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The Ignorance of Safety

Safety. What a sweet word. We all want our children to be safe. We want to be safe and we understand that the people of the entire world want to be safe. Safety is the most understated condition of our planet. Without safety we would all have died already as would our families, friends and […]

Dumb as a Post?

I suppose I might very well be just as dumb as a post. When I look at politics, especially the Democratic Party ( of which I is one) I am most certainly a post. A post that has stayed put as the sands of progressivism has usurped my party. Progressive is just another word for […]

Pretty Damned Strange if you ask me

Clinton’s and Podesta’s email hack disclosed the absolute disparagement that they both have for the American citizen and that includes Democrats. You people were played for fools and she is guilty of really despicable stuff. This phony press we have exposed no truth of this to the citizens. Instead they have doubled down on Trump […]

Extreme Vetting

Well, from the looks of it, another person has died and several injured due to lax immigration policy. OSU has lost a young person on their way to a life’s dream….for nothing. People are taught to be up in arms (and call those who want foreighners properly vetted) xenophobes, racists and on and on and […]

Donald Trump

The good thing about Trump is that the left hate him. this garbage about the electoral college is a mute point. Had it been Hillary the college went for they would be jumping for joy. It’s always the same shit. Trump is a worldly man. To me, this is not a good thing. Scripturally speaking (and […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Although it has fallen out of favor for the left, to those who actually understand that the first Americans were not murderers and pot salespeople, alcoholics, and purveyors of indecency. It is a day to give thanks to God for steering our forefathers to this new continent to bring about religious freedom in a nation for the […]

Where is This Country

Listening to al the ruckus about Trump. The demonstrations, the news and the pundits. It gets me to thinking if I can lend a hand in some minor way. You know, some silly thing to say or some, hopefully not bromidic, call to some sensibility for all of the population who have chosen to get out […]

Do You Ever Wake Up?

I woke up this morning with this blog on my mind. The feeling that I have gotten away from my original purpose for this blog was eating at me. At first, my intention was to make this a review site. I announced that on Facebook and got a lot of interest. Hey, I figured, this […]

Who Makes Light of Who?

Backgrounds of people are a major factor in the way they think. One born in a city will have much different thought styles (I may have just coined a phrase) than a farmer. Do you doubt that this is true? You shouldn’t. On the other hand, a person born in the suburbs will have “tween” thoughts […]

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