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Objectivism Is Not Overrated

When I started this blog the first thing I needed to come up with was a name. Now, as I will tell anyone who will listen (total-2) that I am always thinking. Not that well but, at least, I try. I often rustle feathers and an awful lot of people disagree with what I say. That doesn’t bother me as I am not a brash person in civil conversation. Most of the time I just listen. The reason I listen is that I hate arguments. I grew up in a house where arguing was a sport and I was 8 years the youngest. That’s a huge spread in understanding the reason for fighting. Anyhow, I grew out of it and kept my sanity by writing. Writing and cartooning was what I did.

It. The domain for this website needed to have an “It” in it. (I’ll get back to the first paragraph soon.) The process of trying to find a name for a domain without a name gave me the first clue. I was trying to think of a domain with IT in it. 2 + 2 = 4 and it became “If It Thinks.”

I almost immediately liked the name. In fact, I just purchased a domain that is called “If indeed” just to carry on with IT. Stephen King wrote a book named “It” and that has absolutely no bearing on what I am saying now. I just wanted to clear the air on the subject. (I like Steve. He rocks! [shaking his head at such a dumb remark])

So, there you have it. Except for my promise concerning the first paragraph. I left my family (this is the honest truth) to sign up for Vietnam just to get out of the house. I was willing to risk my life rather than live in that household another month. Not that it matters much any longer as one brother is dead as are both my parents. That leaves me one brother who is ten years older than I. He is a great guy at the age he is at. Not so much when I was a kid.

To let you know, yes, I have completely, and in prayer, forgiven my family. As I aged I experienced the frustration for a number of years and finally got sick. After being sick I found the anger dispelled and forgiveness very easy and sincere. I thought I would post this as I am never alone in any experience. Many have had better and many worse and we all know that the easiest way to live is by forgiving.

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65 Plus.Tech

If you have a parent who is 65 or older who you believe would like to have their own website we are in the process of building a website to teach them how to build, maintain and get help during the entire process. As of now they can register at 65 Plus.Tech . This is the social section of the website and is free to join. It is an easy to use Facebook like website where they may ask and have answered any questions prior to signing up when the main website is finished. To register there is free and always will be for those who subscribe to the service we will offer.

I will be writing much more about this as I build up the website for teaching the how-to’s of building their own. I will be with them from inception to fruition.

Imagine your grandma and grandpa with their own site that the grandchildren can go to and interact, post photos and just talk about home and hearth. we can make that happen.

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Democratic Vote

There will be a lot said about Trump’s election. Most will be negative and, indeed, slander. I had no reservations about Hillary. I have watched them and kept up on her chicanery since the Clinton White House. I also went back in history to catch up on just what a “Progressive” is. Basically, socialism. Marxist or not they are of the socialist bent. I know that I am going to get a lot of flack on this but this is what it boils down to. In fact, in the early 1900’s they were found out so they started calling themselves “liberals” just to throw the public off. Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive.

Trump is a threat (perceived) to liberal progressives. He does not stand for distribution of wealth. He may be a lot of things and is called those by many. Including me. However, the result of this election is better told by the democrats who voted for Trump just on his straight-forwardness and candor. He did not pull any punches and was roundly criticized for that. The irony is that democrats wanted to hear that from someone. You can come on here and argue that all you want but the truth is in the results. Dems voted for Trump heavily enough to sway the electoral vote to Trump.

Now the democratic party, which was mine and my parent’s party until we saw its direction in the 60’s, is having to bail out and, hopefully, as happened in the early 20th century, will cast out the progressive socialists and get back to America. Oh, my, am I going to take a beating for this. These words are going to bring me hate mail by the score. Perhaps by the ghost of Woodrow Wilson?

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There is a new type of digital camera out recently. In essence, it is like the old rangefinder cameras such as those that made Leica famous. For those who are not familiar with the term rangefinder, it has to do with looking through the viewfinder of the camera. In that finder you would see three chromatic images of your subject. When you twisted the lens barrel’s focus ring those three images would come together when properly focused.

The mirrorless focus system actually uses the sensor to achieve correct focus . Whereas a DSLR uses a fraction of the image to the sensor the mirrorless camera uses the entire image. The very slight drawback is that the mirrorless camera takes longer to focus as it must move the lens back and forth a few times to achieve critical focus. From what I read about this that is being worked on and will be a non-issue in the near future.

