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I am in the process of realizing a dream that I had no idea could actually happen. After nearly dying a few years back I have walked my way back to health. In doing so I, of course, went through myriad pairs of shoes, socks, trails, streets, highways and byways plus any number of local trails.

While walking, easily over two thousand miles, I got fairly comfortable with equipment needed to walk and became more familiar with most of the trails in our neighborhood state and local parks. On one of these walks, I started considering a walkers website. At first, the idea was just a blog which costs very little to get going but demands a lot of time and thought to become even a modicum successful. I did it anyway as I had so much information which I wanted to share and, also, make a website for others to share their knowledge and experience as walkers or backpackers.

So, I purchased a theme and installed it on a sub-domain of the walking website I built. It is a complex theme and offers much, much more than any I have yet built. It has a forum, Buddy Press, Woo Commerce and many other detailed extensions than I have yet worked with. IE, I have a lot of work to do.

The fantastic news for walkers is that it will be a membership website which will encompass all of the various and sundry aspects that walking involves. Plus reviews of equipment such as shoes, socks, packs (extended and day) and so much more. I will announce the opening of it soon. It will take about one month to get up and running. I have already moved it to my VPS server so it will be fast to load and ultra-secure. I hope that my enthusiasm is contagious because I would love for you to take a look, tell your friends and, pretty please, join. Walking

Walking is the least harmful exercise for the entire body there is. Done correctly, it is a sure way to lose weight, develop stamina and just ease tensions and all the pain that politics brings on. Well, I don’t know about the last few words but it sounded correct.

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