N. Korea

As an ex-military guy, I have been watching the press’ furor over N. Korea with a fairly good knowledge (even after all these years) of what the Koreans are playing with when challenging the U.S. military. To give you some context concerning my thinking and what I am writing about I need to bring in the subject of the Vietnam war.

There is only one reason that we did not win in Vietnam. It is a simple reason and that reason is called “politicians.” Those who are not familiar with the process of that war should fully understand that Lyndon Johnson and Robert Mc Namara decided to run the war with other politicians effectively taking the generals and admirals out of the decision making process. If you look at the way F.D.R. waged the second world war you will know that he left it to the military to win the war and they did. Not so in Vietnam. The politicians listened to the protestors, considered their political longevity and got thousands of soldiers killed needlessly and for no good reason other than their reelection.

The administration and secretary’s of defense and the branches of our armed forces we have now are different in every way that matters. Trump and his people will not interfere with them should war happen. Personally, I doubt that war will happen but I could be wrong. If, however, it does the war will be a bloody mess (on both sides) and the Koreans are going to lose everything. They can shoot all the missiles they want and those will most likely be ineffective. They are all bluster and cunning but taking on the U.S. is a huge mistake on their part.

You see, the citizens of the U.S. had no idea what our military was capable of had the politicians gotten out of the way in the Vietnam war. The military cannot fight with one hand tied behind their back as we were then. we couldn’t bomb where the bombs needed to fall and were restricted in what we could do and what we could use. Not so now. A war with Korea will be a mess but it will also be decisive. It will also be a damned shame if we are forced to wage it. No one should be killed for such a pathetic regime but that is now and has always been the way of the world.

I don’t like war and I hope that rumors of this one are only a tempest in a teapot. You should also understand that Trump is not a maniac. He is, however, a great person to have in office to CORRECT the errors of that past 30 years of Presidents. Without exception, the “playing along” of the Kim regimes has been a mistake. They were always headed down this road as is Iran.As much as we love peace we are not the ones who destroy it. We are no “Imperialists” and never have been. Just look up the difinition and you will see that it does not apply to what we have always done in war. Yours and my father’s and mother’s paid taxes to rebuild and leave free those country’s we beat in war.

If you pray, pray for peace with one eye open. Let’s hope that calm minds on our side prevail.

Originally posted 2017-08-10 19:22:53.

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