Liz Warren

First, I’ve known a lot of characters in my life. From members of my extended family to sailors I have met around the world I’ve seen some stuff that would make you groan in disbelief. Shenanigans that would curl your teeth done on a regular basis. Fights in Philippine bars to harlots on bar tops in Hong Kong.

That is why I find Liz Warren so fun. She has a way about her which I try to portray as though she were an actor. Trying to divine that part she might play is just a great way to look at her and her demeanor. I sometimes think that she would be great as a Madame of a Bordello. Rough as cut glass and taking no prisoners. (or non-paying customers!) Sometimes I think of her as a shrewd sleuth attempting to get to the bottom of some insidious criminal caper in the “Windy City” of the twenties. Yep, she is one for the ages. Thankfully.

Mostly, though, I think of her as a coarse and inept thinker. She and what’s his name who is now the head of the Dem party. Really? This is what my party is electing and appointing to serve? A peckerwood who swears in public and a woman who hasn’t seen a Twinkie she wouldn’t take a bite out of. It just goes to show how far DOWN my party has fallen. Don’t worry about Trump. In comparison, he is a boy scout. Look at what Trump has done which is exactly the opposite of what the press has said of him. Look what has been thrown on his plate and how he has handled it. Look at the disparaging remarks that have been thrown at his daughter and even his teenaged son. How would you like it if this stuff were done to you and your family? All because of your past improprieties or what the press is saying, preaching about you. Mostly untrue.

I don’t know, compared to Elizabeth Warren I would trust Trump with my kids first. When I consider her as a senator I just laugh at the ignorance and foolishness of those who elected her. She shouldn’t be dog-catcher. She shouldn’t be a fry cook. She is a senator and that says more about democrats than I care to think about.

Of course, I do not include ALL Democrats in this rant. There are many just like me who feel the same way. Those with experience and common sense who love their country and do not refer to the Constitution,  while reading from an alternative document of their own writing or choosing. Possibly a communist manifesto. We’ve come a long way from the 50’s. It has mostly been downhill and we know it don’t we?

Originally posted 2017-04-26 22:02:10.

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