Merry Christmas To All Who Venture Forth In Life

Once again it is Christmas. It’s a funny thing but, being one who studies the Bible, Jesus said not to honor his birth but, rather, honor his death. His reason was that He was to die for us to have a chance at eternity with Him. Therefore, His birth was insignificant as a celebration for those who followed. As with all I write here, take this as something to research or just cast it aside.

We celebrate Christmas as  holiday for friends and family. It is always a sober celebration in our house. The exchange of gifts is not as important as is the love and warmth and sharing of family. We are minimalists when it comes to gift giving.

During the Vietnam conflict I spent Christmas in combat. Although that was long ago it left in me an importance of the holiday. Christmas at General Quarters aboard ship left little time for happiness or celebration. As with all Christmases I think of those overseas on duty in the military and wish them God Speed and Blessings. The Christian component of Christmas is being erased by those who are atheists and liberal fools. To their own ruin; socially speaking. How’d the election go for your cynical beliefs libs?

Merry Christmas from one who is celebrating his 68th Christmas. My, how things have changed.


Originally posted 2016-12-23 19:06:21.

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