The beauty of these cameras is that critical focus is much easier to make in the mirrorless camera as all of the images is sent to the sensor rather than to a mirror which, in SLR and DSLR bounces the image up to the viewfinder. It should be noted that these are relatively expensive and with the focus short-coming it is best used for still photography. Ie, nothing that moves. If it is a moving target it still is best to use your DSLR.

I have not checked as to who is making these cameras but a quick Google will lead you right to the source.


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A Veterans Generational Loss

What do combat vets all have in common?

A question that I asked myself for many years. I was right there with my generation. The Beach Boys were new as were the Beatles, Stones, Animals and Zombies. (Remember the Zombies?) Music and Hippies were just getting started. Then, creeping up in our rear view mirror was….Vietnam. Vietnam meant the draft. Kennedy had put “advisors” into the fray of Indo-China and that escalated. Then, Kennedy was killed and LBJ decided that the war his predecessor had started was a good thing. He sent 100’s of thousands more of  us there. The politics came along and the politicians decided to try to run the war. The military, left to do what they were paid to do, were winning the war. Of course, with history rewrites by leftists and Hollywood, all of us who went were baby killers and the people of Vietnam were not given a second thought.

But, I digress. Anyone who fights for their country is immediately separated from their homes and family. In an unpopular war, such as Vietnam, they are also separated from their generation just for the fact that they went. More than that, though, is the point of growing up immediately. War leaves no room for childhood. Childhood is cut out with surgical precision from soldiers, Marines and Sailors at war. One day you’re a kid digging the new Beach Boys tune and the next you’re laying waste to a place that you didn’t even know existed.

PTSD. I have said for many years that PTSD is not so much from combat as it is from coming home. One comes back from killing and one is not that person who left. We were separated from our generation. It is one reason I started calling my generation the most spoiled brat generation on this planet. The most spoiled generation which has ever existed. The election of Donald Trump shows I was absolutely correct because you only have to look at what our children are doing to see the values with which we raised them.

I speak for myself here and I also speak for all those who went to Vietnam. Some of us were forever changed and some of us are now dead and others are just lost and getting old. I chose to write. I chose to write and express what I thought in this blog as well as novels. I owe a great debt to my Father in heaven for sticking with me. I rediscovered my sanity only after near death.

On this veterans day I pray for all who serve. I also chastise those who are spoiled brats. I really don’t care what the left thinks of me or what I stand for. Unlike them, I have a mind which is open to real pain and suffering. I also know that there is nothing new under the sun. What others see as problems I see as solutions. I laugh at what other spoiled brats say is an evil empire and wonder how they never grew or matured past a star wars, the movie, mentality.

Happy Veterans Day. We won by serving, we lost by coming home. At least, some of us did.

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Is It Just Me?

First of all, I feel very fortunate to be as old as I am. Like most young folks who grew to age in the 50’s and 60’s I witnessed foundational changes in American society. From the end of the Pioneer era to the cushy lifestyle of the 60’s and beyond. All of this, I understand now, was the result of technology which was started by the second world war. the ushering in of the atomic age and that threat which hung over us, as kids, of the Cold War and the nuclear age.

As I write this at the age of 68 I am so very grateful to have lived through all this. We had it so much easier than our parents and their parents it was mind boggling. The unfortunate aspect of this is that we ended up being spoiled societal brats. We fostered a generation of spoiled brats and I think the 50 years of all of this “spoiling” showed in the candidates of the presidential election. Two rich people on opposite sides of the fence throwing shit at each other. I know that all elections are nasty. Seems to me that every time we have one it is rated as the nastiest. This is why I am no fan of politics. Politicians

Politicians are a necessary evil to my way of thinking. Governments are all corrupt because, simply, there is a ton of money there. Money is not the root of all evil; people are. there is another force to be reckoned with which is all to often not mentioned. The evil of corruption of spirit. Mankind has a spirit. A mystic aspect of belief that there is something more to life; indeed, has to be. I don’t know what you call it but I call it God. God has an inferior competitor who is given dominion over the planet. One who demanded us to worship him instead of the creator. At least, that’s what Scripture says. You can believe what you want but there is so much evil in this world that, eventually, one can only draw the conclusion that there is more here than we are able to understand.

One would think that history would teach that war is bad. It does but it is paid little heed. War is a consummate emblem of the human race. There is no good reason for it but that doesn’t matter. One generation after the other follows into war based on nation status.

