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For That Matter…

…What IS an adult? It seems to me that there are a majority of people in this country that really aren’t sure what being an adult is. When you look at public examples of “so called” adults it kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Certainly it isn’t age. There is no viable number which connotes being […]


Amazon was launched in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. Headquartered in Seattle, WA. it has taken a huge market share of retail sales as each of us already know. I was briefly watching a business program today which says that Macy’s is restructuring and closing something like 80 stores nationwide. Now, I am not a business […]

America-The Movie

If you listen to Hollywood and liberal college-type professors you would think that America is made up of legions of oppressed slaves and transvestites. Add to that, women in bondage for the pleasure of republicans and you have the movie. The problem is the plot. There is none. Oh, wait…I need to add the scene […]

Hysteria = Death

Hysteria is a combatants death knell. No one can rationally proceed on any mission if hysteria is present; uncontrolled. You see it in movies but in real life it is the cause of death for one or many if the hysterical person is in charge but overwhelmed by fear. The same holds true for political […]

Well, Where Do We Stand?

Ok, we have Trump climbing the last few feet up the hill to President. We have what I consider to be a weak President leaving office. We have republicans in congress trying to pull chicanery on the first new day of the new congress. Chicanery on ethics and being held to account. We have Pelosi […]


How about Facebook? (FB from here on out) Wow, what a change in the way things get done since 1948!!! When I was a kid I still had to go through the operator to place a phone call to my Grandma. When I was in Vietnam I used computers which operated our radar and those […]


I am in the process of building a new blog. This one is more of a “Personal Tour of the Bible.” What sets this apart is the way I am approaching the writing of this blog. It is my own personal journey of reading, time spent doing other things and then coming back, to my […]


What is wisdom? Is it being wise? Is it having enough life experience to ferret out the good from the bad in life? Or, is it something only white-bearded old men who walk along forest trails have which they dispense to short hairy footed beings? I don’t know about you but the second one I […]

The Ignorance of Safety

Safety. What a sweet word. We all want our children to be safe. We want to be safe and we understand that the people of the entire world want to be safe. Safety is the most understated condition of our planet. Without safety we would all have died already as would our families, friends and […]

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