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It Takes One To Know One

Hey! I love old sayings. The haikus of our forefathers and mothers, sisters, brothers aunts and uncles. The subject line of this article is the one that fits so very neatly into today’s rhetoric: “It Takes One To Know One.” It seems that some groups have appointed or elected people who like nothing better than […]

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I’m a guy who likes to discuss things. If there is one thing that drives me nuts (believe me, there’s more than one!) it’s talking in a vacuum. With this software you are able to comment but doesn’t it seem rather trite the way the developers set up blog software so that you can comment? […]

The Simple Truth …

… about the House and Senate. Let’s throw the two parties into the same toilet…Shall we? Let’s get over Republican this and Democrat that. Let’s also forget about who is, or is not, conservative or liberal. Let’s just look at the actions of all of them. How does this Washington D.C. clan look to you as […]

George Boole

We were given Roku for Christmas from one of my wonderful sons and his wonderful wife. Last night I came across a biography of George Boole. Normally I would have gone by this but for the fact that I have some knowledge of Boolean logic. Now, I’m no genius but watching this biography startled me […]

Social Bop

I have a new piece of software installed on this internet. It is called “Social Bop.”  It is rather like Facebook in the manner it works but is so much more. In this software you can have your own “Spaces” and friendships as well as it having a gallery to upload and share photos with. […]

Sea Ranch

Coming to you today from Sea Ranch on California’s Pacific Coast. Quite a drive up from Glen Ellen through the coastal range west to the coast. I’m in the Redwoods overlooking the ocean. For me, this is a bit of a vacation for photography and a drastic change of scene. It’s been quite a while […]

N. Korea

As an ex-military guy, I have been watching the press’ furor over N. Korea with a fairly good knowledge (even after all these years) of what the Koreans are playing with when challenging the U.S. military. To give you some context concerning my thinking and what I am writing about I need to bring in […]

Thinkin’ ’bout you

Seems like I’m always searchin’, searchin’ for some piece of me, Seems it never occurred to me, you took that piece with you. A song I am writing. I promised myself that I would not ever put my life in a blog when I started writing again. I have mentioned here that it has been […]

An Interesting Read

This is just a start. I haven’t had time to do any research on this person. However, here is the link to John Rawls for those who wonder where a good portion of liberalism in America got its start……LINK. Take this as far as you feel you have the stomach for. I hope that this […]

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