Our Tax Structure

I’m back after having taken a vacation after my vacation. No apologies, I needed the respite from writing this blog. So, without further ado:

Our Tax Structure.

I think I will get a lot of agreement when I say that our tax “structure” is actually a concrete and steel megastructure built on the backs of the middle class of America. The reason I see our tax structure like this is because I see the bowed backs of my family and yours. I see everything we touch taxed and that includes those things that our parents live their lives to bequeath to their children taxed at least five times during their lives and then taxed again when their children take possession of those assets.

Many people on the right blame this on the left. I don’t quite as much. I do blame the left but the people on the right, including those in power now, have the chance to alleviate this barbarism. Not just the inheritance but all taxes. If you live in California it is twice as bad.

Here’s what I have been considering.

The left has always been, to a lesser or greater degree, socialist. Perhaps not you and your family but those who run the party are sure as hell-fire socialistic. Don’t for one minute think they aren’t.

Over the past 80 years, the elite leftists have gotten wealthier. Now we have the I.T. multi-billionaires who are forming a cabal unto themselves using their money and the power which follows in train. These folks are taking advantage of off-shore banking to limit their liability for taxes all the time railing against the right as the wealthy. On the right, you have plenty of wealthy but the left is using them for cover in everything they do which, of course, makes the left much worse than the right. I think the correct term is hypocrisy for their public persona.

They go even further with this hypocrisy by using the poor as political pawns by both keeping them poor by keeping them on the government dole and, at the same time, railing publically about how horrible the right is toward the poor and down trodden. Pure, unadulterated hypocrisy!

Even worse is what I started this article stating. The middle class bears the brunt of all this hypocrisy by shelling out their hard earned dollars to support the government dole going to the poor instead of having a government plan to put people back to work. No, it is much easier to stick with the decades old and bromidic blame the wealthy and the right. One would think that right would wake up. At least, by now. Perhaps they are awake? Perhaps they are awake and in league with the left due to the huge sums of money being poured into the coffers of the politicians? What are the odds that both parties are now connected through a wall built of chicanery? A type of umbilical cord from the Zuckerburgs to the government. Could happen. Could be happening as I type. In fact, it probably is. Now you know why I don’t believe in either political establishment but do believe in principals of righteousness.

You think about it and let me know what you think by commenting here.


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