This election rests on a cusp. A cusp between annihilation and the ultimate peace. I knew going into the elections that they mattered little as to the aforementioned. It bears watching. The events in Syria and the nations involved is quite serious. Meggido is nearby and that should be noted. My hope is that the inevitable will occur because in the ending is also the beginning. The first real and ultimate peace that we will ever see. The peace that we all dream of but don’t know how to achieve. That peace that has never been in our hands because it was reserved for ending to come to be.

When I think of my generation I also think of the world being completely settled and explored. There is good reason to also believe that, in that settling and exploration, is the sign of peace that has been written thousands of years ago. Not just written but described as to how it would come about and what to look for when the time was at hand. It’s almost here. Wake up and smell the roses.

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What an election! Trump? WhoDa thunk?

Well, I don’t know. What’s the fuss about? I hear pundits on both sides either praising or demeaning the result. Does it matter? Yeah, in a way. Unfortunately, the election of a President really has no great or earth shattering consequence. What others in the world do is what matters. Remember Japan on December 7, 1941? Roosevelt was President and we were isolationists. We got hammered because we stayed away from war when we should have geared up and most thoughtful people of that day knew what was going to happen.

Remember Sept. 11, 2001? We were hammered and only thoughtful people knew it was going to happen.

Trump is not what the Press said he was. A Republican never is the villain. The Press is so far left that anything that gets in the way of their sacramental right to dictate how we live is going to get nuked. As I stated on Facebook, relax, this is why we have checks and balances built into the Constitution. Will Obama care get shot down. I hope so. That is a socialist policy and should not have ever been implemented in a Republic. I am just one who lost a doctor to Obama care. Instead, I was offered his care if I paid him $15,000.00 per year. It was predicted by objective individuals from both parties that this would happen if the government took over health care.

Let’s speak of objectivism. Ie, taking emotion out of the equation and looking starkly at the facts as they exist in real life. This government cannot run anything well. It never has. It also was not meant to do so. The founding fathers wanted the states to take care of their own issues and, even that, in a limited fashion. Our government under socialist policies which are pervasive in the running of departments in the fed are implementing micro-policy and attempting to run the show surreptitiously. They have been for decades. Frankly, I think Trump may be one who can loosen the hold on or throw out a lot of these surrogates. We’ll see.

I told my wife that to have Hillary as President would be like being forced to wear another’s old smelly sneakers while also being forced to drink “Billy Beer.” (Remember “Billy Beer?”)

Anyway, Facebook is awash with anguish and it all sounds quite silly to me. Trump will either be a great President, an awful President or another so-so President. he will NOT be a Noriega. (Remember Panama?)

I wish Trump smooth sailing and success. You should also. Like it or not, his success will be felt, or not, by you and I.

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Ever ridden on the wild side? No! Move to the SF Bay Area. I dare ya!

Another 2.7 the other night centered in Yountville which is in Napa Valley to the east of me. I felt it vibrate while falling asleep. (No, Phil, don’t go there!). I have lived through literally thousands of quakes. Most one never feels but the 1989 Loma Prieta and the Napa quake a couple years ago were pretty dramatic. I know this sounds dumb but I love riding them. If you have never seen the street roll up and down 4 feet vertically you have not lived or learned to appreciate what nature can do. Nature is a beast with no compassion (like me) or regard to property and lives.

You gotta come to California to feel one and then you will understand why we’re nuts out here. we live to shake, rattle and go to the dentist. Well, can that last word. Roll, it would seem, though over-used, is more to the point.

My Grandmother lived through the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco. My Dad was born 7 years later in 1913 and he went through a lot of them growing up. Living with them is a different flavor than Tornadoes in the midwest. It’s similar but tornadoes are less frequent but do have a habit of screwing up the day for an awful lot of people. Given the choice, I will take earthquake country over tornado country any day.

“Why is Tsunami spelled with a ‘T?’ ” he asked, finishing up the post.

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As best I can remember I was complaining about the international elections coming up in November. I was speaking of the corporations and sounding like a 60’s rebel without a house. I meant what I said , or, wrote though. Are we really going to elect one of those two bozo’s? I’m not. Nope, I’m sitting this one out. I am afraid of the guy because he’s an egocentric and the girl because she is a proven liar. I don’t care what people on social media say she has lied and facilitated her hound dog husband’s affairs since day 1. So much for women’s lib, huh.

Trump is a delight to watch and Hillary is steadfastly resistant to truth. Remember Bengazi?

Of the two unacceptable candidates, I put Trump over her only because he is an unknown quantity. That. and the fact that he has to go through congress to get a war started. Hey, that’s something, right?

No, you go vote for these morons and I will stay home and work on websites. Either way, I don’t exactly lose.

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