It Takes One To Know One

Hey! I love old sayings. The haikus of our forefathers and mothers, sisters, brothers aunts and uncles. The subject line of this article is the one that fits so very neatly into today’s rhetoric: “It Takes One To Know One.”

It seems that some groups have appointed or elected people who like nothing better than denigrating others for speaking those words that are politically incorrect. Now, political correctness is a fabrication into and unto itself. There is no such thing as political correctness due to the fact that politics is not correct in the largest percentage of its actions. When was a politician honest and above moral reproach? Ok, Name them!

I don’t want to get involved in a shrieking match with this article. I just want to state what I know is on many of our minds. The words bigot, racist, homophobe, xenophobe and hydrophobia (did I get you with that last one…rabies?) are part and parcel of human nature. It is accurate to call most of us one or all of those terms. The fact that it should go without saying is the rub. Most of us realize that having fear or making fun of one another is just what we do. It is the degree of hidden malice which constitutes the offense and which has caused the subjugation of so many human beings in torment and fear.

I have suspicion of blacks, Asians and others as a reflex action. I am not at all afraid to admit that. Lord knows there has been enough history and press to cause this fear. For me as for you it normally takes all of 2 seconds to cast off that reflex once we have spoken to a person that does not appear as we do.

I come from a background of working in life or death situations with all colors and cultures. I have spoken candidly with all races and cultures about this very thing. To a person we all agreed that getting to know an individual is all it takes to alleviate the fear which comes naturally. It was a radarman named Bradley aboard the U.S.S Jouett with whom I had this conversation all those years ago. He was a black man from the South and we both spoke of this over many conversations. The sum of which was that all I am saying here applies to all races. Blacks are suspicious of whites and, dare i say, Koreans. It just is folks.

To use these words as an argument or a posture of attack is pure ignorance on the part of the utterer. Not just ignorance but an attack of political malice and personal denial of their own reality. Most of the people who do this are not just plain stupid but also are caught up in a circular thought process from which they may never reappear to themselves. Chasing their tales is another way to express it.

Let’s calm down and, first, admit our own ignorance and fear. From there we have a solid foundation for discussion. Take it from one who thinks as you do.

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