in Your Future? – I do websites also. Same software as this one.  WordPress. It is by far the quickest to get a handle on and has almost infinite uses with the infinite number of themes (paid and free) and plugins (extensions).

More to come… Please become a member of any of my websites. I’d be happy to meet you.

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