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After several years and one election, I have decided to move away from “If It Thinks.” The reason is that I have gotten much more deeply involved with the study of Scripture. In truth, I find I had been avoiding this commitment to stay in touch with current events.

In the study of Scripture, it is said by some that there are seven levels of understanding Scripture. Now, I don’t go that Zen with the Bible but I do have to agree, somewhat, that deeper understanding is available with intense study alongside prayer. I knew this but it’s been a long while since the Bible has been opened to me as deeply as God has seen fit to open it to me now. I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

I started a new personal blog which is called and located at: and will be my new home to write and post images without any political or, indeed, worldly influence. In part I hope to write of my “life” experience from the time I first opened a Bible at age 12 to the present day and how I managed to stay astride life’s horse even while debauching myself in so many ways. That stuff is over now and it is past time to move on.

I do want to thank those who spent their valuable time coming here to read what I offered. At times there have been many and other times few. This “style” is no longer me and I have not been posting here regularly enough to maintain an audience as I should. If you have the stomach for it I will be slowly adding photos and experiences on which will possibly help others who are searching for truth and are tired of this world in the state of disrepair in which we now find it. It won’t be long before promises are kept and things will get infinitely better for all the Faithful. If I can help you in the smallest way then I would love to do so. Peace.

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