Our Government’s Secrets

A lot of people started claiming that the U.S. government being secretive is a bad thing in the last several decades. In one way, I agree. There are secrets inside our government which concerns double-dealing and that type of thing which just shouldn’t be. I do draw the line at secrecy which concerns our armed forces. Troop and ship movements must be kept secret. the same goes for weapons systems and tactics. All of these particular aspects of our armed forces require secrecy to save our nation and the lives of our people in the services.

The Navy has an old saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” That isn’t just a clever bumper sticker. It’s, “Oh, So True!” We were admonished during the Vietnam war that our ship and where it was headed next must never be discussed anywhere other than aboard ship. When one walked down the gangplank those details stayed hidden. It comes, quite simply, from war times eons before the U.S. was discovered. It has always been part and parcel of a sailors mental attitude since Roman and Greek times.

It should be noted that those who say secrecy is wrong are quite out to lunch where the rubber meets the road. Secrecy is tantamount to success for the military. Now, on the other hand, there is a golden sunset for secrecy. It will go away when the world stops being so destructive. When wars are no longer fought and everyone gets along and the Lion lies down with the Lamb. IE, when the human imperfections in this world are mended.  Until then, secrecy is not just necessary it is required to keep us safe and that requires a strong nation just full to the brim with secrets.

Originally posted 2017-08-29 23:31:40.

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